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Place Type : Movie Theater
Address : Dona Planet Mall, Opp Rajiv Bhavan, GS Road, Ananda Nagar, Guwahati, Assam 781005, India
Coordinate : 26.1610777, 91.7721946
Phone : +91 88009 00009
Rating : 4.10
Website :
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Aditi Malakar (25/04/2018 22:01)
Love the big hall, the food available, the courteous staff and the recliner seats !

SUBHAJIT CHOWDHURY (17/04/2018 09:25)
The ambience is good and comfortable and the screen distance even from the 1st row is not much close makingbit a comfortable experience while watching the movie....
But what is required is that PVR should cut on its prices on snacks....a regular size coke costs around 200, it may be affordable for some but not for the mass......

Moon Paul Roy (08/04/2018 16:08)
The movie hall is well maintained. Sound quality is good. Prices of popcorn and soft drinks are on the high end and needs to be reduced. The lift also needs some maintenance.

Bishal Chhetry (06/03/2018 14:06)
Since Guwahati lacks good multiplexes, so I'm giving it a 4 star. Well nothing new built over the Cinemax(historical tip), has the same interiors. They just call it PVR. In other words you can say they just changed the name.
The 3D is okay. Price is okay. Everything is just okay. Nothing really nice or outstanding.

SOMENATH DATTA (10/01/2018 09:50)
Good place to watch movies with family and kids. Seats are good and comfortable. You can stretch the same. But the space outside is less for gathering. Also the wait time for entry to that floor level is quite high. Fast food options are good here. They will serve you later on at your seat.. So watch and enjoy.... Sound quality is good. Video quality needs improvement

Gaurav Datta (05/11/2017 09:54)
Went to see Thor Ragnarok.
Good movie experience, 3D is better than other cinema halls, seats not so comfortable but not so bad after all, food and beverage out of option for most of the students and common people as the prices are heavier than Thor's hammer..😏😏, Toilets are well maintained and lastly i would like to refer this place for watching movies
Overall a good experience for me.

Ankur Jain (24/10/2017 20:30)
Big Screen. Dolby sound. Comfortable chairs. The negative is it Lacks parking space.

Sunnykant Tiwari (14/10/2017 21:55)
Best Cinema Hall of GUWAHATI.
It is located in the main road so no problem for finding it.
Moreover it have its own parking area for customers and that too for free.
But the price of food stuffs are far above then they normal price.

Subhash Soni ART (25/09/2017 16:20)
i don't know but mostly the seats i get in this particular theater are almost broker including gold class(sofa seats), foods and beverages are really way more pricey than any other cinemas. Though screen quality is very good. parking is available.

sudipta saikia (23/09/2017 16:33)
A good overall movie experience.


A. Good video resolution, great audio quality.
B. Comfortable seats.
C. Clean and well maintained


A. Comparatively smaller screen so not all seats gives you a great viewing experience
B. You get good assortment of snacks in the lounge area but comes at a price that becomes very hard to justify.

Nilotpal Dutta (10/08/2017 03:20)
One of the best cinema hall in Guwahati. It has a big screen and wonderful sound quality. Price are reasonable for tickets where as the price for food is high.

Nitin Jain (02/08/2017 04:08)
Apart from the first two rows it's good.
Screen and sound quality good.
But if you are willing to get some munches it'll burn a hole in your pocket from a student's point of view.
Also prefernce must be majorly the mid section and not the side.
And yes for 3d movies PVR is the best in the city.

Dinankar Sharma (31/07/2017 17:27)
Food is horribly expensive here.
3 medium sized cokes and 3 popcorns cost around 1100 ....way too much.
Although the high end seats are quite comfortable

Jonaq Niveer Sarma (08/07/2017 08:33)
Good theatre. Has just two screens, but they are incredible. Just avoid the front rows because the screen is too big to watch a movie from that close. The last rows are actually the best place to watch a movie from.

Good place. 10/10 would recommend over any other cinema in Guwahati.

Harsh Dhanuka (11/06/2017 21:01)
The Cinema Hall is very good. But the online booking system always shows the Sofa Premium seats as full. As soon as the bookings open, it by default shows full. Even on calling the customer care, they say we cannot help you and go to the hall and purchase the ticket. Also, the parking provided for the hall is very far away from the entrance of the mall, approximately 5 minutes walk from the parking to the cinema hall gate. Thirdly, the staff and crew are very sometimes very rude and unruly. They do not provide bill for the food most of the times and when questioned that the order should be free since the bill was not provided, they argue that we will now give you the bill. So your order is not free.

Although the hall experience is more or less good, but the few problems mentioned needs to be taken care of.

Wahid Goni Mazumder (26/01/2017 15:25)
Located near ABC bus stop at Dona Planet, I may declare this review is for all those middle class Indian people who sometimes think to have some fun at somplace nice. This place is very levish & extravagant, screen seems too big that sometimes you need to look here and there over the screen to know whats going on. It is strongly suggested that you never buy any food materials from their counter. If you buy then you'll be writing the next review. When 6 pea sized snacks costs ₹120 you might think you need to sell your kidney if you keep watching movies there. Although hall is very clean and comfortable with soft carpets on floor.

Asif Hussain (22/01/2017 00:47)
Good condition cinema hall with proper food court, and proper service provided by movie staff.

Amir Hussain (13/01/2017 14:00)
Seating is no so good. Viewing experience is good. Food is bit expensive. Overall a good movie theatre.

Rohit Poddar (23/12/2016 09:27)
Place is clean and have ample amount of parking for the customers.staff have smile on there face,which gives good vibes & comfort to the customers. Picture quality is also good. But can be improved to the latest technology.

Bidyut Chakraborty (22/12/2016 00:40)
The hall is small but comfy. Their service is very good and gentle. The price of the tickets are comparatively high but is fine.

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