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Place Type : Cafe, Food
Address : Tibet Road, Arithang, Gangtok, Sikkim 737101, India
Coordinate : 27.3291005, 88.6136168
Phone : +91 96098 65570
Rating : 4.30
Website :
Opening Hours :
Monday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Saturday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Sunday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
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Cafe Live & Loud Cafe Live & Loud Cafe Live & Loud Cafe Live & Loud Cafe Live & Loud Cafe Live & Loud Cafe Live & Loud Cafe Live & Loud Cafe Live & Loud Cafe Live & Loud Cafe Live & Loud Cafe Live & Loud Cafe Live & Loud Cafe Live & Loud Cafe Live & Loud


ujjwal mandal (03/12/2017 14:19)
Live music , good mocktail and alchohol options and cool decor. Must visit while in Gangtok

Puneet Bansal (29/11/2017 14:56)
Good crowd and friendly but band night is the best and their smoking section is something worth the time

Srijan R Shetty (21/11/2017 11:20)
Never could attend a live gig while I visited the cafe, but the aesthetic and the instruments did point towards a potentially action packed live stage.

Jimmy Gill (17/11/2017 18:24)
One of the most happening places in Gangtok. Great live music and lovely food. Must go.

Paul Anand Setia (29/10/2017 22:14)
The food is good. There's drinks available and there's music too but for live music one have to be present on certain days. Not good for dining with family if you want to hide your drinking from your family. For a group gathering, it's a great place and more if you come on the days when there are live music.

Kaustav Saha (28/07/2017 14:05)
Amazing ambience. A must visit lounge bar in Gangtok. It plays live music on most weekends. Superb place to party with friends.

Mayank Deshwal (10/07/2017 10:42)
A good place with rock music theme. Great in door and out door setting for both who want it loud or silent. Affordable entry fee.

Vivek Surana (10/06/2017 17:36)
Happening joint. On Friday & sat nights they have dj. The crowd is happening and nice. The waiters are very polite and nice. Beer is reasonably priced. Entry charges are applicable though reasonable at Rs. 300/= only

Sourabh Sharma (03/06/2017 23:11)
It's the pub n bar place in Gangtok.
Good place to hang out. Good crowd.
There is by good loud music for people who want to dance / pub experience.
If you want to chill and talk There is a nice sitting area outside where the music is less loud.

Ninad Tatwawadi (28/05/2017 21:16)
A place one must visit while in gangtok. Place is recommended for food as well as music lovers. The place has a class with pleasant ambience. Check out for the live gigs, they are on certain weekdays only. It's not much expensive with dishes ranging from rs 150 to 250. Highly recommended.

vipin singh (26/04/2017 10:51)
If you are in Gangtok you must visit this place on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Rest all other days its dead, you get hookah and no boose as they don't have license yet as on 23th April 2017, kids are allowed so one with family can visit here. We enquired the place before we went with our better half's, the moment we entered the entire place was empty except for the outdoor area where the hookah was being served, and soft rock playing in background, we spoke to the manager Robin and the bartender and asked them if we can bring in our families and if we can have some Bollywood music to play, Robin agreed to play the music as they were no customers and live band wasn't happening on Sunday. It was so generous of them that's what we thought, and brought the family in, we ordered food out of which crispy chicken chilly was good, do not try chicken wings with bbq sauce it just didn't taste right. Pasta in white sauce were sweet, garlic cheese bread were good. Triple fried chicken rice was horrible with no flavour. The veg platter is good. He started playing the Bollywood music after which every one sitting outside for hookah and few couples sitting in the lounge came on the floor but this didn't last for long as he stopped the music after playing 8 songs. Then it just became a dine in place with soft rock playing in background which killed the entire excitement and celebration of our colleague anniversary. We asked the manager to play Bollywood music or edm once again as we were about to leave but he refused to play despite of soft rock music playing in background it was an turn off...We understand if it is happening day for them but when there is no one on Sunday it could have been done and had made our evening in Gangtok. And yeah all the people from Mumabi do wrap up quick as they close by 11 PM.

Sunil Sampat (24/04/2017 01:59)
The Ambience seemed too good but when we found that there are no DJs or live music on Sunday Monday and Tuesday, it was a bit disappointing. Alas to very few options that we had for night life at Gangtok we settled for music without DJ and food. While staff was very courteous, management felt short of commitments initially made. With regards food, Chicken and veg starters are worth a try. Please skip Pastas as they make it sweet. Not had such taste of Pastas anywhere before. Overall an ok experience.

ankita wamburkar (12/04/2017 22:34)
Great ambience. Yummy food. Good music but slow service!

Ansu Subba (06/04/2017 17:38)
Cafe Live and Loud.

A Phenomenal Rendezvous.
"Cafe Live and Loud" is a restaurant situated in the heart of a mesmerizing town, Gangtok. It is probably one of the favourite hangout place for the people from the town and outside.

As you enter the place, you walk through an LED staircase which takes you to the cafe, with a dance floor where you can aslo be a part of live music shows. There is also an outdoor where you can have a wonderful view of Gangtok street and the people out there. The interior design is immensly classy and romantic with beautiful curtains, comfort seat back and the lightings. The wall is hunged with many frames of lengendary musicians and it's band.

The menu offers a wide variety of mouth watering starters. I did not want to go by the same tradition by ordering a platter full of dumplings "momos", so I switched to Italian and little bit of a chinese. I had the crispy pork chops, accompanied with chicken wonton, french fries and a glass of white wine. They were exquisite. The main course consisted of LA CUCINA PIEMONTESE, cooked in creamé with Chorizo sausage and a Beef Sauté with green beans, which thrilled me. It all was followed by a delicious scoop of chocolate chip ice cream for dessert.

The products were fresh, the food was divine. The restaurant also caters for all tastes by providing a large selection of the best wines and beers of the region, which are pricy but worth sampling. It also provides Hookah but since I am not much of a smoker I didn't have it on my list.

The service too did accompany the high quality of the cooking. The waiter didn't let me wait long for my food.

I had a pleasant dining experience with the food of the most exquisite flavor. For this I highly recommend going to the Cafe Live and Loud Restaurant.

Ansu Subba

Arnab Guha Mallik (15/03/2017 22:12)
Probably the best place in Gangtok. Great ambience, good music both for inside and outside seating arrangement. The hookah is great and the pork ribs are fabulous.

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