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Place Type:
Lodging, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Boulevard Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire
Coordinate: 5.2870595, -3.970753
Rating: 3.80
Phone: +225 21 35 62 62
Freeman Hôtel Freeman Hôtel Freeman Hôtel Freeman Hôtel Freeman Hôtel Freeman Hôtel Freeman Hôtel Freeman Hôtel Freeman Hôtel Freeman Hôtel
Facebook Page: Freeman-Hotel-336985826385634/ ( 1K people like this. )
About Freeman Hôtel:

Alliance exceptionnelle d'un décor Belle Époque et des installations les plus modernes, l'Hôtel freeman offre à ses hôtes des services efficaces et attentionnés, une technologie dernière génération.

Leslie NFOR (20/10/2017 00:19)
Great place on a price perspective, given that it's on the koumassi junction itself, thus providing easy access to different places market, Zone 4 etc. The hotel staff are welcoming and the rooms are OK, not exceptional. It's a bit noisy, given that there is a bus Park close by and it's by the road. The TV channels were not the best, no proper football channels and the breakfast was dry.

Raja S (02/10/2017 18:20)
Decent and quiet Hotel except on some weekends when the next door restaurant starts blaring loud music late into the night. They don't have a restaurant but do have a kitchen and meals on order are provided in the room itself. One suggestion I can give is that they can provide each room with a small water kettle and a set of cups for the guests to make tea / coffee as they please

OULAI SOSTHENE GUEHI (31/07/2017 07:08)
Freeman Hotel est comme son nom l'indique, un hotel prèstigieux de deux 🌠🌠

krima alfred (23/07/2017 19:10)
Situe en plain carrefour et toujours animer

boua nazaire rosin (15/05/2017 22:46)
Super hotel

Austin Okuh (19/02/2017 02:50)
Nice hotel

Constant Kimbally (20/10/2016 01:02)
Accueil chaleureux

Michèle Zakré (29/02/2016 05:38)
Jai vraiment aprecier les chambres 👌👌

Moussa Niger (20/10/2015 21:47)
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