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Place Type : Establishment, Company
Address : Paradise beach, 84600 Mýkonos, Kikladhes, Greece
Coordinate : 37.4079458003, 25.3612947464
Phone : +30 22890 27205
Rating : -
Facebook : zenitmykonos
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Zenit Zenit Zenit
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About The Business:

ZεNIT Events Center is a unique multifunctional space perched at the top of a hill at Paradise beach and it's high vantage point allows for spectacular panoramic views of the beautiful Aegean sea and the historic Island of Delos.


Facebook Admin (31/05/2019 16:40)
Live music at a recent exhibition.
Contact us to stage your business gathering, whatever that might be!
#ZenitEvents #ZenitMykonos

Facebook Admin (27/05/2019 16:01)
Have a seat and enjoy a magical evening at Zenit Mykonos!
#ZenitEvents #zenitmykonos

Facebook Admin (23/05/2019 16:46)
Beautiful simplicity at it's best captured in Mykonos town.
#ZenitEvents #beautifulMykonos

Facebook Admin (17/05/2019 00:10)
Whatever the subject of your exhibition might be, we got you covered!
#ZenitEvents #ZenitMykonos

Facebook Admin (13/05/2019 17:49)
The stage is set!
#ZenitEvents #theatreproduction

Facebook Admin (09/05/2019 20:44)
Contemporary architecture in total harmony with the surrounding landscape!
#ZenitEvents #modernarchitecture

Facebook Admin (05/05/2019 23:37)
Blue and white are not the only trademark colours of Mykonos!
Our yellows, oranges and reds are as stunning!
#mykonos #ZenitMykonos

Facebook Admin (02/05/2019 15:55)
The stylish Belvedere stand at a recent exhibition at Zenit Mykonos. Contact us to tailor our space to your needs!
#ZenitMykonos #zenitevents

Facebook Admin (25/04/2019 21:48)
Step one : Imagine yourself hosting an event from this stunning entrance.
Step two : Call us to make it a reality!
#ZenitEvents #ZenitMykonos

Facebook Admin (20/04/2019 02:15)
Looking forward to host tomorrow the first Mykonian meeting of wholesale suppliers for hotels,restaurants cafes and bars,in association with Flora Supermarkets and Zenit Mykonos.
#ZenitEvents #ZenitMykonos #Mykonosonly

Facebook Admin (18/04/2019 18:25)
A scene from a recent theatre play at Zenit Mykonos.
Let us set the stage for your dream production!
#ZenitEvents #ZenitMykonos

Facebook Admin (13/04/2019 15:29)
One of the main advantages of Zenit Events Center is it's location at one of the most beautiful Island on the planet!
Mykonos Island we salute you!
#ZenitEvents #ZenitMykonos #mykonos

Facebook Admin (05/04/2019 22:31)
Let us stage your event on this beautiful terrace!
#ZenitEvents #ZenitMykonos

Facebook Admin (01/04/2019 16:33)
An anchor in the sky!
#ZenitEvents #ZenitMykonos

Facebook Admin (28/03/2019 16:47)
A beautiful and unique Mykonian landscape from above!
#ZenitEvents #ZenitMykonos

Facebook Admin (25/03/2019 16:27)
Have a seat and enjoy the view!
#ZenitEvents #tablewithaview

Facebook Admin (17/03/2019 17:53)
How do you like your eggs?? We like ours bathed in sunshine!
#ZenitEvents #championsbreakfast #Blublumykonos

Facebook Admin (15/03/2019 16:51)
Iconic,no other words needed!
#ZenitEvents #modernarchitecture #Mykonos

Facebook Admin (10/03/2019 19:30)
We have the facilities whatever your dream event might be!
#ZenitEvents #ZenitMykonos

Xenia Folia

Sotos Sea

Manolis Mykonos
Excellent! !!!!!��⚘�

Kyriaki Stafylara

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