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Place Type : Church, Place Of Worship
Address : Village Khambra, Opp. Punjab Gramin Bank, Near, TV tower, Jalandhar - Nakodar Rd, Jalandhar, Punjab 144026, India
Coordinate : 31.277741, 75.552608
Phone : +91 181 520 7777
Rating : 4.50
Website :
Opening Hours :
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 3:00 – 4:00 PM
Thursday: 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Friday: 3:00 – 4:00 PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
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Ankur Narula Ministries Ankur Narula Ministries Ankur Narula Ministries Ankur Narula Ministries Ankur Narula Ministries Ankur Narula Ministries Ankur Narula Ministries Ankur Narula Ministries Ankur Narula Ministries Ankur Narula Ministries Ankur Narula Ministries Ankur Narula Ministries Ankur Narula Ministries Ankur Narula Ministries Ankur Narula Ministries Ankur Narula Ministries Ankur Narula Ministries Ankur Narula Ministries Ankur Narula Ministries


Jothi Sunil (27/05/2019 16:49)
I was blessed by your sermon a lot sir thank you.I am JOTHI SUNIL from Mumbai.I am born I go to Bible school too but your sermons touches my spirit.Today onwards I will pray to come your church with sisters and whole family and attend your church from Mumbai.Punjabi people are always lucky they always get the best even in Christian church also they got the best that is your church.Tchurch.There are lakhs of churches in Mumbai but I want attend your church that why I said Punjabi are lucky

Wonders Of Life By JR (28/04/2019 10:04)
Spiritual atmosphere, Great revelation, Wonderful teaching
Man Of God Apostle Ankur Narula Ji is blessing for us
I Am Roma From New Zealand, me and my husband we always watch his sermons online.
Apostle ji gives deepest revelation of bible.
May Our Mighty God Bless Him Abundantly.
We honor you Apostle ji.
Thank You Lord Jesus!

Ritu Sharma (15/04/2019 14:57)
Fake place. Do not go there for getting jobs or healings. Only weak minded and spiritually bankrupt people go there.

Ram Valechha (13/03/2019 20:21)
Ankur Narula the spiritual church of signs and wisdom. Go for healing prayer, word of god to hear from servant of lord. Miracles are seen in this church, Large Mega crowd of believers is seen here. Pastor Ankur Narula delivers the word of God and do the spiritual prayer. Very prophetic spiritual prayers are done. Must visit this church for all your problems to be solved.

Julie Pangamte (22/01/2019 14:26)
Physically I didn't visit this church but expecting to visit in future, yes I recommend this church because holy spirit took place in this church as I watch through YouTube I can feel the presences of God, may the good Lord bless this church more and more Amen

amit aziels (21/12/2017 23:02)
I went there to attend their Foundation service in August 2017 , I didn't believe to see people who was standing in heavy rainfall and was so crasy for God , I was so blessed on that the , even I was standing there in that rain and stood for 4hr but didt tried , many testimony I herd , people attends the service and comes from various please like Delhi Haryana UP etc. Must go.once

Jagjit Singh (07/12/2017 00:05)
he is a fraud pastor, there is only one god- call it allah, om , shiva or ram , jesus never died , he went to heaven , jesus was never a god , he was a prophet, god is one

Chanchal Masih (23/11/2017 14:35)
I love this place because god Jesus live in this place and he is doing his miracles with the help of Spiritual Father Apostle Ankur Narula Ji

Resham Kumar (23/10/2017 15:43)
oh saab jande ne

MARK KALYAN (03/10/2017 15:01)
This is the best way to find church if u know or not

Mehak Verma (02/09/2017 18:59)
Father ji I am very thans pls prey my family

Tania Nayyar (26/08/2017 14:26)
i am coming this church from 2011 and me or my family we are blessed day by day through this ministry. i love my spiritual father Apostel Ankur Narula ji and his family God bless them. Jesus bless them and protect them Amen Amen Amen. Haallelueya......Hallelueya...... Hallelueya.....

Megha Savy (28/05/2017 16:11)
Papa ji Mae Fast food ka business Open kana chahta hu
Karu ya n karu
Ap bataye papa g

Kanika Arora (25/05/2017 21:00)
Encountered with God in this ministry..This ministry is Truly raised up by God..All Volunteers staff and everyone is so polite and loving..Blessed to have a true Man of God in my life.My father(Apostle Ankur Narula) with your Grace m blessed..You are the only reason of my Blessing..Lots of Love for this Ministry..

Fabian Pinto (25/04/2017 17:38)
Mark 16:17 Yeshua said "And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues;" This Church is the living demonstration of the Kingdom of God. Satan is defeated! Yeshua is Lord! Thank you Abba Father, for this marching army of Yeshua.

Dharmender Kumar Ministries (19/04/2017 19:21)
I'm blessed from last 1 year from watching this ministry online, may god bless this church more and more...... in jesus name, amen

Rakesh Arora (01/02/2017 08:11)
Very good experience that He. has been appointed. Dr.of all deseases without Any medicine 🙏🙏

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