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Place Type : Park
Address : Sarandë, Albania
Coordinate : 39.9237659, 20.1925238
Phone :
Rating : 4.60
Opening Hours :
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours
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The Blue Eye The Blue Eye The Blue Eye The Blue Eye The Blue Eye The Blue Eye The Blue Eye The Blue Eye The Blue Eye The Blue Eye


James Doohan (23/04/2018 17:22)
A beautiful natural wonder. The water is quite cold but so beautifully clear. There is a path around the back of the pool which gets increasingly difficult to trek. Had to leave my friend behind after 10min and could only get a few hundred metres further to find a dried up waterfall. Watch out for spiders.

Nijaz Hadzic (30/03/2018 23:00)
Fantastic place, beautiful nature, good to take break and enjoy.

Foo Xin (06/01/2018 03:13)
Not that much to see around it but if you have a car and are in the area (and you're willing to fork out a bit of a toll) then it's definitely worth seeing. It's extremely pretty and you can see the water bubbling up! Fantastic natural sight!

Ljiridona Bachmann (26/12/2017 20:36)
It was great visiting The Blue Eye. Nice, clear water and very interesting phenomenon. However, food at the restaurants nearby was not so good.

Dave Watson (16/12/2017 01:51)
Wow it's a fab place to explore - nice n tranquil

Rudy Everaert (17/10/2017 23:59)
A unique 150 m well, producing the cleanest water ever! Temperature always below 9 ° C

Bernhard Gandolf (12/10/2017 02:03)
Nice place, much rubbish around, without guide a 3 Minute trip, very little explainations arround

Boel Axelsson (09/10/2017 18:34)
I really liked the blue eye! The water is crazy clear and crazy cold :) it says you are not allowed to swim but you can. Make the jump from the viewing point straight into the eye super cool!

Martin Atalovic (27/09/2017 22:10)
One of the few interesting places in albania. Visit this place before it gets fully commercialised. We saw people dumping trash close to the river. Very sad. This place has a huge potential.

Alexia C (31/08/2017 02:22)
The place is alright. There is a still water pound with a source coming out. It is forbidden to swim in it (it is ten degrees anyway) but many people ignore the sign. The saddest part are the restaurant there washing their dishes and release the chemical in the pound. I even saw a washing mashine with the pipe release the waster in the clear water. Prices are 100 per car and additional 50 per person. We wonder why as no one is there to look after the cars nor controlling that nobody swims.

Kate Ozel (30/08/2017 22:33)
It was nice but don't expect much - the place (blue eye) is just as it is on the photos.

Hannes Will (14/06/2017 15:01)
Also go and get the pedalo boat by the cafe to see this great landscape from a different perspective. It is really worthwhile. :)

Radoslaw Gorecki (09/01/2017 02:00)
Its rather nice place, definitely worth visiting while on vacation in Albania.

Sue`s World (08/01/2017 06:54)
A natural wonder in Albania.. Along with having coffee and taking photos, you can also enjoy swimming in flowing water.

Valbona Samarxhiu (08/01/2017 02:18)
Top the best....

Janusz Maciejewski (11/12/2016 14:56)
Przepiękne miejsce

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