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Place Type : Hotel
Address : Sarandë, Albania
Coordinate : 39.8458735, 20.0221056
Phone : +355 67 207 9000
Rating : 4.00
Website :
 Hotel Bahamas  Hotel Bahamas  Hotel Bahamas  Hotel Bahamas  Hotel Bahamas  Hotel Bahamas  Hotel Bahamas  Hotel Bahamas  Hotel Bahamas  Hotel Bahamas
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Dzeljalj Zenelji (06/04/2018 11:20)
The best place the best view

ani hadushaj (27/12/2017 22:08)

ali beceti (26/09/2017 03:59)
Very very nice place

Adam Krzyżanowski (17/09/2017 17:50)
Fantasitc hotel
With swimingpool and pitch to Play voleybool , sea

Maciej Kozłowski (15/08/2017 23:46)
Very nice service. Nice swimingpool, good restaurant. I recomend it.

tricks and cool things (30/07/2017 15:36)
It was really good

Gerard Scholtz (24/06/2017 22:17)
I didn't stay at the Bahamas Hotel, but close by. For two days and two nights I had to listen to the howling and barking of dogs emanating from the hotel property. On closer investigation I determined that the noise came from the cellar level below the swimming pool. When I couldn't take any more of this, I approached the receptionist, a young man, to do something about the problem - on 21June 2017. At first he denied it, but I insisted that he accompany me outside and down to the cellar. When he opened the door there were four fighting dogs, each chained 5m apart. These dogs had clipped ears and barked incessantly. I wanted to take a photo, but the young man closed the door again and said I couldn't. I threatened to report it to the police. Then he said that he would sort out the problem and the dogs would be gone within an hour. This didn't happen and the barking and howling continued for another night and a day. The staff can argue that they weren't fighting dogs, but the fact remains that they were treated inhumanely, living in a dark, concrete environment without attention and chained.

I would like to bring this situation to the attention of all who wish to make reservations at the hotel. Above ground level it looks nice and decent, but below the surface is an ugly reality.

Cosa Nostra (21/05/2017 04:02)

Baicu Dan (24/04/2016 13:39)
Great view, very nice staff... it was a wonderful holiday.

Aj Di (05/09/2015 17:48)
Friendly people, nice staff but I don't like the rooms. Everything was good, amazing view. Definitely will go again

Kastriot Ramani (21/08/2015 18:02)
Good hotel, to bad the some things like pool or toilet are dirty or broken. Air-conditioning works well but the room feels 1960. The shower is so small the you have nearly no space to move. The sight is gorgeous, of you look at the right direction, behind there are old unfinished buildings. The stairs to the sea are OK. Private beach in Albania is a must. The workers here are friendly but the sometimes don't know what they are serving our what there is to serve. 3 on 5 seems fair and unbiased.

Anna Bendson (11/08/2015 07:24)
Large,clean and spacy rooms, with an amazing view of the Ionnian Sea. Enormous breakfast and great restaurant.Amazing pool and nice private beach.Very polite and helpful staff.Highly recommend!

alboz78 (30/07/2015 21:37)
Great staff great atmosphere.
The pool is huge and the room's are clean.
The owner is very helpful.
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