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Place Type : Electronics Store, Store, Electronics, Audio Visual Equipment Store
Address : K. Varnali 57A, 14452 Metamórfosis, Attiki, Greece
Coordinate : 38.0620749, 23.766655
Phone : +302102845173
Rating : -
Facebook : lab12audio
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Website :
Opening Hours :
Monday: 09:00 - 19:00
Tuesday: 09:00 - 19:00
Wednesday: 09:00 - 19:00
Thursday: 09:00 - 19:00
Friday: 09:00 - 19:00
Saturday: -
Sunday: -
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About The Business:

LAB12 Handcrafted Hi End Audio


Lab12 started as the result of the enthusiastic and tireless endeavors of music lover Stratos Vichos and quickly grew into a state-of-the-art high-end audio manufacturer with wide production range.
Years of passionate experiments, explorations and R & D transformed Lab12 from one-man operation to fast growing venture. However, what is at the heart of all the products we produce, is that they hold on to our core belief that the emotional impact and an engaging musical performance are the most important factors when we listen to a piece of music.
Lab12 is a technology and performance driven company and our third generation of products offer a unique value that can meet the highest demands of music lovers and audiophiles, wherever in the world you are. Our products incorporate and introduce learning and technology from the 21st century, but first and foremost it is the music that matters.
Our portfolio is growing by the month and we’re able to serve the growing needs of the high-end audio industry and contemporary audiophiles with more sophisticated devices, where technology never gets in the way of the music.
And, perhaps most importantly, we didn’t change our painstaking design and development process. Each and every product undergoes state-of-the-art measuring processes and final tuning that is the result of prolonged listening within various high-end audio systems and combinations to ensure that you, the end user, get a truly exceptional product that simply lets you enjoy the music you love.
Glowing reviews and a dedicated following reflects our attitude - we simply love what we do. Our audio products are made for high-end audio enthusiasts by high-end audio enthusiasts – plain and simple.


Facebook Admin (09/11/2019 00:03)
We are in Warsaw ! Room 308 #avs2019 #lab12

Facebook Admin (11/10/2019 18:03)
We are pleased to announce that Lab12 will attend Warsaw Audio Video Show, 8 – 10 November.
You are all invited to visit us at Radisson Blu Sobieski Hotel, room 308 where among the other products of our range, our new Digital to Analog Converter, dac1 reference will make its debut performance!

Facebook Admin (07/10/2019 16:00)
Lab12 Melto2 phono preamplifier reviewed by Part-Time Audiophile!

Facebook Admin (19/09/2019 18:15)
High End Audio Sas is now a Lab12 distributor in France! Contact Mr. Marc Chassonery for any information you may need! We are more than happy for this cooperation!

Facebook Admin (04/09/2019 23:13)
Last year was Gordian. This year, Μelto2 is a nominee for the RIHPA awards in Rocky Mountain Audio Festival. One of the most important if not the first, award in audio industry. It is a great honor for us.

Facebook Admin (03/09/2019 17:40)
Pictures from our dealer Akkelis Audio in Göteborg, Sweden

Facebook Admin (28/08/2019 15:42)
Lab12 in Xian HiFi show and Hong Kong Hi-End Show!

Facebook Admin (26/08/2019 18:16)
We are really happy to announce that Agentur Tur-Pex Oy in Finland, is now a Lab12 distributor! Mr. Jan Lundberg will give you any information you may need!

Facebook Admin (01/07/2019 16:12)
#LowBeats chooses Lab12 melto2 as reference phono stage for their listening room! Read the review... ostufe-lab12-melt…/

Facebook Admin (20/06/2019 16:06)
DAC1 reference

Facebook Admin (10/06/2019 19:17)
#HanzelAudio is our new distributor in Slovakia. Please contact Mr. Milan Hanzel for any information you may need. We are very happy for this cooperation!

Facebook Admin (24/05/2019 16:10)
We are happy to announce that the big winner of our competition, who is winning a Gordian power conditioner and a Knack mk2 power cable, is John Moczygemba.
Please send us your email to to claim your gifts!
Thank you all for taking part in this contest!

Facebook Admin (09/05/2019 14:31)
Win a Gordian power conditioner including a Knack mk2 power cable!!! Share your best selfie in front of our booth (C07,hall1) or a picture of it on Munich High End Show. Add hashtag #lab12munich2019 and your comment and get in the list. We will announce the big winner next Friday at 12:00.
#lab12munich2019 #lab12_gordian

Facebook Admin (03/05/2019 16:05)
🏆 ''Outstanding Product'' Award for Melto2 🏆
From HiFi-Pig
Read the interesting review...

Facebook Admin (30/04/2019 15:42)
Integre4 award at Shanghai Audio Show

Facebook Admin (28/02/2019 19:51)
We are looking forward to seeing you all in our Booth C07, Hall1 !

Facebook Admin (31/12/2018 20:29)
We at Lab12 wish you all a Happy New Year full of health and happiness for you and your beloved ones!!! 🥳

Facebook Admin (07/12/2018 21:46)
Lab12 in Vietnam.
Đông Thành - Hòa Phúc Audio

Facebook Admin (05/12/2018 21:53)
First award for melto2! Thank you

Facebook Admin (25/11/2018 16:16)
Second and last day for this year at Hxos Eikona Show 2018! Room 214.

Facebook Admin (24/11/2018 13:46)
SUARA listening debut at Hxos Eikona Show!

Facebook Admin (22/11/2018 03:34)
BLACK FRIDAY και στη LAB12!! Μην χάσετε τις ΕΙΔΙΚΕΣ ΤΙΜΕΣ που θα ισχύσουν κατά τη διάρκεια του ΗΧΟΣ ΕΙΚΟΝΑ SHOW, Σάββατο 24 & Κυριακή 25 Νοεμβρίου!! Σας περιμένουμε όλους στο Radison Blue Park Hotel, στην Αθήνα. -δωμάτιο 214!-

Facebook Admin (05/11/2018 19:43)
Σας περιμένουμε όλους στo ΗΧΟΣ ΕΙΚΟΝΑ SHOW, όπως κάθε χρονιά ! Θα μας βρείτε στο δωμάτιο 214 !

Facebook Admin (19/09/2018 16:58)
Guangzhou hifi show

Facebook Admin (19/09/2018 14:38)
Đông Thành - Hòa Phúc Audio is our new distributor in Vietnam. Please find Mr. Shing Chan for any information you may need. We are more than happy for this cooperation.

Facebook Admin (13/08/2018 01:28)
Lab12 team Hong Kong
The show is over, everyone tired but everyone smiling. I really thank you all.

Facebook Admin (13/06/2018 01:37)
Music will always be a healing for everything... #lab12 #avantgarde #music

Facebook Admin (11/06/2018 18:52)
Thanks to our distributor Tung Teng Audio

Facebook Admin (13/05/2018 19:27)
Last day was the best day. Thank you, till next year...

Facebook Admin (12/05/2018 22:50)
...few years before, she inspired our name! Thank you 'godmother'!!!

Facebook Admin (11/05/2018 00:51)
First day is gone...

Facebook Admin (03/05/2018 16:11)
Some first shots of our new, almost ready place. You are all welcome...

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