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Place Type : Establishment, Vacation Home Rental
Address : Agia Sofia, 84600 Mýkonos, Kikladhes, Greece
Coordinate : 37.4613186081, 25.3363823891
Phone : 00306942997755
Parking : lot
Rating : 4.80
Facebook : m.mykonosvillas
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Website :
M Mykonos Villas M Mykonos Villas M Mykonos Villas M Mykonos Villas
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About The Business:

Experience the ultimate in luxury and lose yourself in moments of pure bliss and relaxation, in one of the most cosmopolitan destinations in the world.


Experience the ultimate in luxury and lose yourself in moments of pure bliss and relaxation, in one of the most cosmopolitan destinations in the world.


Facebook Admin (30/05/2019 18:44)
Enjoy front-row views of beautiful #Mykonos, from the comfort of your private terrace.
Discover the #MVillas experience ➡️

Facebook Admin (27/05/2019 19:00)
"I cannot really find anything that could be better... This is the top place to stay in #Mykonos".
It's always a pleasure to read reviews like this, from our valued guests. Dear Aris Z., we are very happy to know you enjoyed your stay in #MVillas! Thank you wholeheartedly! 🙏

Facebook Admin (23/05/2019 18:00)
Just leave it all behind. Rest your eyes on the serene horizon and relax your mind... The spacious outdoor area of M-Four villa in #Mykonos is perfect for moments like this!
Discover it ➡️

Facebook Admin (20/05/2019 19:00)
🌺 Combine your stay at #MVillas with a visit to #Mykonos Town which is just a few minutes away. A picturesque destination that will keep you coming back for more!
Discover Mykonos:

Facebook Admin (16/05/2019 19:30)
"Luxurious, spacious, modern and harmonized with the local environment..."
Giannis L. was one of our first guests of the year and it really was a pleasure to have him with us! Thank you very much, Giannis, for your kind feedback! 🙏

Facebook Admin (13/05/2019 20:00)
💪 Don't miss a day of training! With such a lovely view, the fully equipped gym will make you want to spend hours sweating!
Discover M-Four villa in #Mykonos ➡️

Facebook Admin (09/05/2019 19:30)
Are you ready for long summer nights and cocktails by the pool? 😍
Check out the magnificent M-One Villa in #Mykonos ➡️

Facebook Admin (06/05/2019 18:00)
☀️ Sometimes all you need to find your balance and inner peace is to lay back and bask lazily in the warm sunshine!
📸 Naomi Christie #MVillas #Mykonos |

Facebook Admin (03/05/2019 18:00)
🌺 Many #Mykonos lovers insist that the true beauties of this beautiful island reveal themselves better during springtime!
Read our blog post ⬇️

Facebook Admin (01/05/2019 15:20)
🌸 #Spring is a wonderful time to visit #Mykonos! We wish you all a happy 1st of May!

Facebook Admin (29/04/2019 18:00)
"Whatever you need just ask for it and they will make sure it's available for you..."
Z.A.Q. from Abu Dhabi, one of our precious guests last summer, left us such a lovely feedback! Thank you! 🙏

Facebook Admin (25/04/2019 18:00)
🌿 Immerse yourself in the lush greenery and feel like you are in a heavenly sanctuary! Discover M-Two villa ➡️

Facebook Admin (22/04/2019 18:00)
Indulge in a private al fresco dining experience under the shade or simply relax with your favorite book at hand... Discover what the lovely M-Three villa in #Mykonos has to offer you!

Facebook Admin (18/04/2019 18:00)
☀️ Summer is meant to be enjoyed... the M Mykonos Villas way!
📸 @rotemleviii / Instagram ➡️

Facebook Admin (15/04/2019 18:00)
🌟 Ready to book your island escape to cosmopolitan Mykonos? Check out our Special Offers and treat yourself to an unparalleled luxurious and relaxing experience!
📧 Need more info? Send us an email:

Facebook Admin (11/04/2019 18:00)
"The host was amazing, she was very very helpful. The place was clean and tidy, the swimming pool and gym amazing" — Abdulrahman from Qatar, stayed in August 2018.
Need more info? 📧

Facebook Admin (08/04/2019 19:51)
9 Guests • 3 Double Bedrooms • 1 Single Bedroom • 4 Ensuite Bathrooms • 1 Guest House. Everything you need for a memorable summer vacation exprience is here! Discover M-One villa.
📧 Need more info? Send us an email:

Facebook Admin (05/04/2019 00:14)
It's impossible not to love #Mykonos — and it's obvious why. 😍
#MVillas |

Facebook Admin (01/04/2019 17:59)
Hello April! Mykonos welcomes you! 🌼
#MVillas #Mykonos 📧

Karathanassi Dimitra
Great architecture, contemporary design, the best of ingredients, exeptional views and homey atmosphere....the perfect settings for the perfect living in Mykonos!!!!

The usual work by the Kontaratos Family. Our warmest congratulations once again!!!

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