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Place Type : Bakery, Grocery Or Supermarket, Restaurant, Grocery Store
Address : Stoney Gorund, next to Albert's Marketplace., AI-2640 The Valley, Anguilla
Coordinate : 18.2167, -63.05
Phone : 12644762307
Rating : 4.70
Facebook : Fatcatanguilla/
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Website :
Opening Hours :
Monday: 09:00 - 15:00
Tuesday: 09:00 - 15:00
Wednesday: 09:00 - 15:00
Thursday: 09:00 - 15:00
Friday: 09:00 - 15:00
Saturday: -
Sunday: -
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Business Pictures:

 Fat Cat Gourmet  Fat Cat Gourmet  Fat Cat Gourmet


About The Business:

Serving up delicious gourmet treats since 1988, Fat Cat has continued to be one of Anguilla's leading food establisments.


Facebook Admin (11/07/2018 00:46)
Have you booked your trip to Anguilla yet?

Facebook Admin (04/05/2018 02:06)
We're glazed and good to go! Come get some today here or next door at Albert's Marketplace!

Facebook Admin (04/05/2018 00:26)
Khendon DjSparta Hull, We know you can rock a party, but you're a comedian too? Come by tomorrow or Saturday! 😊

Facebook Admin (18/04/2018 01:28)
We're baking up a storm today! Chocolate Chip cookies are warm, moist and ready for the taking! Come on over next to Albert's Marketplace!

Facebook Admin (17/04/2018 22:48)
Before and NOW! Your favourite sweet treat, our tasty Coconut Tarts are ready for pick-up! Call 476 2307!

Facebook Admin (17/04/2018 22:45)
Come and get it! Crab Quiche, Spinach Quiche and Quiche Loraine are hot and fresh! Call us at 476 2307 to place your order!

Facebook Admin (06/04/2018 01:49)
Come and get it! We've just wrapped a fresh batch of Cinnamon Buns! Get yours here or next door at Albert's Marketplace! Satisfy your sweet tooth with this piece of glazed perfection!

Facebook Admin (05/04/2018 02:15)
Our delicious Banana Breads are back! But not only that! Right on the heels of our Festival Del Mar, we have fresh Lobster and Crab Quiches available today! Call us at 497 2307!

Facebook Admin (28/03/2018 23:01)
Banana Bread coming up! They'll be available at Albert's Marketplace this afternoon!

Facebook Admin (27/02/2018 01:27)
One batch of Coconut Tarts coming up!

Facebook Admin (27/02/2018 01:24)
These Carrot Cakes are about to come out of the oven and freshly baked Ginger Cookies are ready! Order yours now! 497 2307!

Facebook Admin (22/02/2018 00:28)
Quiche Loraine, Spinach, Lobster, Mushroom and Tomato Quiches await Fat Cat Gourmet To Go, next to Albert's Marketplace! Call us at 497 2307 today!

Facebook Admin (03/02/2018 00:14)
Coconut cookies, fresh out of the oven! In the background are Spinach, Mushroom and Tomato Quiches! Come get yours today at Fat Cat Gourmet!

Facebook Admin (30/10/2017 23:52)
Please note that we are closed today, out of respect for the passing of Mr. Albert A.R. Lake.

Facebook Admin (14/07/2017 02:54)
😋😋😋Look what we made today! Delicious Cinnamon Buns! Come on down to Fat Cat Gourmet or Albert's Marketplace to pick up your Cinnamon Buns today! 😀😀😀

Facebook Admin (17/05/2017 23:34)
Be thoroughly entertained while you learn or relive the story of the Anguilla Revolution!! Pepper In Dey Soup begins showing this weekend!

Facebook Admin (17/11/2016 02:13)
They're ready out of the oven and ready to eat come on down and pick up ur delicious cinnamon buns.

Facebook Admin (01/10/2016 01:13)
They're fresh out of the oven! Come down to Fat Cat to pick your mouth watering cinnamon buns!

Njeri Carty
A must stop for me each week! My favorites are the chicken roti, shrimp pasta, vegie pasta and of course all the sweet treats. I absolutely love it!

Mercedes McMahon
My former co-worker of Anguillian descent asked me to bring him some coconut pies from AXA....I got 3 of them and after 9 days, he's already gone through 2 of them. He loves them....his Aunty Claris Sasso used to make coconut pies for him and he's addicted. Next trip to AXA...more pies to NYC and oh, they were well wrapped and so they travelled well!

Maureen Sheehan
If you are vacationing in Anguilla you don't need to be cooking on the nights you are not in a restaurant. Order a roast chicken, rice and peas and cole slaw and coconut cookies for dessert.

Letitia Williams
Everything!! ESPECIALLY tarts!! Coconut tarts are magic!!

Farrah Banks
Fat Cat Gourmet to go! Go try everything! You'll love it!!!
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