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Place Type : Lawyer
Address : Av. Jose Peralta & Av. 12 de Abril, Edificio Acropolis, Oficina #303, Cuenca 010150, Ecuador
Coordinate : -2.906295, -79.001023
Phone : +1 800-655-1581
Rating : 5.00
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Opening Hours :
Monday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed
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 Ecuador Visas (Attorney Sara Chaca)  Ecuador Visas (Attorney Sara Chaca)  Ecuador Visas (Attorney Sara Chaca)  Ecuador Visas (Attorney Sara Chaca)  Ecuador Visas (Attorney Sara Chaca)


William Harper (07/05/2018 08:42)
Sarah and her staff took my wife into their Loving Hands and took care of her to make sure that she got her residency Visa without me being there. Through the whole process she kept answering my anxious emails about how things were going and kept me posted every step of the way so that I would not have to worry about my wife. We are so grateful for Sarah and her staff taking such good care of us and would recommend everyone to use her services for your residency Visa.

Reg Prewitt (03/05/2018 04:11)
My name is Reg. My wife, adult son, and I moved to Cuenca in early January 2018. I first met Sara Chaca in early February 2017. We came to explore Ecuador to see if everything we had read about the Sierra was true. We thought we might want to live here so an exploratory trip seemed the logical first step.

The last four days of a 15 day "Retire in Ecuador" tour package of the Sierra from Latin Frontiers were free to explore Cuenca, our original city of interest. Sara Chaca's Ecuador Visas was at the top of the list of people we wanted to talk to. A few emails and a couple of phone calls left us with an appointment with Sara for our first free day. I had also learned that Sara is associated with a comprehensive network of people and companies that provide relocation services and the help expats need to get settled. I made an appointment with Paul Wilches of Relocation Services Ecuador, one of her associations. Understanding the residency visa process and how an international overseas move worked were our primary concerns.

The trip and the meetings were a stunning success. We returned home highly impressed with the area we had visited - from Cotacachi to Vilcabamba. We were most impressed by Cuenca and the incredible people we met here. We left with the answers we needed to feel that a move was probably desirable and definitely was doable.

We returned home to prepare our house for sale and to continue gathering the information we needed to make a tough decision. We officially made the decision in May and began gathering the documents needed to apply for temporary residency visas in August. The visa law was in transition when we spoke with Sara but the official regulations weren't released until March. There was a lot of uncertainty and confusion in Ecuador. Sara's advice was invaluable during this time and the 14 months I've known her.

From the day we met I found her generous with her time, skilled at helping us understand exactly what was required, and always cheerful and patient with my incessant stream of questions. She and her staff led us by the hand through the maze of getting documents from four states and the US government. It took about two months of chasing paperwork through several government agencies to finally have all of the Apostilles needed to submit applications for our temporary residency visas. The situation became more clear during these months and helped us decide which type of visa application each of us would pursue. This choice is more complex than it seems at first. We could not have made these critical choices without expert advice from Sara. This is not a difficult process but it can be tedious due to the required precision in the documentation. Ecuador Visas reviewed every piece of paper and ensured they were correct so we did not arrive in Ecuador only to find we needed corrections or more documentation.

The success of their guidance and our work can be seen in the results, We applied for our visas two weeks after arriving in Cuenca and received them 26 days later. We received our Cedulas about ten days later. I know that many people run this gauntlet alone or with non-professional assistance. I would not have wanted to try. The move was very involved and I still spent a significant amount of time on visa issues. I made mistakes and missteps when I had specific instructions. It would have been far worse on my own without professional review. I have no doubt this would have been far more difficult with out Sara and Ecuador Visas. The total package fee was money well spent.

Everett Evans (27/04/2018 09:18)
After our visit to Ecuador of June 2016, we decided as a family that this will be our new home. However, the challenge we faced was how are we going to stay in Ecuador legally? Can we process all of the requirements ourselves or will we use professional services? There was so much information online on how you can process your own residency documentation with cost savings. However, after reading so many sad experiences of others who have tried to handle this important process on their own, as a family we decided to hire a “Competent, Professional and Caring” lawyer who can handle the “entire” process for us. Especially knowing that the immigration law changed February of this year, we needed a very competent lawyer who understands the new law and will successfully see to it that we have our visas. Essentially, we needed someone who will look out for my families interest and ensure that we avoid the frustration, stress and being blindsided by hidden cost which we saw so prevalent online and from personal experiences from others.

After much prayer and research, we found “Ecuador Visas” Sara Chaca firm. As I have done with others, I immediately email Sara and the very next day, she responded and answered all of my questions and please note, that I had “many” questions. She kindly, left the opportunity open for me to seek her advice and to have my questions answered “free of charge” which was very difficult in dealing with others. Subsequently, after communicating with Sara for the past year, my wife and I was very comfortable with Sara and found her to be very competent and trustworthy; Sara had “our back” every step of the way.

Sara ensured that all of our documents was correct prior to leaving our country. This was the most challenging process back home, but we were so glad that we had Sara guiding, checking and helping us every step of the way. Had we not had Sara’s assistance, we would have failed all necessary requirements and incur additional cost and much frustration. With Sara and her team’s help, we opened a bank account, established a CD and have one of the top insurance company in Ecuador. Also, I now have my visa after one month of applying and my family successfully processed theirs today. In all of my professional career, I have never seen two persons like Sara and Maria working so hard with lightning speed on me and my family’s behalf. They never stop working and they have already made plans to assist us with other requirements. Sara, Maria and the entire Ecuador Visas team, thank you so much for all of our success thus far. You are our legal home!!

Your clients forever,
Everett, Tanya, Tremaine and Ty.

Patricia Lee (24/04/2018 07:36)
Sara Chaca and her team at Ecuador Visas have been an incredible help through my journey to getting my professional visa. I am sure most attorneys can help a client efficiently navigate the visa process, but what sets Ecuador Visas apart from the rest is all the extras that make their service so special. You feel like you’re not a number or a client, but a friend. I truly cannot count the number of emails Sara and I have exchanged over the past year as I have planned my retirement here in Ecuador. Having lived and worked in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, I’ve dealt with immigration and visas many times, but this one was the easiest ever, and that is all due to Ecuador Visas professionalism and service. Sara responds to every single email promptly, sometimes a half dozen a day with questions regarding my particular situation (an American working abroad), and it’s this attentiveness that relieves the usual stress that accompanies the immigration and visa process. And finally, it’s the little touches that are so appreciated, such as when I needed to receive mail from the US; Sara was more than happy to allow me to use her office address. She and her team have gone above and beyond the call of duty, and I am immensely grateful. Thank you, Sara!

Rhonda Lloyd (22/04/2018 02:40)
Sara always responded promptly to emails and was very efficient and knowledgeable throughout the whole CD renewal process.
Our only regret is that we didn't use her for our original permanent residency application, which was quite painful.

Greg Scalia (07/11/2017 02:54)
Everyone at the office was very helpful in getting my visa,cedula,health care coverage,and anything else I needed to get settled in Ecuador.I would recommend them to anyone who is moving to Ecuador. Everyone in the office is bilingual and always ready to help in any way they can. I also used the moving service both from the USA and when I moved here from Cuenca to Quito.

Robert Hutchcraft (30/10/2017 21:31)
Great service. I recommend Sara and her staff. Very friendly and efficient.

Jim Davis (09/10/2017 20:26)
I am very pleased to recommend Sara and her excellent staff for all your Visa and legal requirements in Ecuador. Sara started our visa application process while we were still in the US and that saved us from not having the correct documents after we arrived in Cuenca. In addition to our visas, Sara has also helped us on getting Power of Attorneys, Cremation orders, wills, and banking issues. Sara is very easy to work with as is her staff and her English is excellent which was critical for us to understand the requirements for visas.

Jerrold Larson (23/09/2017 04:19)
Looking for smooth well organized professional support for your Ecuador visa? I highly recommend Sara Chaca and her team - they are fast and dependable. Avoid the 'do it yourself' headaches and delays!

David Fagerlie (25/08/2017 04:14)
I am pleased to highly recommend Sara Chaca and her firm, Ecuador Visas & Containers. My wife and I hired Sara to guide us through the process of obtaining our resident visas in Ecuador. It was quickly obvious that we were in good hands with Sara and her staff. Sara stays informed on the ever changing immigration rules in Ecuador so that she can efficiently and effectively guide her clients through the complex maze of regulations.

I referred other expats seeking residency and they had the same excellent experience. Sara also demonstrated her ability to step in where other attorneys failed to perform and rescue expats in the middle of a botched visa process. Those cases were emergencies and Sara acted quickly to ensure those expats completed the visa process successfully.

Dave Nott (21/05/2017 05:05)
I used Ecuador Visas about 3 years ago. I was impressed by the professional manner in which Sara and her staff treated my visa request. It was done with no surprises and for the agreed price. Two friends have since used Ecuador Visas and both had the same experience I did. She has done translation and notary work for me since. I would highly recommend anyone moving to Ecuador to use Sara and her team.

Chad Parrack (12/05/2017 15:18)
Sara and her entire staff were fantastic!!! We give them our absolute highest recommendation. We are a family of 9, and my wife was just beginning to learn Spanish. I travel for work and was out of the country for the entire process, leaving my wife and children in Sara's capable hands. Sara and her staff took what was initially an intimidating and daunting process and made it simple and non-threatening. Sara speaks perfect English and her staff does as well. They carefully explained what to expect at each step, how long it would take and the costs associated with each one. I am so glad that I entrusted my wife and children into Sara's care for this process. Sara and her staff truly go above and beyond what I would expect from anyone in the United States. Additionally, Sara's fantastic service did not end when we received our cedulas. She continues to be a resource and friend whenever we have questions, from legal to culture, Sara is always there for us. The "Gringo" community in Cuenca is small, and I have never heard anything but fantastic reviews about Sara Chaca.

Diane Johnson (09/05/2017 21:36)
Sara Chaca and her office have shown us the utmost of professionalism. We have used her services to obtain visas, as well as other legal documents needed here in Ecuador. We have recommended her to other expats in Ecuador as well, all of whom have had excellent experiences with her and her office as well. She really cares about doing right by her clients. She is profession, flexible, punctual and dependable. Her Spanish-speaking skills are impeccable. We have always felt very welcome in her office and have felt well cared for. Thanks you Ecuador Visas! You have made our life her in Ecuador an easier one :).

Liz Bennett (07/05/2017 06:01)
I am so happy to have the opportunity to write a recommendation for Sara. When I applied for my visa it was a difficult and lengthy process. Sara pulled out all of the stops to make the process as easy for me as possible and stood up to officials more than once. In fact, I am confident that I would not have a visa today if it were not for her loyalty, expertise, and tenacity. She has been so good to me. I am happy I found her.

John Propeck (05/05/2017 02:33)
I began communicating with Sara Chaca early last fall prior to my wife & I initially visiting Ecuador in Nov 2016. We fell in love with Cuenca after spending 10 beautiful days here. I was impressed with Sara's knowledge of the laws & stipulations for expats coming to Ecuador. She was so responsive answering emails even in the evening & on weekends. We had an opportunity to meet at her office during the Nov trip. Again she reaffirmed our opinion of her knowledge about the laws & wading through the bureaucratic processes. She also is plugged into both the health care & dental services in Cuenca along with Real Estate challenges either purchase or rentals. We came back in March 2017 to test drive Cuenca as a retirement destination staying for almost 3 months. We again met with Sara to get updated on the new immigration laws passed in Jan 2017 but not yet implemented. Again Sara gave us good counsel regarding the least costly options to meet our particular needs. I highly recommend Sara for any uncertainty relating to all things Ecuador. She is truly a resident expert & her English is perfect.
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