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Place Type : Library, Nonprofit Organization
Address : Avenida Machalilla, Barrio Miraflores, 131950, Puerto López
Coordinate : -1.56667, -80.8167
Phone : +593 990625479
Rating : 5.00
Facebook : bibliotecasmoviles/
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 Cuentos en la Plaza - Bibliotecas Móviles  Cuentos en la Plaza - Bibliotecas Móviles  Cuentos en la Plaza - Bibliotecas Móviles
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About The Business:

Es una iniciativa de promoción y fomento a la lectura a través de la literatura infantil en parques. En 6 sitios de Manabí afectados por terremoto del 16A.


On April 16, 2016 a 7.8 Earthquake hit the coast of Ecuador. The large cities of the coast suffered extensive damage and the communities surrounding these cities even more. Many families were displaced, an estimated number of people in shelter camps is around 22,000 people. People living in these shelters have had their whole disrupted. Clara Luna hopes to lessen the burden of the children living in these shelters by providing kids programs and activities in the shelters.

During the earthquake, more than 22,000 people were displaced and are now living in shelters throughout the coast of Ecuador. They are expected to be living here for at least a year. Shelters that have only basic necessities. The lives on children living in these shelters has been dramatically disrupted and some left traumatized. The shelters need children activities and child friendly areas that lessen the burden of living in a shelter, such as kids corners.
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