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Place Type : Establishment, Photographer
Address : Rhodes, 85100 Rhodes
Coordinate : 36.4333, 28.2167
Phone : +30 6977072320
Rating : -
Facebook : STphotographyGR
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Website :
Spiros Tsampikakis Photography Spiros Tsampikakis Photography Spiros Tsampikakis Photography
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About The Business:

Photojournalism is the way he approach an event . In every situation , he tries to capture the emotion and the atmosphere of every moment recorded.


Facebook Admin (10/01/2018 22:58)
New wedding on blog ...the wedding story of Giwrgos Kwnstantellakis and Kiriaki Serafim !!!thank you soo much!

Facebook Admin (10/01/2018 22:47)
Giwrgos Kwnstantellakis Kiriaki Serafim σας ευχαριστώ απο καρδιάς!!!να ζήσετε!!!χχ

Facebook Admin (04/10/2017 14:19)
Yesterdays wedding.....Class act !!

Facebook Admin (12/09/2017 14:11)
Paraskevi Maria και Πασχάλη σας ευχαριστώ πάααρα πολύ! Να ζήσετε !!!

Facebook Admin (28/08/2017 23:39)
elegance is a natural thing Kiriaki Serafim

Facebook Admin (09/08/2017 19:11)
My dear cousin's Christian and Bina's was an honour to capture your special day!!! thank you for amazing Memories Christian Tsambikakis and Sabrina Tsambikakis organised by Golden Apple Weddings & Events in Rhodes Island-GREECE ...amazing work once again!!!

Facebook Admin (01/08/2017 15:31)
Η βάπτιση της Δάφνης στο υπεροχο εκκλησάκι του Προφήτη Ηλία στο Φαληράκι της Ρόδου . Διοργάνωση και διακόσμηση Golden Apple Weddings & Events in Rhodes Island-GREECE ... Katerina Ageliniou Katia Stavrou-lucky συγχαρητήρια για άλλη μια φορά για την απίστευτη δουλειά σας!! Να σας ζήσει !!σας ευχαριστώ για την εμπιστοσύνη σας για άλλη μία φορά!!!

Facebook Admin (12/04/2017 23:51)
Commercial villas photoshoot for Lindian Collection ...contemporary design with great respect for traditional architecture ...lovely places , easy vibe ...lindos vibe...!

Facebook Admin (06/03/2017 15:58)
Day after session with those two beautiful crazy people ... Kalliroi Papanikolaou Manolis Kyritsis thank you sooo much!

Facebook Admin (02/03/2017 01:14)
happy bday to my man Koudounis Rafael ...your wedding is ready and it will be on my blog tomorrow!! love and peace

Facebook Admin (11/11/2016 16:00)
A relaxed romantic wedding by the sea , on a perfect evening but the sea...and yes it was full moon :) organised by Golden Apple Weddings & Events in Rhodes Island-GREECE excellent as always !!!Mikael and Penelope thank you for hospitality....soon full wedding on my blog!

Facebook Admin (09/11/2016 03:22)
new wedding on blog! Vera Agapitou Nick Yiann Evi Vrv ....thank you soooo much!!!!!

Facebook Admin (03/11/2016 18:43)
I want to thank each and everyone of my clients for giving me a crazy busy summer .Our newborn son ,limited pleasantly our time to minimum , so didn't have the time to upload new weddings .Promise to upload more every day :) .....Mikael and Penelope wedding organised by the amazing Golden Apple Weddings & Events in Rhodes Island-GREECE ..Thank you all!!!!!

Facebook Admin (20/09/2016 23:58)
genuine love! Mary Lergou σας ευχαριστώ πολύ!!!!!!

Facebook Admin (11/09/2016 18:33)
my man Koudounis Rafaell on the way to the church to marry Sofia Adams !!!!what a day!!!!!!congrats brother!!!!!!

Facebook Admin (03/09/2016 03:24)
awesomeness is always on simplicity !...another great event by Golden Apple Weddings & Events in Rhodes Island-GREECE

Facebook Admin (01/09/2016 15:07)
simplicity is always the way after session with this lovely couple....!!!

Facebook Admin (31/08/2016 16:27)
can you spot admiration, excitement and love?...i sure can do!

Facebook Admin (27/07/2016 15:51)
ένα μικρό δείγμα από την φωτογράφιση επόμενης μέρας......πως να κρύψεις την αγάπη? Nikos Roditis και Μαρία δεν έχω λόγια να σας ευχαριστήσω για την φιλοξενία και την εμπιστοσύνη σας ...soon more!

Tsampika Debbie Gianouris
The best of the best!!!

Emma Louise Wilson
Amazing photographer!! Received over 600 photos from our wedding all outstanding! Very patient with our little boy capturing some great shots. Very polite and lovely. Glad he was a part of our big day in Greece!! Thank you !! X

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