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Place Type : Restaurant, Food
Address : 99 Akaki Beliashvili St, Tbilisi, Georgia
Coordinate : 41.771287, 44.779815
Phone : +995 322 00 55 55
Rating : 4.60
Opening Hours :
Monday: 12:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Tuesday: 12:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Wednesday: 12:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Thursday: 12:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Friday: 12:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Saturday: 12:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Sunday: 12:00 PM – 2:00 AM
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Boris Shemkar (25/05/2018 12:19)
The dances and songs are nice, but short. The service is very bad. We waited literally for half an hour just to get a menu. Then another long wait to get our order and an even longer wait to get the 1st dish. Food is not tastey at all. The salads mainly contain a large pile of lettuce, and the other ingredients, like cheese or yogurt are added very little at the bottom. The chicken was quite good, but again came with lots of lettuce... Prices are way too high. This restaurant is only for tourists, and if you come there, come for the dances and not for the food.

alaa khalaf (11/04/2018 17:19)
So great resturant ! It is deserve to be visited ! 💓💓💓 really love it ; everything is perfect and the meals are all so delicious , I wish that everyone can try meals in this resturant ! More than perfect .. BEST I love ittttttttttt❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ you can come with your family , friends and babies .. you will feel of peace and a super cool environment, if you visit this resturant , for sure you will not out with regret and you will back again and again to have a great me 👌👌👌💞💖❤💙💕💓💜 💚💟💞💝💘💗 i am very sure that everyone try meals in this resturant will enjoy the taste as well and will wish to try all the meals in the menu

gvantsa vardiashvili (29/03/2018 06:13)
Place is nice the way it's set up.authentic Georgian vibe. They just need to improve their customer service. Greeting of guests is was saltier than any Georgian could handle.

Adam Rakhamim (28/03/2018 00:33)
Not the place to make you fall in love with Georgian food.

The other reviews complained about long wait for the food, but I didn't experiences any unusually long waits.

- the design is open but cozy
- the hilgali were yummy
- the meat (albeit slightly undercooked and undermarinated) was of good quality
- the bathroom is very clean
- reasonable prices

- the receipt (bill) is in Georgian only
- the meat was not well marinated

Sina Soltani (02/02/2018 03:49)
It's more beautiful restaurant than other places in Tbilisi, high class situation plus dress code, delicious foods with high-quality materials, totally excellent.

Ayhan Gunay (25/01/2018 00:30)
What a lovely ambiance, great local foods and some heartwarming performance by the artista. For the wine you should absolutely try Kindzmarauli, one of the best in Georgia.

Lina Sirotina (11/01/2018 05:05)
What a lovely experience we had. On the bank of the river. Under the the hanging viniards, pomegranate, live music, good food. Loved it!!!

Rajashree Ramanadhan (24/12/2017 02:29)
Amazing ambience.. Brilliant performances specially the traditional georgian dance.. Food was good too!

Paulo Costa (19/10/2017 14:57)
Its 5 *** in terms of decoration, quality of food, service and location but the entertainment is way too much touristic... no need to play international music. Local music and folklore is enough. Stay authentic.

Yogev Nisim (19/10/2017 02:35)
Very good restaurant. Very good atmosphere. The price is high.

Inna Katz (03/10/2017 11:36)
Went to the restaurant as a couple. Tsiskvili ethno looks very kitschy. Enormous menu (that already rings a bell), but nothing that we tried was good. Your typical touristy trap. Would not recommend if you are looking for good authentic food.

Nino . Kobalia (08/09/2017 16:57)
Fantastic service, food - delicious, atmosphere - wonderful, views - brilliant, live music and Georgian folk dance 👌 I absolutely love it! (they have a dress code)

Pablo Escobar (04/08/2017 22:56)
The largest variety of Georgian food at a high quality. The best restaurant service in places with Georgian cuisine. The place where the music sound volume allows people hear each other at the same table unlike in other restaurants. Evening shows are spectacular. Must visit for everyone at least once.

Tornike Tavdishvili (27/04/2017 03:31)
one of the best restaurant in Georgia. it is great to represent georgian culture and kitchen in one place for a guest.

KIRAN BHATIA (20/04/2017 23:22)
Absolutely pathetic service, i am sat in the restaurant as i write & it took 10 minutes for the menu to come & the server brought just 1 Georgian menu instead if English.
We are here first time as tourists & no one even asked if everything is ok

Lorenzo Nava (15/04/2017 12:01)
Likely one of the fanciest and oldest restaurants in Tbilisi. A bit expensive. Yet great food, live music and Georgian dances show

David Machavariani (26/03/2017 12:54)
One of the best rests in Tbilisi and whole Georgia! Outstanding dishes, first class service, plus folk dance and son performances, must have leisure....

Panorama Express (31/01/2017 18:13)
Good food (Georgian cuisine), good service.
Ethno prefix for both interior and dishes.
Wonderful "museum" menu. Respect!

"წისქვილი", რესტორანი ბელიაშვილზე, თბილისი, საქართველო.

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