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Place Type : Travel Agency
Address : AI2640 The Valley, Anguilla
Coordinate : 18.2167, -63.05
Phone :
Rating : 4.70
Facebook : DDM-Paycation-Travel-4188676949..
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 DDM Paycation Travel  DDM Paycation Travel  DDM Paycation Travel  DDM Paycation Travel  DDM Paycation Travel


About The Business:

Welcome to Paycation Travel!


Paycation Travel is one of the leading providers of travel-related services and travel education in the world. We utilize and have partnered with an extensive and outstanding group of travel partners that help Paycation provide the best values for our vacation program and our members worldwide. Paycation works with Xstream Travel, a 12 year-old, licensed and bonded travel agency headquartered in Dallas, Tx, to provide Paycation members with professional training to become a Referring Travel Consultant or a Certified Travel Consultant.

The world is ever-changing and with the increased use of the internet as the preferred method of choice for booking travel, Paycation is leading the way in this 8 trillion dollar industry, offering a unique home-based business solution to let you achieve unparalleled success within this fun, exciting and fast-growing industry.


Facebook Admin (02/01/2016 16:21)
More than 1000 people joined Paycation in 2015. This will be an interesting year for those you catch the vision and for those who actually see the purpose in benefitting from such an AMAZING opportunity. Inbox me for more detail. #Paycation #Entrepreneur #LadyBoss #Success #Travel #Discover #Love #Life #Experience #2016

Facebook Admin (18/11/2015 10:43)
"Opportunity waits for no man."

Facebook Admin (18/11/2015 10:33)
There's a process to everything.

Facebook Admin (16/11/2015 21:33)
"If you don't risk, you won't grow. "

Facebook Admin (16/11/2015 18:47)
Positive affirmations. ❤ It is a new week. It's time to grow and try something you've never tried before.. Explore the world and never let your soul become stagnant. #Travel #DDMTravels #Paycation

Facebook Admin (16/11/2015 18:17)
It fills my heart seeing young people getting busy and grinding for their future. I see you. 💎💯

Facebook Admin (16/11/2015 17:47)
You do not have to be a genius to join Paycation. You just need to know your goal and work towards it. The top earners in the industry will tell you that.

Facebook Admin (16/11/2015 17:36)
I am just going to be real here.
The only ones that are serious about their lives and future will make it. You cannot force people to see their own potential. You cannot teach someone what they already know but refuse to care to see. Network Marketting isnt for everyone. It takes an open minded, none selfish person to actual see the vision, see how big they can earn within the industry, and work towards that. Travel is an 8 Trillion Dollar industry. Soon to be 15 trillion or... more in the next decade. Imagine earning atleast 1% of that per year, month or even WEEK. Paycation is the marketting arm of Xstream Travel, who has been in the business for OVER 14 years!
I do not have the patience for naysayers and constant skeptics. If you do not have $150.00USD in your bank account to own your own business, to start a new career, to help families across the globe earn an income with no quotas, have fun with no inventory and become your own boss, then I let us not waste each others time. Travelling the world at discounted rates and staying at luxurious hotels is amazing. The only difference is, we get PAID to do what you were doing anyway... Network Marketting isnt for everyone, and that is totally fine. It's out there for everyone, but not everyone has the mindset to be what they need to be. Get serious with your life and your decisions... I've seen too many friends holding back themselves and I had to let go as I do not want to be stagnant. Its TIME TO MOVE FORWARD.
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Facebook Admin (13/11/2015 03:13)
Every obstacle you face in life was designed specifically for you. You have also been given every single tool you need to overcome it. #NoExcuses

Facebook Admin (13/11/2015 03:10)
Nothing is free/handed to us. In order to attain success, we must eliminate the sense of entitlement & dependency that kills our potential.

Facebook Admin (13/11/2015 03:08)
If you set a limit on what you can do/achieve in life, you will become your own greatest enemy.

Facebook Admin (10/11/2015 18:13)
Yep. Good morning to all. Have a beautiful and productive day on purpose! #Paycation

Facebook Admin (05/11/2015 17:36)
It is a beautiful world, you should see it! #FlyingOverTheBahamas #DDMTravels #IGetPaidToTravel #LearnHowToEarnAnIncome #SecureYourFinancialFuture #BeIndependent #BeFree #WorkFromHome #WorkFromAnywhereInTheWorld #Paycation

Facebook Admin (28/10/2015 08:44)
#iWillOnlyThinkThoughtsOfAbundance #TTT #TakeOver #PaycationTravel💯🔥

Facebook Admin (28/10/2015 08:33)
"You get what you picture."- Akeem Bourne

Facebook Admin (28/10/2015 08:05)
Residual greatness. These success stories are amazing.

Facebook Admin (28/10/2015 08:03)
If you have residual bills but no residual income, inbox me.

Facebook Admin (28/10/2015 08:02)
On this call and so happy that I joined Paycation.

Facebook Admin (28/10/2015 07:42)
Diamonds in the rough.

Facebook Admin (19/10/2015 19:03)
Our company is simply the best in the Travel Industry. I am looking for people who are coachable, willing to travel, willing to have fun and willing to earn an extra income.
Message me for more info.
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