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Hair Care, Health, Point Of Interest, Establishment
1, 7 West Centre, St Helier JE2 4ST
Coordinate: 49.1849057, -2.1021959
Rating: 4.50
Phone: +44 1534 605030 index.html
Facebook Page: ImagenesDelUniverso/ ( 5.1M people like this. )
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paul wilkie (17/07/2017 20:10)
I was in with my holidays for heroes t-shirt on today, if Carlsberg did barbers, this would be the best barbers in town


Paul Wilkie

George Ruellan (12/07/2017 23:25)
Good haircuts always

javierantunes (10/07/2017 17:40)
Amazing service. Take care of all details and great stuff

Tylor Renouard (30/04/2017 14:25)
Really friendly staff, always great work and very competitively priced

Henry Miskin (09/08/2016 20:45)
This barbershop is the most lively and atmospheric barbers that I have even been to in Jersey. All the staff are super friendly. They don't just cut your hair so they can get the next person in the queue onto the chair, they make sure you get exactly what you want and spend the time doing it.

The man who cut my hair - the son of the owner - was friendly and fun to chat to, making the whole experience great.

After my hair cut, my friends asked me where I got it, and made sure to go there next time they needed a trim. It's safe to say, they have a new customer. Thanks Image.


John Hill (14/06/2016 20:17)
Awful service the whole atmosphere in there was unfriendly and the guy who cut my hair cut it 3-5 times shorter than I specifically told him, was rough and it was painful when cutting my hair. The guy left me with hair stuck to my face and neck and coated on the back and inside the collar of my t-shirt because he didn't brush or blow the hair off before taking the sheet off from around me. To top it he didn't offer or give me a wipe or tell me I had hair all over my shirt. Definitely do not recommend and I will never ever ever go there again, and that experience cost me £16.
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