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Place Type : Gym, Health
Address : 72 Tsinamdzgvrishvili Street, Tbilisi, Georgia
Coordinate : 41.7083957, 44.8013985
Phone : +995 599 02 57 55
Rating : 5.00
Website :
 Yoga Cave
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Ashley Saliba (07/05/2018 04:38)
I took classes here while I was in Tbilisi for a month and think it’s a great studio. The practice isn’t asana intensive, so if you’re looking for a vinyasa/ashtanga kind of thing, you won’t get it here. But the meditation practice at the Yoga Cave is really, really great. Yana is a wonderful teacher (she’s the only one I took class with) and I highly recommend her lessons since she’s very knowledgeable and introduces different styles of meditation in different classes.

Ia Kakichashvili (03/04/2018 19:00)
Calm and hidden, which is the notation of the fact that you are about to practice seriously and therefore came to that magic place.

Sergio Graf (28/02/2018 13:28)
great studio. will be visiting again while be staying in tbilisi.

Gia Jgarkava (10/12/2017 13:58)
From various yoga studios of Georgia, Yoga Cave is the one where good balance of physical, mental and spiritual practices is maintained. Others usually lack spirituality and concentrate of the physical activities. Yoga Cave is also a base for Yoga in Daily Life international yoga school, and the instructors are trained and certified in Europe and India. Highly recommend!

ZaHare Hare (08/12/2017 05:46)
Девушка которую я люблю очень-очень фанатка йоги, ну и я тоже сюда иногда захаживаю :)

Olya Ramer (23/11/2017 19:53)
First and foremost!

Tbilisi Free Walking Tour (01/04/2017 23:16)
The cosiest and most atmospheric yoga studio in Tbilisi.

Goga Eradze (01/07/2016 05:07)
love this place

Александр Осин (19/04/2016 18:34)
Очень классное место.
Здесь от души можно позаниматься йогой.
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