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Place Type : Hotel, Travel Agency, Travel & Transportation
Address : Barnes Bay, AI2640 The Valley, Anguilla
Coordinate : 18.1743432568, -63.151000261
Phone : 264 235 8840
Rating : 5.00
Facebook : CeruleanVilla/
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Business Pictures:

 Cerulean Anguilla  Cerulean Anguilla


About The Business:

Cerulean Villa brings a new level of private luxury and service to one of Anguilla's most beautiful natural beachfront settings.


Facebook Admin (01/01/2019 00:01)
We will be bringing in the New Year in Paradise! How will you be celebrating? Wishing all a Happy and Prosperous 2019! #HappyNewYear #NYE2019 #celebrate #champagne #propertiesinparadise #anguilla #beyondextraordinary #caribbean #holiday

Facebook Admin (08/11/2018 00:45)
Wanderlust. A strong desire to travel. We are dreaming about Anguilla, you should too!
#wanderlustwednesday #travel #caribbean #anguilla #propertiesinparadise #luxuryvillas #luxuryrealestate #tranquilitywrappedinblue #britishwestindies

Facebook Admin (18/09/2018 08:30)
Good news - you can now once again land at night our Anguilla airport.

Facebook Admin (25/04/2018 05:42)
Chilling at Cerulean!

Facebook Admin (18/04/2018 17:21)
Come enjoy the beauty of Anguilla at Cerulean Villa.

Facebook Admin (15/03/2018 09:33)
Beautiful Anguilla!

Facebook Admin (16/09/2017 00:14)
Properties in Paradise is pleased to report that many of our villas sustained little to no damage from Hurricane Irma. Cerulean, being one of those, is getting ready to welcome guests this upcoming season. Staff are busy pressure washing, wiping down and mowing the lawn!

Facebook Admin (03/12/2015 07:33)
Cerulean made the list again!

Facebook Admin (03/12/2015 04:52)
Cerulean makes the list

Facebook Admin (21/08/2014 02:17)
Meet the team!

Facebook Admin (14/08/2014 04:20)
Nine outrageously comfortable bedrooms, all with sea views.

Facebook Admin (14/08/2014 04:01)
Myriad experiences await - It's all up to you!

Laura Taylor Hodges
Amazing place with my Amazing family and friends! The staff was incredible!
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