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Place Type : Establishment, Graphic Designer
Address :
Coordinate : 20.7169, -156.44166
Phone : (808) 219-3336
Rating : -
Facebook : ChrisMBrock
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Website :
Chris M Brock
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About The Business:

Squarespace Website Design Expert, AutoCAD Drafter and Graphic Designer.


Facebook Admin (23/01/2019 05:12)
The first phase of my new website is up and running! Check it out here >>

Facebook Admin (27/12/2018 21:56)
Mmm. Headaches. Animating and morphing PNGs should be easy...but it's not. I'm hitting roadblocks today with images becoming pixelated with lame animated effects. To be continued...

Facebook Admin (26/12/2018 21:54)
Fine-tuning the background animation for my new contact page:

Facebook Admin (24/12/2018 22:03)
Experimenting with basic movements for background animations on Squarespace sites. The animations are going to get cropped depending on the device they're played on, which adds another challenge to figure out...

Facebook Admin (21/12/2018 21:54)
Ah, the humbling reality of how much I don't know. Continuing to learn the elementary basics of expressions and using code as commands in After Effects to control animations – INSTEAD OF manually entering keyframes to tell the graphics what to do, when.

Facebook Admin (20/12/2018 21:50)
Alright. The nitty-gritty technical side of After Effects includes Expressions, which is a basically a line of code. I'm testing out how I can make very simple animation commands (position, speed, rotation, etc) and instead of manually setting commands on a timeline one at a time – I can add in a block of code to tell After Effects what I want it to do. Pretty cool.

Facebook Admin (19/12/2018 21:48)
Still working on mastering the basics of After Effects. I spent a couple hours this morning figuring out how to learn Tracking Mattes, which allows you to easily show pieces of layers on-top of other layers.

Facebook Admin (18/12/2018 21:57)
Another morning, another animation lesson complete! I'm working on using the graph editor which allows me to control the speed of animations and smooth out stiff and clunky objects in motion. It's a nice tool to use on every project moving forward.

Facebook Admin (17/12/2018 21:53)
Sometimes an ugly animation has it's purpose. I'm practing using Pre-comps, which allows you to easily organize a complex animation with dozens of layers into manageable sections so you can speed-up your workflow and make alterations without screwing up previous settings.

Facebook Admin (14/12/2018 21:57)
Learning how to create simple neon effects over's a good start but has room for improvement.

Facebook Admin (14/12/2018 21:56)
Nice and simple.

Facebook Admin (13/12/2018 21:51)
This morning's animation lesson - learning how to add effects inside of text.

Facebook Admin (12/12/2018 21:44)
Testing out some simple ideas for the outro of my motion reel.

Facebook Admin (11/12/2018 21:52)
Learning the basics of how to use the camera function in After Effects to turn a 2d visual into a 3d visual with depth.

Facebook Admin (10/12/2018 22:02)
Taking time this week to learn how to animate text for my latest motion reel.

Facebook Admin (08/12/2018 03:37)
Still working out the kinks with timing with simple character motion...but it's coming along!

Facebook Admin (06/12/2018 21:58)
Still working out the kinks and clunky keyframes in this paddleboarder...

Facebook Admin (05/12/2018 21:49)
Today's progress on the 2018 motion reel - Learning how to animate simple characters in motion and time them in a scene. It's still clunky, but it's shaping up.

Facebook Admin (04/12/2018 21:55)
Working out some simple ideas on how to animate minimal style charts for my 2018 motion reel.

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