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Place Type : Train Station, Transit Station
Address : Dal Singh Nagar, Hanumangarh, Rajasthan 335512, India
Coordinate : 29.6117256, 74.2935882
Phone :
Rating : 4.30
Hanumangarh Jn. Hanumangarh Jn. Hanumangarh Jn. Hanumangarh Jn. Hanumangarh Jn. Hanumangarh Jn. Hanumangarh Jn. Hanumangarh Jn. Hanumangarh Jn. Hanumangarh Jn. Hanumangarh Jn. Hanumangarh Jn. Hanumangarh Jn. Hanumangarh Jn. Hanumangarh Jn. Hanumangarh Jn. Hanumangarh Jn. Hanumangarh Jn. Hanumangarh Jn.
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Naresh Kumar (10/12/2017 16:49)
Nice place and very nice people

subish jaaa (25/11/2017 02:09)
Desent railway station## ūüĎĆ supporting railway staff ## station railway restaurant serves gd thali# service s excellent by mngr.. Even @ train delay ##railway rooms r arrangd 10x for informatin announcent staffsūüé©..Bad part no lift facility

Vish Bishnoi (12/11/2017 19:11)
'Hanumangarh Junction' is a major railway station on Jodhpur-Bathinda line; Sadulpur, Rewari, Jaipur, Sriga nganagar, Anupgarh, (Canaloop). Both Meter gauge and Broad gauge lines pass through this station. There is a Diamond-Railway-Crossing. The broad gauge started in the year of 1982 from Bhatinda to Suratgarh via Hanumangarh, and first train was flagged by Mr. Milkha Singh, erstwhile Guard 'A'.

Meter gauge train has become history for Hanumangarh because on 1 October 2012 Hanumangarh- Sadulpur metergauge track closed and this is being converted into broad gauge.Hanumangarh to Sri ganganagar railway track has been converted into broadgauge and presently 3 trains are running on this track from Hanumangarh to Sriganganagar. There will be smooth rail traffic for two cantonments Jaisalmer(Rajasthan) and Udhampur(J&k) via Hanumangarh, Sriganganagarand Firozpur.

ANIL KUMAR (12/11/2017 18:43)
Hanumangarh(Raj) Railway station North region ....From here trains are going everywhere in india ...

Prem Rohilla (11/09/2017 22:06)
The station is small, however, the covered shade area is less. Sanitation is well maintained and number of trains for adjoing states is insufficient. Thanks.

Pawan Kumar Nehra (19/08/2017 23:23)
Nice Station.
Clean and clear Station

Pukhraj Meena (08/08/2017 11:33)
Nice... Station All Facilities are Available on Har.

sunil godara (14/07/2017 11:35)
I experienced that hmh junction is one of the railway junction that well maintain and clean

Akshay Bhanot (11/06/2017 02:24)
Good station.

Rajendra Lal Bidawat (06/06/2017 21:35)
Plz guide me
How I visit Bhartner fort
Or visit some haunted place in Hanumangarh
Guide me plz

Satish sharma (03/05/2017 21:22)
Phone service is very poor no one attending but city is dilwalon ki

hansraj solanki (09/04/2017 18:41)
The Best great citie

Nk Dadhich (02/02/2017 11:56)
Very good location and nice clicked photos. Hanumangarh junction is the best station in Hanumangarh district. Clean and progressive.

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