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Tipe Lokasi : Toko
Alamat : Jl. Gili Trawangan, Gili Indah, Pemenang, Kabupaten Lombok Utara, Nusa Tenggara Bar. 83352, Indonesia
Koordinat : -8.352016, 116.044077
Telepon : +62 813-3979-8555
Rating : 4.40
Website :
Jam Operasional :
Senin: 8:00 AM – 8:30 PM
Selasa: 8:00 AM – 8:30 PM
Rabu: 8:00 AM – 8:30 PM
Kamis: 8:00 AM – 8:30 PM
Jumat: 8:00 AM – 8:30 PM
Sabtu: 8:00 AM – 8:30 PM
Minggu: 8:00 AM – 8:30 PM
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 Aquaddiction Dive - Gili Trawangan  Aquaddiction Dive - Gili Trawangan  Aquaddiction Dive - Gili Trawangan  Aquaddiction Dive - Gili Trawangan  Aquaddiction Dive - Gili Trawangan  Aquaddiction Dive - Gili Trawangan  Aquaddiction Dive - Gili Trawangan  Aquaddiction Dive - Gili Trawangan  Aquaddiction Dive - Gili Trawangan  Aquaddiction Dive - Gili Trawangan  Aquaddiction Dive - Gili Trawangan  Aquaddiction Dive - Gili Trawangan  Aquaddiction Dive - Gili Trawangan  Aquaddiction Dive - Gili Trawangan  Aquaddiction Dive - Gili Trawangan  Aquaddiction Dive - Gili Trawangan


jeanina cooper (01/04/2018 18:59)
We stayed here for 4 nights in march and we definitely got our moneys worth! The staff was so nice and helpful and the location was perfect! Thank you for everything and we are definitely coming back! 😊

Jason Statham (01/02/2018 00:36)
Cheap and cheerful. Close to all the bars and restaurants

donna gallagher (31/12/2017 20:25)
Very good value centrally located rooms. Spacious, decent air conditioning and a swimming pool with sunbeds. Staff are friendly and helpful.

Isabel Hutchings (05/09/2017 20:58)

Do not be lulled into staying here because of location and the cheap price.

First of all, the electricity didn't work throughout the entirety of put stay - meaning complete darkness, no air con in +30 degree heat, no lights and no charging facilities. The staff said this was because the whole island had no electricity, however, all the surrounding hotels did not seem to have this problem. Due to the lack of electricity, the room was very quiet, giving rats the opportunity to invade - there were at least 5. The first of which landed next to my face on my pillow.

After trying to sleep through rats running across the floor, roof and my bed, we gave up and went to the beach at 5am just to escape. After asking every hotel in the area (with most of them being fully booked) we thankfully moved accommodation in the morning. We demanded a refund from aquaddiction and from the look from the receptionist's face this is a regular occurrence. We were only given a refund for the night we didn't stay, meaning they most likely made the same amount of money and just gave the room to another group of tourists.

The lack of any sleep ruined one of our only full days that we had on Gilli T. What a horrible waste of my time, money and sleep. Avoid aquaddiction unless you love rats and bedbugs.

choi junhong (29/06/2017 19:27)
This place actually nice.... But i hv bad experience here and it start from the day i arrived till the last day. First i already booked since two weeks a go, but theres no room for me and they told me and my family joined with stranger. Actually im ok with it but it must be awkward for us... And theres a lot thing that i had to review. But since the place is unique and i like it. I will keep it for myself. Thank you aquaddiction for the great experience.

Kaine Harris (14/06/2017 18:27)
This is for the dive guides. Went out with them. Ended up being just myself and a local guide. He was awesome. Had a great dive. The gear was good, nice and relaxed. Knowledgeable​ about the local reefs. Had an excellent time.

Chris van Leenzen (01/05/2017 10:06)
For the Dive Shop and School I would rate 5 Stars. Perfect dive master and equipment. Very friendly staff and people.

but the rooms are to expensive for the provided standard. The rooms are old and seemed to be very used.

Sean Jubic (27/04/2017 07:32)
While the dive sites were amazing, I have to give it a two star for one main reason. Several times on the 2 dives we did, our divemaster grabbed onto the coral to try and show us something hidden in it. To me this is unaccecptable behavior of a divemaster. They should know that the coral dies after that, and to do it shows inexperience tourist that it is 'ok' to do. Then later in our dive, our divemaster tried to touch a puffer fish with his metal rod. I am assuming to get it to blow up, again that is not cool to do. We then found a giant clam that he poked to get its mouth closed. He then lifted the clam and repositioned it.

As for the rooms, they were very nice except for the bathrooms... they are outdoor shower and bath, but the water spreads out from the shower across the whole bathroom, causing it to flood. Overall i would give the rooms a 4 out of 5 stars.

Please do not let your divemasters touch the wildlife, that is the only reason why this is not a 5 star review, as the diving was amazing and the wildlife is abundant.

Andrew Jackson (07/02/2017 14:08)
Had a brilliant time diving with aquaddiction. The diving was in small groups and all of the staff were extremely knowledgeable, helpful and welcoming!
And there was always a cold bintang waiting once back in shore :)

Joe Woolmer (07/02/2017 01:01)
Awesome dive shop! Did my first ever try dive with Aquaddiction. I was nervous but after my pool session I felt I was in good hands. Since then I've completed my open water and have already booked my advanced course! Thanks Aquaddiction for inspiring me. Totally hooked on diving now. Another expensive hobby :D

Glasgow Autohaus (07/02/2017 00:46)
I stayed in a bungalow at Aquaddiction for two weeks. Coolest place on Gili T!! Great place to meet people. And great price. Choose Aquaddiction!

Paul Conway (05/02/2017 12:54)
Having being convinced to do my open water by one of the guys at Aquaddiction in 2012, I literally got addicted.
Excellent instructors, good gear, safe dives and overall a great bunch of people to spend some of my holiday with.
I've returned a few times since and always received the same excellent service!
Of all the dive shops on Gili T, I'd recommend this one.

Tyler Merluk (05/02/2017 03:09)
If you are looking for awesome staff and experienced divers aquadiction is the place for you! All the instructors are fantastic fun and knowledgeable in what they do! Get over to aquaddiction to see the amazing sites that the gili's have to offer!

Jared Zehm (15/12/2016 20:07)
I usually just wait here for the Semaya One fast boat - friendly staff and wifi

fikri frantic (25/10/2016 09:52)
if you are looking for a dive school, you are at the right place. You cant find any other dive shop as same as aquaddiction. The friendly and family-like vibe is the main reason i make sure aquaddiction is the main priority for every visit to gili trawangan. Small group fun dives, personal one-to-one diving courses, those kind of service you hardly get from any other place on the island in fact around the world. Be assured you are in safe hands and you walk in to aquaddiction as a stranger and return as a family

Suriana Hani (20/10/2016 23:20)
Last year, me and my husband went for a honeymoon and we decided to do a discovery dive at aquaddiction. It was fun, the instructor was good, eventhough that was my first time diving with zero knowledge. I feel safe and enjoyed every moment of the dive. I highly recommend those who wants to learn to dive or go for fun dive, should visit aquaddiction because they are the best.

vigrulz (20/10/2016 16:52)
Aquaddiction dive is a premier dive resort located in Gili Trawangan. I did a few dives with them. The instructors here are very knowledgeable and friendly. The divemasters working here have a thorough understanding of the dive sites around the gili islands. They also have excellent accomodation for a very reasonable price. Both the shared dorm rooms and the private bungalows are comfortable to stay in. The best part was the movie nights where they played movies upstairs in the hangout area. Thank you team aquaddicton..!! You guys rock..!! :)

Mikel Bühring-Uhle (02/10/2016 13:17)
Best value for money. 100 per night. Great location. Best food right next door (before Gili Freedive)

angel morales (22/05/2016 15:57)
Went for a discovery dive course, my instructor was great! ended up being a 1 on 1 class, very professional, no complaints at all.

scott mitchell (10/03/2016 22:30)
Went to Aquaddicrion today. It was by far the most reputable and professional dive shop I have been to. . They took the time to make sure everyone felt comfortable and safe with the dive. I would come back here in a sec and very well may later this weekend. Thanks to charlotte who introduced me to Mark the manager and Alex the photographer, they were very accommodating and made the experience one to remember for years to come.

David Law (21/01/2016 14:40)
had a dive here after my subwing appointment turned out to be overbooked. not their fault but I was very happy with my instructor and the company. I plan on coming back to do my open water. would recommend!

Oliver Hooshmand (22/07/2015 19:51)
This is one of the smaller shops. You won't feel like cattle!! The boats are not too busy and chaotic. (They don't feel them to the rim!!;-)). There is a local guide who is really friendly and good at pointing things out. Most importantly, not uptight!!
I recommend this shop. The cost is the same (on the entire island), the tanks have the same kind of air, BCDs work,.... It is just that it is not hectic like other bigger shops.

Ricky Contreras (10/01/2013 10:48)
I did my first dive here. I would have liked to do the certification but I was short on time. The staff here was very helpful. They even showed me around the area when I was off. Had a good amount of drinks with them. I would highly recommend!
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