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Place Type : Campground, Park, Hotel
Address : Drymades Beach, 9415, Dhërmi, Albania
Coordinate : 40.158531, 19.605473
Phone : +355 69 206 9011
Rating : 3.30
Website : index.php
Opening Hours :
Monday: 7:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Tuesday: 7:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Wednesday: 7:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Thursday: 7:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Friday: 7:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Saturday: 7:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Sunday: 7:00 AM – 12:00 AM
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Martin Provinský (13/06/2018 18:31)
Nice place, but really expensive. 67€ for a cabin per night (1x double bed and a bunk, 2 bathrooms, tv, fridge and air-conditioning). They have wifi but it wasnt working. Restaurant in camp is nice, and they have excelent service. Food is really good, from cca 600-1200 Leka for a plate. Beer is EXTREMLY expensive: 0,33l for 250 Leka. There is pizzeria about 1km away from the camp and their pizza is really tasty and affordable.
If you want to have a sunbed and sunshade, you have to pay 500 Leka. Beach is clean, and they clean it every night. You can even make a campfire on the beach.

If you want cheap vacation, dont go there. But if you are ready to pay, prepare at least 15000 Leka per day. With 25000 Leka/day you would enjoy your vacation here.

3/10 because of prizes

Lorenzo Patras (04/06/2018 23:34)
I slept here for obe night. The personal was very wellcoming altough I had no reservation. It seemed strange since there was little to no light in the complex. However the houses had all the necessary amenities like hot water, electricity, fridge, wifi. I don't think there was a kitchen. Otherwise a nice place to sleep next to the beach.

Lorita Selmani (11/08/2017 02:38)

Tom Arndt (02/07/2017 20:54)
Stayed 1 Night in the Eco Camp. Worst experience I've ever made! Filthy dirty place, no clean toilets, not 'ECO' at all and the host showed no hospitallity at all. He was sitting around with his friends instead of providing any information on the camp site or Dhermi. We payed 15€ for a night (2 Persons, own tent) which was was to much for that 'Camp'. He even woke us up in the night to get his Money instead of telling us that we have to pay on arrival which of course would have been okay. I would not recommend to stay at Altea Eco Camp unless they hire a nice and not childish host and clean the toilets...and maybe lower the price. Sad, because the area is beautiful. Better drive to Vuno, 10km from that place. You can sleep in and Camp at an old school there.

aldo aldo (30/05/2017 03:59)
Very welcoming,friendly,relaxing,wonderful,
Ju st the BEST OF THE BEST of drymadhe beach

Branko Šprljan (28/11/2016 19:33)
They proclaim themselves as "eco camping". Sure. No real toilet and really dirty showers are obviously "eco".
Service staff is "uninterested" at best.
They prefer single travelers and have no scruples to send a family with 3 small kids away, for the sake of the lodge rental customers to whom we block the view to the sea (?!).
Also, if you somehow fit in their taste, there is no real shop nearby.
This was our worst experience in Albania, and they are the rudest Albanians we met.
We spent only one night there with constant pressure from their side to leave ASAP.

Shaqiri Shkelqim (07/08/2016 03:12)
Sympa. Les bungalow sont un peu vetuste

wow live (03/08/2016 00:29)
Good place but not the prices

Fabrizio Sancini (24/07/2016 00:15)
Summer dream..
Residence dotato di bungalows in legno molto pittoreschi vista mare, un poco precario, lo stato , e la manutenzione degli stessi,
servizi offerti non conformi alle aspettative ...
Parcheggio scarso in strada polverosa, Belle spiagge facilmente raggiungibili a piedi.
Prezzi europei x servizi "albanesi"

Arian Gace (24/08/2011 21:20)
A self proclaimed elitarian place that falls short of an elite service. The green lawn and olive trees give to the place a nice atmosphere especially in the otherwise parched and dry summer landscape. Good location that offers a reasonable quietness during the night thanks to the distance from open discos that are becoming a plague for the Albanian Riviera. Despite charging TOP PRICES, trash is seen and smelled just a stone throw from the perimetral fence. The beach in front of the resort is not well groomed and renting an umbrella is discouraged by high prices. Good ingredients but not properly mixed!
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