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Place Type : Restaurant, Food
Address : 1 Vakhtang Gorgasali St, Tbilisi, Georgia
Coordinate : 41.6894519, 44.8099642
Phone : +995 593 74 80 08
Rating : 4.10
Website : pages/ alani-restaurant/ 368115809947360?fref=ts
Opening Hours :
Monday: 9:30 AM – 12:00 AM
Tuesday: 9:30 AM – 12:00 AM
Wednesday: 9:30 AM – 12:00 AM
Thursday: 9:30 AM – 12:00 AM
Friday: 9:30 AM – 12:00 AM
Saturday: 9:30 AM – 12:00 AM
Sunday: 9:30 AM – 12:00 AM
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shaylit (21/05/2018 18:13)
Amazing food, perfect service and great prices
We couldnt leave Tbilisi without coming back again to try more things.

Barbara Golewska (13/04/2018 20:38)
I absolutely love this restaurant- food is very good and beer is just amazing - they making own beer there- beer Alani :D Live music and traditional dance- great performances! !!! I went there few times :) customer service is a bit different.... sometimes they can forgot about you or you can think they are not friendly but they are actually very nice and helpful :) if you gonna be there please don't forget to feed my ginger cat- I miss him so badly :(

cesare (18/03/2018 16:03)
Tourist trap!
Since I read good stuff about this place I wanted to give it an opportunity! I went at 6 pm to dont find it crowded and in fact it was pretty empty.
However, the service has been just ridiculous!
35 mins waiting between the two dishes I ordered! After half an hour I finished my first dish I was not even hungry anymore!
The waitress was disgustingly lazy and rude!
Finally as in all the tourist traps they even charged me 10% which is not at all typical for normal Georgian restaurants!
Dont go!

Ia Kakichashvili (02/03/2018 17:44)
Alani, is good place for traditional Georgian food. There is no fansy interior, no special menu of vegan kitchen, it is typical Georgian type cuisine at moderate price and taste. I wouldn't call this place perfect but for the reasons I give it 5 stars as food there is really very good.

Len aguedan (24/02/2018 16:18)
Best Georgian restaurant I went to. They serve lovely rice and all the foods are excellent. Staff are very accomodating.

Marika Gogoladze (01/11/2017 14:18)
These restaurant offers Ossetian cousine, so you can go there to try some and taste crafted Ossetian 🍺. As I haven't been there for a long time, I can say that food as well as 🍺 was much better. Prices are medium. It's good that now you can seat outside in warm weather. Negative grade for broken tableware.

J.F. Nash (15/10/2017 20:14)
Awful service blaming clients for mistakes taking the order. In addition it's tremendously slow and good is simply ok. Not worth the visit having so many other options around.

Lilit Hakobyan (24/09/2017 02:49)
I was sitting outside, and I've enjoyed it. There was authentic live music and dancing. Food was good, just 'ostri' which means spicy was not really spicy:)) I liked the draft beer! What I didn't like was the cats and dogs walking just next to us and making different noises during our supper!

Maksym Klovak (11/09/2017 02:19)
As for me, it's noise place with terrible live music. I really like Georgian music but one that was there is horrible. and it's so loud that it's hard to speak with person next to you

Stefan Backes (21/08/2017 02:12)
Food is alright but as a solo guest they didn't want me to sit at a table if I didn't consume a certain amount. Had to wait long while other guest coming after me got a table straight away. The woman in charge was very rough and unfriendly but the rest of staff were nice and felt bad about this situation.

Mohnish Govind (19/08/2017 21:18)
Loved their Food, Loved their Drinks, Perfect Location, Priced very very well, orders are precise and in time, just a bit of language constraint, but their menus are self sufficient to explain what is required...
I would revisit again... Very well priced menu. 10USD per person for a decent meal. Have a seat in the Open Air Seating arrangement with some traditional live music at the background. Fantastic...

Ian Goodrich (17/06/2017 00:31)
I've lived in Tbilisi for around a decade, and I take all my visitors here on day one. I can happily say that Alani is your first choice for affordable, authentic Georgian food. It's the best you'll get in that part of town.

Ruben Thomas (22/04/2017 11:22)
The ambience was lovely. A cozy welcoming feeling. The dance and music really made us feel like we were part of a Georgian feast. Will surely recommend it to anyone visiting Tbilisi.

Michael Goberman (18/03/2017 18:19)
A special decoration, very nice staff and good local food

Vladimer Shioshvili (23/09/2016 13:34)
A group of us goes there every couple weeks, and it's consistent in food quality. Service can be good (if they know you that helps). Their ribs with adjika (spicy sauce) is very good, khabidzgina (khachapuri with mix of potatoes and cheese) is also good. Staple Georgian dishes are usually good, but occasionally disappoint.

Simone Alves (07/09/2016 03:18)
Great food, salad with plenty of fresh herbs was a delight, the khinkali as well, and the Turkish coffee was fantastic. We also were pleased with a young folk band playing live!
On top of that, really affordable prices!

Valentina Gurinovich (29/08/2016 23:44)
Very good food, khinkali are one of the best I tried in Georgia. The prices are surprisingly low for the old town. And there is a nice band playing here.

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