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Place Type : Travel Agency, Eco Tour Agency
Address : spitall, Durrës
Coordinate : 41.3167, 19.45
Phone : 0694606123
Rating : 5.00
Facebook : Durres-Tour-Guides-217657345409..
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 Durres Tour Guides
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Facebook Admin (28/08/2017 19:26)
Durres is a versatile port city with both a modern and ancient appeal. If fun in the sun is in order look no further than the waterfront, where Albania’s largest and liveliest beach buzzes with activity in summer. Durres is also replete with Roman and Byzantine heritage – you can discover the remnants of Albania’s biggest amphitheatre here, while both the city defences and forum date back 1500 years. You could also travel inland to see the castle where Albanian national icon Skanderbeg fought off three Ottoman sieges in the 1400s, or continue on to Tirana to visit the nation’s capital.

Facebook Admin (14/06/2017 02:24)
Durrës 😀

Facebook Admin (09/06/2017 03:56)
Find out more information about the city of Durres!…/durres-is -largest-port-and-se…

Facebook Admin (02/06/2017 17:11)
Summer is coming! Discover the beautiful coast of Durres!

Facebook Admin (01/06/2017 02:27)
Don't miss the opportunity to visit ancient city of Durrës!

Facebook Admin (31/05/2017 15:52)
#BeachDurres 😀

Facebook Admin (30/05/2017 17:34)
Durrës Amphitheatre a throwback into the past .

Facebook Admin (30/05/2017 17:29)
Summer is coming .
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