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Place Type : Hindu Temple, Place Of Worship
Address : GJ SH 8, Dharmaj, Gujarat 388480, India
Coordinate : 22.4213539, 72.7896193
Phone : +91 98981 11678
Rating : 4.60
Website :
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yash bharodiya (15/03/2019 21:05)
jay jalaram
this ashram is very good holy place,
one can get peace of mind here,
all bad thoughts are overcomed by good holy thoughts full of positivity

nakul parmar (07/02/2019 11:26)
Nice and cool very relaxing, u can even stay here.

CHIRAG VAVIYA (28/01/2019 11:47)
Very good temple for light lunch or dinner for everyone at any time at free of cost or at nominal charge.

abscrush AB (31/12/2018 19:17)
Grand. Serene. Selfless. Service.
#This place is proving the phrase "Service to humanity is service to God", True.
Heart of Dharmaj. 👌♥️

Neel Senghani (09/12/2018 20:43)
I see your first four posts are all on this same subject, so it must bother you?
However, your first - and only - review posted just after you joined TA in August has 220 characters! So you can write a 200 character review :-)
Since you are new, you may not realize that when TA did not have a minimum character count, there were some reviews that consisted of just one word and were *totally useless*.
Many of us welcomed the minimum character count since it definitely helped to improve the reviews. I would be delighted to see a minimum of 300 for hotels and 200 for restaurants and attractions :-)
>>You could even find that your reviews are getting biased toward the negative.

Dilip Patel (13/11/2018 14:46)
It's good place neat and clean

Kushal Bhatt (12/11/2018 22:23)
It's jalaram bapa mandir, situated at dharmaj village on bagodra-borsad highway.

Ravindra Somaiya (10/11/2018 01:08)
Well developed place for worship. Stay offered at reasonable cost to devotees and lunch and dinner served as Prasad to all visitors and devotees. GoodDayandBestWishes.

Milan Patel (13/10/2018 14:01)
Good service and give free food to all. Having pleasant and silent surrounding atmosphere. Jalaram temple is attractive and made of white marble which attracts our eyes. At entrance there is beautiful fountain and on left side of it there is beautiful Jalaram bapa photo.

Jaimin Patel (13/10/2018 12:59)
A place for relaxatation...and will find piece over here..

Tejal Panchal (29/12/2017 14:54)
Very nice & religious place. Good management for maintaining gardening in temple promise. Free dinner for all as prasad." જય જલારામ "

vinu Maru (05/12/2017 20:08)
Jai jalaram
Very Nice Temple.
Good Managemant And
Food Is Free

Parmar Jaydeep (29/10/2017 17:52)
Very nice temple and in Diwali there scene is very nice lighting and fountain ..

Akshay Bhojaviya (23/10/2017 14:32)
Good place and delicious prasad big place to roam and relaxing atmosphere

Ritesh Arya (17/08/2017 23:15)
Nice jalaram temple in Anand district. Food is free , good management. Many school offer a day picnic to this place

Vishnu Parmar (14/08/2017 23:47)
I love it place, Give free food and rest room for traveller, rovide AC and non-AC room for stay and AC hall for celibrate event, nice temple placed at side on NH-8 road easy to reach it, also other facility are food donat, goushala and vidyadan.

Sandip More (25/06/2017 09:29)
It's a good place in Gujarat state Jai jalaram

Swati Patel (19/06/2017 23:45)
Scenically beautiful and Serene temple. Gives free meal and tea in the morning to devotees and travellers. The vicinity also has Atithi Gruh (AC) at reasonable cost. It was a nice experience staying here.

The Shadow (07/05/2017 23:59)
Jalaram Mandir Helping Lots of people by Serving Free Meal to the Visiters and Rest Room. Provides Free Meal to Hospitals / Ashram / Senior Citizens Home...

AMIT PATEL (23/04/2017 14:20)
Its beautiful temple surrounding by greenery, Make my mind calm. I often visit to take a blessing from jalaram bapa. श्री राम नाम में लीन हे देखत सब में राम, ताकी पद वंदन करु जय जय जय जलाराम... Awesome place to visit.

Vishnu Parmar (24/03/2017 15:04)
I love it place. Give free food and rest room for traveller, good location easy to reach it.

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