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Place Type : Park
Address : Sarandë, Albania
Coordinate : 39.9238555, 20.1927537
Phone :
Rating : 4.60
 Syri i kalter  Syri i kalter  Syri i kalter  Syri i kalter  Syri i kalter  Syri i kalter  Syri i kalter  Syri i kalter  Syri i kalter  Syri i kalter
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Gergely Kósa (10/10/2017 12:29)
Very nice place, but suffocated by tourists who don't have any respect for the site; at any given time there are 10-15 people wading / swimming in the water (it is strictly forbidden, but no one enforces it), so you cannot even make a decent photo. There is trash and a quite abandoned look.

Martin Atalovic (27/09/2017 22:10)
One of the few interesting places in albania. Visit this place before it gets fully commercialised. We saw people dumping trash close to the river. Very sad. This place has a huge potential.

Alexia C (31/08/2017 02:22)
The place is alright. There is a still water pound with a source coming out. It is forbidden to swim in it (it is ten degrees anyway) but many people ignore the sign. The saddest part are the restaurant there washing their dishes and release the chemical in the pound. I even saw a washing mashine with the pipe release the waster in the clear water. Prices are 100 per car and additional 50 per person. We wonder why as no one is there to look after the cars nor controlling that nobody swims.

Massimiliano Medici (27/08/2017 21:51)
Crystal mini lake.The water is very cold but is wonderfull natural billabong. There are bar and restaurant for restore.

Gareth Robb (13/08/2017 01:57)
This place is beautiful. Never seen anything like it. If you visit the country of eagle's you have to see this.

azdren poshka (04/05/2017 12:02)
Amazing place. Beautiful crystal clear waters.

vjollca dinaj (04/04/2017 22:18)
Amazing and unique place. People like to dive.

W S (12/03/2017 19:37)
Ciekawy dojazd, lodowata woda no i przy odrobinie szczęścia brał tłumów. Warto zobaczyć te kolory

Tytus Kędzierski (26/09/2016 21:37)
Jak dla mnie full wypas ....

Tim Peters (23/09/2016 18:57)
Am besten Privat zu erreichen, per Auto (Campingwagen etc sollte da lieber fern bleiben, die Straße ist nicht sooo gut)

Angekommen, muss man dem Herren an der Brücke kur 100Lek geben (sind nichtmal 1€), er erzählt 1km noch dann seit ihr da, wir fahren gefühlte 3km über schotterwege mit großen Schlaglöcher und aufeinmal sind wir da.

Es ist leider auch sehr vermüllt in einigen Ecken dort (albanisches Problem)

Syri i kalter ist eine unterirdische Quelle, welche noch nicht komplett erforscht wurde, das Wasser hat ca 12Grad, schwimmen ist verboten, aber die Füße dürfen rein, kurz und schnell, weil es wie gesagt echt kalt ist (mein Vater sagte, ca. Nordsee anbaden im Frühjahr)

Kleine Bar ist vorhanden, wo es Cola,Bier,Kaffe, Wasser usw gibt
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