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Place Type : Car Rental, Travel Service, Bike Rental
Address : 18 Agglon Square, 71202 Heraklion, Greece
Coordinate : 35.33957, 25.1396799
Phone : 2810222408
Rating : 4.30
Facebook : MotorClubCrete
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Website :
Opening Hours :
Monday: 08:30 - 21:00
Tuesday: 08:30 - 21:00
Wednesday: 08:30 - 21:00
Thursday: 08:30 - 21:00
Friday: 08:30 - 21:00
Saturday: 08:30 - 21:00
Sunday: 08:30 - 21:00
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Motor Club Car & Bike Rentals Motor Club Car & Bike Rentals Motor Club Car & Bike Rentals Motor Club Car & Bike Rentals

About The Business:

We have a passion for the work, in conformity with the requirements for the convenience of tourism in our country and in particular the island of Crete.


Motor Club was founded in 1981 in the island of Crete by two childhood friends. Two young people who shared the same vision, the same passion for work and who always had in mind the best interest of their clients.
Now days, we have enriched our business with a wide range of travel services. In addition to renting motorcycles, we now own an increasing fleet of rental cars of various categories in order to meet the needs of the most demanding visitors of our island.
But we did not just stay there. We have created a unique fleet of Enduro on - off engines for drivers who are looking for the thrill that every route can offer to the scenery of the island 's extraordinary beauty.
Though, holidays are more than a car or a bike rental, so we offer a range of travel deals for visiting islands such as Santorini known for its sunset, Chrissi and Dia, for one-day excursions all around Crete, but also for many other activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, romantic sunset trips, water sports and other.
The most recent renewal move of our company is the formation of our logo in a simple, lute, straightforward, instantly recognizable way but also with the dynamic that expresses the upward evolution of Motor Club.

We remain at your disposal to help you make your holidays special and unforgettable.

Let us and our expertise help you organize memorable holidays in Crete!


Facebook Admin (12/09/2019 23:18)
Visit Crete during Autumn...
Early bookings come with benefits, but last-minute reservations are also welcomed! A highly recommended destination to start with is Bali in Rethymno, only 43km away from Heraklion.
Rent and enjoy:
... #MotorClub #Crete #RentACar #RentEnduro
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Facebook Admin (07/09/2019 14:18)
Wherever you go, Follow your heart! Going Places, go Motor Club!
Click for more destination ideas around Crete:
#MotorClub #Crete #RentACar #RentEnduro

Facebook Admin (02/09/2019 20:30)
New month, new adventure opportunities! Autumn is here but the sun is still shining bright. Choose a comfortable #Skoda Octavia ideal for your family, and explore magnificent Crete.
... #MotorClub #Crete #RentACar #RentEnduro
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Facebook Admin (27/08/2019 01:13)
Do you like crystal clear water? Palaiochora's beaches are the best choice, combining excellent view, with serenity on the south of Chania! #MotorClub #Crete #RentACar

Facebook Admin (21/08/2019 13:13)
Take advantage of the last days of August and experience the most charming views with an ATV.
Rent yours on our website: #MotorClub #Crete #RentACar

Facebook Admin (16/08/2019 16:00)
Enjoy summer, enjoy the sun with the brand new T-Max 530, for an amazing riding experience...
Find it on our website: #MotorClub #Crete #RentACar

Facebook Admin (13/08/2019 01:12)
Crete is famous for its traditional festivals. One of the largest is in the village of Avdou in Hersonissos, on the 15th of August and it's full of traditional music and food to enjoy.
Rent your car and enjoy: #MotorClub #Crete #RentACar

Facebook Admin (08/08/2019 22:39)
Imagine driving around Crete catching these sunsets 🌅 What a perfect life! #MotorClub #Crete #RentACar

Facebook Admin (05/08/2019 20:38)
Happy August! Summer is coming to an end…Enjoy the last days of the season by making road trips around the island…
Rent your car: #MotorClub #Crete #RentACar

Facebook Admin (26/07/2019 16:01)
Book a one day cruise to Santorini with Motor Club. Choose your ideal package for one or two days visit in Santorini and get special prices for your children, too.
Book now your cruise to Santorini Island:
#MotorClub #Crete #RentACar

Facebook Admin (21/07/2019 20:01)
Driving is a way to relax and calm down. Rent your ideal car or motorbike and enjoy both the trip and the destination!
#MotorClub #Crete #RentACar

Facebook Admin (16/07/2019 13:01)
Mid of July… Family time… Family holidays… Explore our special offers on big family cars, and give your family a great experience through a pleasant drive all around the island.
Find it on our website:
#MotorClub #Crete #RentACar

Facebook Admin (11/07/2019 15:01)
Driving towards the east, away from the city of Heraklion is Malia. Only 37 km keep you apart from a vibrant nightlife experience in Malia. A place where you may also find golden, sandy beaches and many opportunities for outdoor activities. Rent your car and live the experience.
Explore more:
#MotorClub #Crete #RentACar

Facebook Admin (06/07/2019 20:16)
Do you love bike experience? Discover the challenging landscape and unknown destinations of Creta with a Motor Club bike. Great variety of bikes, high quality of services!!
Rent it now and don't forget to check our special offers:
#MotorClub #Crete #RentACar

Facebook Admin (01/07/2019 19:30)
Happy July everyone! Are you ready to explore summer destinations on Crete? Book the car of your preference through our website:
#MotorClub #Crete #RentACar

Facebook Admin (27/06/2019 16:03)
Travel with fewer plans and more freedom… The Cretan sun is up and motorbikes are ready for you to explore the beaches.
Find yours:
#MotorClub #Crete #RentACar #RentEnduro

Facebook Admin (22/06/2019 23:03)
It's OK to live a life others don't understand. Take your rental Jeep Wrangler to otherworldly Cretan destinations and enjoy some of the best sunsets.
Rent your Jeep now:
#MotorClub #Crete #RentACar #RentEnduro

Facebook Admin (17/06/2019 15:03)
Who doesn't love a ride with a motorbike? Choose a Honda SH from our scooter category and feel the Cretan sun on your skin!
Rent it now on our website:
#MotorClub #Crete #RentACar #RentEnduro

Facebook Admin (12/06/2019 18:40)
“So much of who we are is where we have been” Come and live the experience with us!
Learn more:
... #MotorClub #Crete #RentACar #RentEnduro
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Facebook Admin (13/03/2019 18:45)
Adventures of our clients in Crete are always great to watch through social media! Tag us in your posts so we can follow along!
📸 @marcosvpmarques #MotorClub #Crete #RentACar #RentEnduro
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Facebook Admin (08/03/2019 15:21)
Rent your vehicle of choice through our website and benefit from our discounted prices!
🔴 Book Now:
... #MotorClub #Crete #RentACar #RentEnduro #SpecialDeals
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Facebook Admin (03/03/2019 16:20)
Spring is finally here! We are getting ready for another exciting and busy summer season!
#MotorClub #Crete #RentACar #RentEnduro

Facebook Admin (27/02/2019 22:07)
💦 The winter may be coming to its end but the rain and wind are far from over.
During heavy rain, remember to turn your lights on and don't rush. Never underestimate the force of the water. #MotorClub #Crete #RentACar #RentEnduro
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Facebook Admin (25/02/2019 04:10)
📍 Lying between two peninsulas, Kissamos or Kastelli Kissamou is a small town, in close proximity from the beach of Balos.
It is definitely worth visiting on your next excursion in Crete.
Find out more about Kissamos:
... #MotorClub #Crete #RentACar #RentEnduro
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Facebook Admin (21/02/2019 18:07)
This summer, organize a road trip to the Cretan countryside with your rental car.
You'll never know who you're going to meet. 🐐 #MotorClub #Crete #RentACar #RentEnduro
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Facebook Admin (18/02/2019 21:30)
Cloudy days are getting fewer as we make our way to another hot summer! Have you booked your summer vacation yet? #MotorClub #Crete #RentACar #RentEnduro

Facebook Admin (02/02/2019 16:10)
It's officially February, the last month of winter! On your trips to snowy destinations, drive safely and don't forget the snow chains for your car! #MotorClub #Crete #RentACar #RentEnduro

Facebook Admin (28/01/2019 16:02)
Built between two rivers, Argiroupolis is a truly magical village full of trees, wild plants and exotic waterfalls. Visit it on a hot summer morning to see its magic up close.
Learn more: #MotorClub #Crete #RentACar #RentEnduro

Facebook Admin (24/01/2019 19:42)
Ride until you reach the top... 🗻 Always having a blast when climbing the muddy roads of Cretan mountains! #MotorClub #Crete #RentACar #RentEnduro

Facebook Admin (21/01/2019 15:00)
This #BlueMonday, don't let the world tell you how to feel! Take a look at dreamy destinations in Crete and start planning your summer holidays today! #MotorClub #Crete #RentACar #RentEnduro

Facebook Admin (16/01/2019 19:55)
Our services are expanding more! Now, you can buy ferry tickets directly from our offices!
Contact us now:
#MotorClub #Crete #RentACar #RentEnduro

Facebook Admin (12/01/2019 16:15)
Get ready for summer! Rent a Yamaha Tenere for 3 or 7 days and benefit from our special deals!
Rent it now: #MotorClub #Crete #RentACar #RentEnduro

Facebook Admin (08/01/2019 18:34)
Counting down to another summer full of Enduro! The experience never ends!
Find more:
#MotorClub #Crete #RentACar #RentEnduro

Facebook Admin (04/01/2019 16:38)
An adventure in the snow is a must these winter days! Enjoy a safe one with a 4x4 vehicle like Jeep Wrangler!
Rent it now:
#MotorClub #Crete #RentACar #RentEnduro

Facebook Admin (01/01/2019 07:00)
🎉 Happy New Year! 🎉
Have an exciting 2019 full of new adventures, rides with friends and even more travelling!
Remember, don't drink and drive!
... #HappyNewYear #MotorClub #Crete #CarRentals #BikeRentals #Enduro
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Facebook Admin (25/12/2018 15:00)
From Motor Club Car & Bike Rentals, we wish you all happy holidays!
May the new year be full of exciting moments and travelling memories! #MotorClub #HappyHolidays #DriveCrete #Crete #RentaCar #RentaCarCrete #rentenduro
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Facebook Admin (19/12/2018 21:15)
Organizing a winter trip in the islands of Greece? Ask us about renting your ideal vehicle for travelling to islands besides Crete!
Send your inquiry now: #MotorClub #DriveCrete #Crete #RentaCar #RentaCarCrete #rentenduro

Facebook Admin (08/12/2018 16:02)
📢 New Special Deals for the winter!
Enjoy a 3 or 7 day trip in Crete at the best price! Choose the ideal vehicle for you and rent it now!
🔴 Rent it now:
... #MotorClub #DriveCrete #Crete #RentaCar #RentaCarCrete #rentenduro
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Willian Pelissari
I was lucky, the first one to drive their brand new Quad Kymco, 300cc, I had a great time driving 4 days across the Crete mountains alone, it was unique and peaceful experience, friendly team, nice work, thanks to Motor Club!

Villy Magnolia
Great service, great cars, great location right at the port !! The cars you can trust from people you can count on � Thank you !

Nikias Bouras
I needed a car for 5 days in Crete just 1 day before arrival. After asking some other car rentals about whether they could help me, I found Motorclub, who said that they could get me a Suzuki Jimny.

They charged me €75/day for this car. It should be noted that my friends there had rented a Kia Sportage 2017 which was brand new for the same amount of money from another agency - because they booked in advance.

Me, I could not do anything, since I was not able to find a car anywhere else. After I started driving for a bit, I plugged in some music; only one speaker was working, barely. When the car was moving, it was almost impossible to go on first gear; you could hear the gears grinding in the gearbox. As you can see in the pictures attached, the car was barely holding together. Even the seatbelt (last pic) could not be tensioned to the proper length - which in my opinion is very dangerous.

This car was bought somewhere in the 2000's, and had over 200,000 km. When I called them to beg for a solution to any of these problems, I was only offered explanations such as 'this is a safari car'. After the second phone call with me pleading for help, they started getting annoyed at me calling. After spending a sum of at least 2 hours asking from help from them on the phone, I accepted my fate and asked my friends to take me on their car. It was too dangerous for me to continue driving. I left the tank half - full. Seriously, the gasoline in there was worth more than the car.

Imagine the even worse treatment I would have gotten if I wasn't greek. I would NOT consider renting from them again, or even having any interaction with any of them.

For any tourists visiting Greece, if you have received treatment like this from these guys, please know that this is not in any way representative of the famous Greek hospitality. Seriously!

Apologies for this rant.

tl;dr: don't rent from these guys.

Klaus Stehling
Die Motorräder miete ich seit 13 Jahren bei Motor Club. Immer in einem sehr guten Zustand und sehr gutem Service...

Jacquelyn Shephard
My boyfriend and Irecently embarked on a Mediterranean cruise and one of our stops was in Herkalion, Crete, Greece. We had the great fortune to find the fabulous Motor Club crew which is very conveiently located across the street from the port and at the center of town.

The Motor Club has an awesome variety of rentals to offer at terrific prices. The crew is very accomodating and they really love to please their customers by providing the most outstanding service to make sure that their customers have a wonderful experience on Crete.

Thanks team and we hope to see you all again very soon!!

David Bowes
I rented 200cc motorbike in late October for 8 plus days. I'm glad I chose this outfit which has been renting cars for 30 and motorbikes for 18 years. These folks have seen it all and rent high-end Off-Road Motorbikes to all well as basic motorbikes and cars. My sales rep picked me up near my hotel and sharpend his pencil and gave me a great late-season deal.

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