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Place Type : Campground, Park, Hotel
Address : Shelu, Maharashtra 410101, India
Coordinate : 19.05469, 73.32837
Phone : +91 97692 74340
Rating : 4.50
Website :
Moonstone Hammock Moonstone Hammock
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Nisarg Shah (08/03/2018 00:34)
It's a wonderful place... Winters can be amazing here...

The place has been generously put up by the management. The food is really good.

Live music artists were really awesome.

Kayaking was fun too.

The tents were good too...!!

Ashish Santhalia (02/03/2018 17:47)
We went for the holi camping. Had a great time. Did kayaking, danced to a live band and sat around a bonfire. The food was also good.

Dheeraj Sanghvi (27/02/2018 18:15)
Very well organised by the team.
Camps and toilets were clean.
Food was just ok.
Ambience and decor was lovely
Live music plus games are added bonus.
Overall we had great fun.

akanksha Somani (09/01/2018 23:03)
Perfect place to spend your weekend. A lake side campsite with kayaking and live music is just perfect! Food quality can be improved.

Manali Mehta (06/01/2018 22:57)
Nice location for camping.. swimming pool beside river is unique..nice campfire is tents are very small and do not expect comfort facilities..washroom facilities are available and is clean.. .. kayaking is also fun..and amongst other activities live music steals the show.. slightly expensive and navigation is slightly difficult

jonaki bhayani (13/08/2017 23:10)
A perfect camping experience... An ideal weekend getaway with a touch of adventure, relaxation and party (live band).... Something the youth of today will enjoy the most... Waiting for the next season and the next event already !!

Umang Shah (26/03/2017 16:16)
Must visit ..

Samia Iqbal (13/02/2017 23:33)
A camping experience which could not have been worse. And this is coming from someone who camps too often.
I wish I had an option to not even give Moonstone Hammock a single star. It was that horrific and unpleasant. From the moment we boarded the bus to the minute we left the campsite there was not a single moment of peace or joy.
Thoroughly commercialised, the organisers are just out there to make money. The bus was full of loud and obnoxious people which can be overlooked since it’s not really the organiser's fault. But imagine you reach your destination to find out that firstly there are a 100 people there. A 100. No matter how spaced out your campsite is, you cannot have peace if you have 100 people around. It then becomes a frat party.
The music was so loud that not for a minute can you enjoy the sounds of nature and they call it 'camping'. Moonstone hammock has a great location, right next to the river and this was a full moon night and yet, not for a single minute did I feel close to nature thanks to the party spot they have converted it into.
For every activity like Kayaking, you have to fight for space, stand in line for over half an hour only to return to your tent which is set up in the common area. Who sets up tents in common areas so that there isn't even an option to disconnect from the noise?
The acoustic band that came played till 1am, really? At a campsite, post which the people themselves partied with loud music till 4 am in that same 'common area'. If I wanted to party, i would have stayed back in Mumbai and partied on someone's terrace. Why come camping?
Dinner was served at 11:30 at night and 3 bowls were kept for 100 people. So by the time 5 people would help themselves, one dish would be over and only one guy would be running between the table and the kitchen to refill it. Even jail dorms might be better with their service. And don't get me started on the quality or taste of the food, the rotis were made of pure maida. Cause of course they were trying to cut corners and everyone was out there to make money.
In the morning, my friend and ran as soon and as fast as we could, so we didn't have to bear the others in the non-ac bus back. We took the train and that train journey was more fun than the whole weekend. I would recommend going through Big red tent or the others than ever picking Moonstone Hammock ever again! NEVER AGAIN!

varun gadade (19/01/2017 12:26)
We visit this place with a group of 7 .and each of us enjoyed a lot.river side sitting .swimming pool.night lights were fabulous.and food even we don't order anything special was excellent.even breakfast was excellent.too much space to play and sit n relax.nice attitude of place to spend weekend.camps fireplace barbeque tents and many more is romantic place as well as adventurous.

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