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Place Type : Food, Shopping Mall, Food & Beverage Company, Shopping & Retail
Address : PO Box 1188, AI 2640 The Valley, Anguilla
Coordinate : 18.2167, -63.05
Phone : 264.584.0346
Rating : 5.00
Facebook : AnguillasJammin/
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 Anguilla's Jammin'  Anguilla's Jammin'


About The Business:

Anguilla’s Jammin’ provides the highest quality jams and sauces made of fresh and locally grown ingredients, produced and bottled on Anguilla.


Anguilla's Jammin' is a family owned and operated business located in Anguilla, British West Indies.

Known for its arid climate, Anguilla receives just 32 inches of rain annually. This makes it difficult to grow produce via traditional farming methods.

Anguilla's Jammin' has added an Aquaponic Garden to allow us to grow fresh ingredients throughout the year. We also partner with local farmers to purchase their produce when available.

All these fresh ingredients are combined to provide the best jams and salsas on Anguilla.


Facebook Admin (01/01/2019 05:46)
Every New Year's Eve needs brie and Hot Jamn. 🍾🥂

Facebook Admin (01/01/2019 00:20)
Happy New Year from our home to yours.
The Anguilla's Jammin' Family
Jackie, Molly & Tommy!

Facebook Admin (25/12/2018 04:04)
The Anguilla's Jammin' Family would like to extend our thanks for another year of support from our faithful partners and clients.
We wish you all the best for the holiday season and a bright, happy and healthy 2019!
Jackie, Molly & Tommy

Facebook Admin (24/12/2018 02:39)
Are you staying at Zemi Beach House this season? Check out the Out of the Blue Boutique for resortwear, jewelry and Anguilla's Jammin' Gift packs. The perfect gift that fits in your carry on luggage.
Bring the vibrant flavors of Anguilla home with you!

Facebook Admin (21/12/2018 20:00)
As we head into a week of festivities, you will most likely end up at the grocery store for last minute items to make your holiday table brighter.
Our partners J W Proctors & Best Buy West carry a great selection of our flavors. Look for them in the jam isle at both shops.
Best Buy West has a nice selection of gift packs and 1 ounce jars at the souvenir counter too.
... Anguilla's Jammin' products make great gifts or better yet, just buy them for yourself. They are a healthy guilty pleasure.
Bring the vibrant flavors of Anguilla home with you!
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Facebook Admin (18/12/2018 20:27)
From bathing suits to boogie boards, Beach Happy has everything you need for the beach. Kids toys, hats, sandals and of course Anguilla's Jammin' products to take home to friends and family. Check out their shop today!

Facebook Admin (17/12/2018 22:53)
The Anguilla's Jammin' team is happy to see our tags used in a very creative way as decorations on a Christmas Tree this year.
What creative ideas have you used with our tags?

Facebook Admin (14/12/2018 22:34)
Are you looking for Anguilla's Jammin' products on Anguilla?
Look no further than SeaSpray Boutique and Ice & Easy Smoothies at the Sandy Ground Roundabout.
You will find a nice selection of locally made products, books and jewelry.
... Top your visit off with one of Pam's amazing smoothies or Rum Punches!
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Facebook Admin (13/12/2018 07:23)
We will be closed starting Friday, December 21st and reopening on Thursday, January 3rd. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and many thanks for your kind support.

Facebook Admin (10/12/2018 20:00)
News Flash: Anguilla's Jammin' products restocked at Petals Boutique at Frangipani Beach Resort.
Choose Hot Jamn, Passion Fruity & Paw Paw Melon in 8 and 1 ounce jars. While you are there, check out their great selection of resort clothing and chic jewelry.
Kim will make sure you find exactly what you need!

Facebook Admin (02/12/2018 20:00)
Fill Those Stockings With Anguilla’s Jammin’ This Christmas!
Our 3 and 5 jar gift packs make great stocking stuffers for anyone on your Christmas list this year.
Is it your turn to bring the canapes, or do you need a hostess gift? An 8 oz jar of our Hot Jamn, brie cheese and a box of crackers, and you are all set.
... For those of you who can’t pick up your favorite flavor of Anguilla’s Jammin’ in time for the holidays, WE SHIP TO YOU!
The Anguilla Postal Service Elves have been hard at work this season getting our products to you via Express Mail Service and the US Postal Service.
Just email us at and we will put your order together filled with your favorite flavors. You can even pay via Pay Pal with your credit card.
Delivery takes 10 days to 2 weeks. For Christmas delivery we recommend all orders be received by December 9, 2018.
Because who doesn’t love jam???
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Facebook Admin (28/11/2018 19:26)
Fun Valley Street Fair days with Molly Nutting.

Facebook Admin (19/11/2018 20:00)
The shelves are restocked just in time. Visit our partners: SeaSpray Boutique and Ice & Easy Smoothies, JW Proctors, Best Buy Supermarket West End, Zemi Beach House Out of the Blue Gift Shop, & Beach Happy
Bring the vibrant flavors of Anguilla home with you!

Facebook Admin (14/11/2018 20:30)
When you can't get to your clients and they need your product yesterday, Johnson's Delivery Services AXA saves the day!

Facebook Admin (12/11/2018 20:00)
Guests enjoying a variety of Anguilla's Jammin' products in this spectacular setting Kishti Villa Collection - Anguilla - priceless.
Taking a few home for friends & family - Christmas shopping done!
Our thanks to Leviticus Lifestyle & Travel for sharing our products with their guests.
... Bring the vibrant flavors of Anguilla home with you!
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Facebook Admin (24/10/2018 01:42)
We are going bananas 🍌 again

Facebook Admin (23/10/2018 02:33)
Jam delivered - check!
So excited to have our partner Veya Restaurant opening again for a new season. We wish you all the best!
The Anguilla's Jammin' Family

Facebook Admin (19/10/2018 23:41)
Who is ready for Coconut Shrimp with a side of "Hot Jamn Pineapple Dip" from Ruthy's Yum-Yum?

Facebook Admin (19/10/2018 00:56)
I think this recipe made with just about any flavor of Anguilla's Jammin' products would be amazing! Who is going to try it??

Facebook Admin (06/07/2018 18:13)
Another amazing creation by Philly of Sidewalk Grill Express in St. Thomas. Anguilla's Jammin' #HotJamn & shrimp. Yummy. 🍤

Facebook Admin (03/07/2018 20:00)
Good Morning from the Anguilla's Jammin' Farm 🍌🍉
Thanks to Milton's hard work post Irma, we had a great harvest today with much more to come.
Our Aquaponic Garden is producing some new crops so stay tuned for updates.
... #Fresh #Local #Simple
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Facebook Admin (02/07/2018 18:19)
Meet Lizzy. She was recently promoted to our Water Flow Inspector. 🦎

Facebook Admin (29/06/2018 20:00)
Mango Season is here. Time to get Jammin' ! #MashedUpMango #Banango #SunriseStrawberry
#Fresh #Local #Simple

Facebook Admin (25/06/2018 20:00)
🌿 Sometimes you just need to step back and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. 🦋🕸🐛🐜🐝🐞
Have an amazing week 🌴

Facebook Admin (14/06/2018 21:20)
We continue to watch our amazing plants flourish. Fig bananas next week and regular bananas in a month, according to our green thumb expert, Milton. Meanwhile, 2 more large papaya were ready to harvest .

Facebook Admin (07/06/2018 20:00)
The Anguilla's Jammin' team was excited to deliver gift packs as welcome gifts for a very special bride and groom this week. We wish them all the best for an amazing life together. There is no better way to start that journey, than a wedding ceremony in #Anguilla.

Facebook Admin (02/06/2018 03:09)
The Anguilla's Jammin' team was excited to welcome back on board our partner, Leviticus Lifestyle Travel this week. Look to Leviticus for an exciting Anguilla experience.

Facebook Admin (31/05/2018 09:36)
Fond memories of our beautiful farm just 1 year ago

Facebook Admin (27/05/2018 06:34)
Please visit our booth at the Pop Up & Shop Anguilla in Sandy Ground tomorrow 11 am to 5 pm in front of the old Barrel Stay Restaurant.
Bring the vibrant flavors of Anguilla home with you!

Facebook Admin (22/05/2018 20:26)
Tuesdays on the farm: plantains and bananas looking strong & 3 extra large papaya harvested. #PawPawMelon #Banango #Fresh #Local #Simple

Facebook Admin (17/05/2018 06:05)
More great gift items from our partner SeaSpray Boutique and Ice & Easy Smoothies

Facebook Admin (15/05/2018 20:00)
It has been said that this product is so good, it should be illegal 😎 We will take that compliment thank you very much. 🌶
Whether you enjoy it in a gift pack, 8 ounce, or 32 ounce for restaurants (and those who just can't get enough of it), we have you covered.
#Fresh #Local #Simple

Facebook Admin (14/05/2018 20:00)
We were excited to get some lovely paw paw from our dear friend Irma Carty. This woman's green thumb is amazing. Check out Rockville Gardens.

Facebook Admin (13/05/2018 09:26)
Tomorrow is Sunday and that means we Pop-Up at Davida Crocus-Bay with Anguilla Sands and Salts from 12:00 to 4:00 pm. It is a perfect opportunity to get a special locally made gift for that special mom in your life. Enjoy the amazing sounds of Omari Banks Music while dining on great food at Da'Vida Restaurant & Spa. We look forward to seeing you there.
Happy Mother's Day to all!

Facebook Admin (10/05/2018 19:12)
Great gifts for Mother's Day at our partner, The Gift Box. Look for Jammin' products on her shelves or include them in a basket.

Facebook Admin (09/05/2018 00:28)
Look for Anguilla's Jammin' at the Island Vibes Beach Party Sunday May 27th as we participate in "Pop-up and Shop Anguilla." It is a great opportunity to purchase locally made items and support #Anguilla's small business community.

Facebook Admin (09/05/2018 00:19)
Check out our newest partner, The Place on Rendezvous Bay. They are sharing our products on their breakfast table. #MashedUpMango #PassionFruity

Facebook Admin (09/05/2018 00:09)
Harvest day today and the bananas 🍌 are looking fine.
#Fresh #Local #Simple The Anguilla's Jammin' way of life

Vicky Felt Preimesberger
It's awesome! Don't leave the Island without a supply! They fit well in your shoes!

Sue Oravec Polak
I hoard johnny cakes....yep, always get an extra to take home to enjoy for breakfast. Today's was enjoyed slathered with Mashed Up picture, sorry! Ate it too fast. Love, love, love your jams!

Linda Walsh Coppede
We tried the passion fruit on one of Nat's Johnny Cakes out for breakfast at Palm Grove...WE ARE HOOKED! And bought the mango and the hot pepper jars.

Gay Nagle Myers
Best jams anywhere! stock up before you leave the island.

Annie Nutting Banton
Delicious and fresh! So many ways to use the different flavors of jam!
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