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Place Type : Restaurant, Food
Address : The Valley 2640, Anguilla
Coordinate : 18.2144651, -63.0532059
Phone :
Rating : 4.70
Opening Hours :
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 11:00 AM – 3:00 AM
Friday: 11:00 AM – 3:00 AM
Saturday: 11:00 AM – 3:00 AM
Sunday: Closed
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Perry Richardson (11/03/2018 07:04)
Truly finger licking good Barbeque

Osh Johnson (09/03/2018 07:57)
Very friendly staff, Food is affordable and delicious! Quite easy to find...will give a 6 stars rating if you ask me...

Trevor Queeley (11/02/2018 17:31)
Top notch bbq with a bbq secrect sauce recipe that would send your tastes buds in a frenzy. Every visitor must stop and taste.

Carissa Jno Baptiste (03/02/2018 04:53)
Great tasting. ...and the sauce is oohlala

Eric Gagnon (09/12/2017 02:51)
Best BBQ chicken and ribs in Anguilla! 😋

Monica Marie Jones (11/08/2017 22:21)
Delicious and very reasonably priced!

Jackie Schultheis (11/07/2017 20:34)
This local food truck in the valley was outstanding. I was blown away by the fish sandwich. Anytime we drove by I had to stop by and see if they had it. The chicken and the ribs are amazing. We could have ate there everyday. The service was outstanding. The locals got up and gave us their chairs when there was no where to sit and the second time it had just rained and they came over and doubled up our chairs to make sure they were sturdy. We loved watching them play dominoes and the chef came out and shook our hands. It's seriously one of the best places to eat on the island.

Bensley Browne (05/06/2017 00:50)
Really cool, service is second 2 none.

Kalomo Pierre (03/06/2017 14:18)
Great bbq, a taste will leave you coming back for more

MzStuckup Kay (03/04/2017 06:56)
Finger licking good.....for years his name has been nothing but great in the land, with bbq ribs, chicken, pork , fish, french fries, garlic bread and local drinks you can sit and interact with the friendly staff and customers. You can even get sweet potato pudding in special days.

Alecia nisbett (27/02/2017 00:52)
Finger licking good BBQ chicken pork and ribs served with garlic bread or homemade bakes , the local drinks are great also .The best BBQ on the island.

Jonatan Vlaisavljevic (04/12/2016 23:48)
Great food place.....

Jo-Anne Mason (28/04/2016 23:03)
Ken does great BBQ. Pork and chicken and garlic bread. It is fast and simple and there is always a crowd. You get your food and leave, no place really to sit down. It is rustic.

Streetking 21 (24/01/2016 02:02)
Sounds good to me that place is sellin some good food i beleve
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