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Place Type : Mosque, Place Of Worship
Address : Shop No-162, 167, Circular Road, Kapurthala, Punjab 144602, India
Coordinate : 31.3698068, 75.3807489
Phone :
Rating : 4.60
Moorish Mosque
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Singh Robin (24/02/2018 12:52)
Beautiful mosque built with Islamic architecture, similar to the grand mosque in Morocco. Built by maharaja jagatjit Singh. Previously it was ignored and condition was bad. But now along with other monuments in kapurthala, it has been restored to original. It opens from 9am to 5pm. There is a beautiful organized garden in front of mosque. Must visit place, if you love architecture and history.

inderpal singh khinda (20/02/2018 19:38)
Pride of kpt their r only two mosque of this type of design in world and is built in 1930. luckily one is in dist kapurthala Punjab kapurthala is also known as Paris of in India and map of kapurthala is inspired from map of Paris. Maharaja jagat jit Singh who built this mosque during his kingdom respect all religion and built Moorish mosque, panjmandir and state gurdwara at same time to give respect too all religion equally.
The engineers who built this building r come from abroad .
Their r very beautifull fountain in the front of mosque few year back their is also a very beautifull garden but due to lack of maintaince and corruption and in proper maintaince by government mosque is lossing his beauty day by day .
In my school times back to 1999 _ 2000
Mosque is open for every one we go on top of mosque which is the heighest my mean to say tallest structure of our city from where we see the pilot view of our city.
Their is also a big hall for Namaj .
The work done inside the mosque is very very beautifull govt have to take proper care of mosque.

Yasir Manzoor Itoo (05/02/2018 17:04)
very beautiful mosque but it have been ignored since 1947.currently itz under bad condition due to corruption of waqaf board and due to non cooperation of local non muslim brothers...

Richard Allen (20/01/2018 19:23)
Nice, peaceful. Great photography in the late afternoon sun. One of the few places in town you can actually enter.

Gurdev Singh (21/11/2017 20:29)
It's one of the historical place in kapurthala town. This is Moorish mosque constructed by order of Maharaja jagatjit Singh. Inauguration took place on 14th March 1930.
#moorish #mosque #kapurthala

sultan shaikh (12/09/2017 20:18)
very good masjid

Kamal Singh (12/08/2017 18:17)
Historic mosque in town.

SURJIT SHARMA (01/05/2017 13:56)
Beautiful Place. I Like it.

Jasmine 73110 (23/03/2017 13:11)
It is one of the famous mosque in kapurthala

Vishnu Arora (02/02/2017 01:39)
One of the historic mosque. One of the monument of the town. Very nice built. Beautiful architecture.

AMIT PRUTHI (05/01/2017 18:09)
Historical place

Maulik Patel (18/10/2016 12:39)
very nice place...

Hameed Zafar (06/07/2016 13:58)
I love kapurthala As I was born there in 1932 the Sikh rulers were very considerate about Muslim population .good education and civic amenities were provided for all without distinction of religion and cast. The Moorish mosque is a good left the birth place in ,1947 .there was no bloodshed in the city but people voluntarily left for Pakistan.

shakti chand (22/02/2016 02:28)
I love my kapurthala

niamat ali (30/01/2016 14:41)
Love it

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