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Place Type : Health, Alternative & Holistic Health Service
Address : Dionysadon 14, 72300 Sitía
Coordinate : 35.2060398568, 26.1011981964
Phone : +306948692267
Rating : -
Facebook : Qigonginsitia
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Website :
Medical QiGong in Sitia, Crete
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About The Business:

A 4000-year old healing system teaching you to take your health in your own hands in the most beautiful part of Crete.


Facebook Admin (26/04/2019 09:51)
Living it! Some unexplainable rash on my chin, some weird pain in my right arm,... Yes healing does not always feel good.

Facebook Admin (05/04/2019 18:48)
Whether you judged today as a good or a bad day, know that every sunset hold the promise of a sunrise. Let the past be the past. Live Life now! . #sunset #langkawi #livenow #pastisgone #enjoylife #holidays #qiflowqigong

Facebook Admin (01/04/2019 15:53)
"A good teacher never stops being a student." Off to Bali for TQH medical Qi Gong retreat. Back somewhere in Mai.

Facebook Admin (21/03/2019 16:40)
“Find your center” Let go of old, limiting physical and mental habits, allow them to be replaced. Every day, every moment, again and again and again. That’s when exercise becomes more than just exercise. That’s when it turns into spirituality.
New blogpost out!

Facebook Admin (06/03/2019 18:21)
Healing is not always easy. Read more here: healing/

Facebook Admin (21/02/2019 20:23)
Relax, release, dissolve, cool down Playing with fire during FireForm. . #5elements #TCM #medicalqigong #practice #movingmeditation #sitia #crete #qigongindailylife #qiflow #qiflowqigong

Facebook Admin (14/02/2019 13:59)
Happy Valentine's Day! ❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖

Facebook Admin (01/02/2019 16:56)
Qi-Massage is a very powerful healing tool, especially in combination with QiGong practice.
Want to know more? Click…/31/from-now- qi-massage-available/

Facebook Admin (25/01/2019 16:25)
This! . Thanks to #umairdvoid, one of my fellow practitioners and instructor, for this wonderful video of what Medical QiGong is about! . #medicalqigong #practice #qiflowqigong

Facebook Admin (24/01/2019 14:51)
Firm but Relaxed Proud but Unpretentious Powerful but Humble .
... Finding the balance between Yin and Yang In your practice In your life . #medicalqigong #movingmeditation #qigong #qigongindailylife #relaxation #gowiththeflow #lifelessons #balance #yinyang #qiflowqigong
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Facebook Admin (19/01/2019 17:52)
Sitia and its lovely people are taking very good care of this qigong teacher! Thank you for teaching me to recognise different kinds of chorta, goodies straight from Mother Earth!

Facebook Admin (12/01/2019 23:49)
Sitting on the beach with the sun setting behind you enjoying the sound of the waves. That is also meditation... . . #meditation #beach #sitia #soundofwaves #silence #innerpeace #joy #qigongindailylife #qiflowqigong

Facebook Admin (03/01/2019 17:51)
Wishing you all the very best for 2019. May it be a year full of joy and qigong practice 😉.
New Year, new schedule! Starting from next Monday there will be qigong class three times a week: Mondays and Wednesdays 7pm to 8pm and Saturdays from 11am to 12pm. Free Meditation Class will be held every Friday from 7pm to 8pm.
... Looking forward to go, together, deeper into the flow of our qi! 🙏💖
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Facebook Admin (28/12/2018 16:21)
Breath, just breath! Back to your body, Out of your story. Look, just look! And see, really see!... Sense, just sense! No labels. This, only this. . Living, that simple. . #meditation #metalmeditation #breath #thisisit #simplelife #medicalqigong #qigongindailylife #qiflowqigong
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Facebook Admin (18/12/2018 04:25)
"I traveled all over the world but who says you can't go home?" I feel lucky that I can call many places home. On the road to my childhood home. Wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Facebook Admin (10/12/2018 19:35)
"I have lived with several Zen masters, all of them cats" Eckhart Tolle. .
Real meditation is just being in the moment. However that moment shows itself to you. Happy or sad, good or bad, sunshine or rain. .
... This stray cat was my personal zen master today. 🙏🙏🙏 .
#meditation #thismoment #thisisit #zen #relax #sunshine #cats #catsofcrete #qigongindailylife #qiflowqigong
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Facebook Admin (08/12/2018 17:46)
Next week last week of classes before the holiday closure. Which doesn't mean you can't practice on your own! .
#medicalqigong #qigongindailylife #practice #health #value #happyholidays2018 #qiflowqigong

Facebook Admin (03/12/2018 20:33)
Every Monday and Saturday! . . #medicalqigong #classes #motionforhealth #healing #bodyandmind #qiflowqigong

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