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Place Type : Point Of Interest, Establishment
Address : Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh 474008, India
Coordinate : 26.2313245, 78.1694957
Phone : +91 751 223 4557
Rating : 4.40
Website : inner-page/ heritage/ gwalior-fort-gwalior.html
Opening Hours :
Monday: 6:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Tuesday: 6:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Wednesday: 6:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Thursday: 6:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Friday: 6:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Saturday: 6:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Sunday: 6:00 AM – 5:30 PM
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Shailendra Dhakad (25/12/2017 22:23)
Calm and serene environment along with nice views of Gwalior city. This fort has has many monuments with their historical significance. Along with them, a visit of Gurudwara adds to the serenity of fort.

Kiran chopra (25/12/2017 21:52)
It's awesome. The architectural concept is great. The fort is huge with four levels and even the latest level gets sunlight!

Anugunj Agre (21/12/2017 11:57)
Nice fort. One of the oldest. Love the architecture. Different structures from different time periods. Needs a lot of time to visit. Light and sound show in the evening too.

Manu Srivastava (13/12/2017 13:31)
Beautiful place. Best visit time is mid afternoon. Visit the fort insides and then come out at sunset and enjoy the majestic view of Gwalior!

Lokesh Deshbhratar (29/11/2017 14:42)
Great fort but not in good shape. Very ups and downs. 3 places to visit in this single area with three different tickets. No need to get guide here if you’re history person then you need him otherwise information plates are everywhere. Too much crowd good place to hangout and cheap too. Rooms of fort are like big jig saw puzzle

Milind Pathak (20/10/2017 09:15)
One of the most visited heritage Fort of our country. Nicely maintained by the Archiological department. Having light & sound show in Hindi & English in the evening helps to understand the historical importance of this Fort.

jak 03 (02/10/2017 11:47)
It is called Gibraltar of the East but I think this one is much better and older then Gibraltar. A place totally worth to spend the time and have a walk in the past. Hire a guide he/she will help you much better to understand things.

Vpul Arora (07/09/2017 00:27)
Awesome place within the city. Very nice place for all whether you are a youngster, senior , sports person, athlete or a child. It's a right place for all. Full of marvellous monuments and scenic beauty. I love to be there always.

akash bajaj (18/08/2017 20:18)
this the perfect example of history. This fort had the most colorful wall and painting, decorated with beautiful art. some of which survived through the year. Fort has vibrant history as palace for many kings to prison for many royal family. music and light show takes you on the journey of the fort via story and music.

Anil Jain (16/08/2017 23:20)
A must visit place, historic place and one of the longest and biggest Fort in India. Incredible place it define Meaning of Incredible India. Quite place, good to visit in rainy and winter weather as Gwalior is a hot place, this fort is made around 2nd century. Good view of city from top and lots of things on Fort to view.

Soumya Jaiswal (05/06/2017 02:11)
Great place for people who are thrilled by historic places and the stories they tell. Its well maintained. Visit during winters for better experience.

rohiniraj thapa (30/05/2017 15:54)
The one who loves historical places, it is their destination. Not possible to finish the visit in one day. The fort has many stories hiding behind the walls. The amazing adventurous trip I have ever had.

Manav Sharma (27/05/2017 14:33)
Main attraction in Gwalior. A must place to see if travelling to Gwalior. Its better to go in evening as it is generally hot in day time. Can be easily reached by car. One should also see the Sound and Light show in the fort. There 2 shows at 7:30 (in hindi) & 8:30 ( in english) in the evening. At night you can see the entire city from the fort.

Saurav Sharma (21/04/2017 08:37)
Wow..! Amazing place I ever seen 1st I like the sculptures at entry of the forte. After at all it have really good atmosphere at the time of evening when you look at gwaliour city from here you'll really feel amazing. The glowing lights of city wow.

Devashish Sharma (20/03/2017 13:50)
History and nostalgia both rolled into one. I still remember how things were not properly managed early on. But now i see a host of new development and restoration of this old relic which have stood the test of time.
Certainly worth a visit for everyone with light and sound show a must watch.
Truly the essence of Gwalior.

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