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Place Type:
Airport, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Cobán, Guatemala
Coordinate: 15.4693019, -90.4058229
Rating: 4.10
Phone: +502 4086 7892
Coban Airport Coban Airport
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About Coban Airport:

El Aeropuerto de Cobán es un pequeño aeropuerto en el municipio de Cobán en el centro de Guatemala. Es operado y administrado por la DGAC (Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil de Guatemala). Tiene una pista de asfalto de 1018 metros de longitud en la dirección 02/20.Véase también Lista de aeropuertos de Guatemala

Julio antonio Sacul (24/12/2015 04:29)

Edwin Pineda (31/08/2014 22:01)
Quiero saber si hacen viajes para retalhuleu

Greg Ballash (16/06/2013 11:53)
It's a very small airport. A runway and a couple hangars. I met a guy in an internet cafe and said "My friend and I want to charter a plan from here to Tikal, know anyone?" 45 minutes later the pilot shows up on his bicycle. Then the guy we met out by the plan tells the pilot, "It's all ready to go." Pilot gets in, No preflight checks, and we're off! His artificial horizon and fuel gage didn't work but we had a wonderful scenic flight and we lived.

Thick and thin of it. I think this airport is just a runway with privately owned small aircraft. It served its purpose.

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