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Place Type : Food, Store
Address : 8, Lawrence Road, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Nagar, Joshi Colony, Amritsar, Punjab 143006, India
Coordinate : 31.639073, 74.880689
Phone :
Rating : 2.70
Website : pizza-hut-pizza-delivery-lawrence-rd-amritsar-1378/ home
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Amar Gill (19/02/2017 19:19)
There are no Pizza Hut in this location wrong information on Google Maps

Gill Gill (23/01/2017 23:20)
Pizzeria ranjit avenue is better than this place

Dipak Taruna Bhana (20/12/2016 00:16)
I had ordered a pizza online and recieved email confirmation I waited 45 minutes then called them, they had order never created it, they were unable to dial my nd mobile number so the hotel reception had called them and provided his number as a reference they said will have it out 25 minutes still did not arrive they had called and said unable to locate hotel declind to deliver.
Hotel Hong Kong Inn amazing they had said do not worry will call dominoes will be out in 25 minutes, they delivered 20minutes.

prabhjot kaur (22/09/2016 14:07)
Was not so good,
I asked for their recommendations for pizza and waiter did not explained properly .
A service was so slow during the quite evening as well.
They are not credible even for a single star , I would like to suggest to new ones pizza italian at ranjit avenue instead of pizza hut if they want better service ..

Dr Vishwanath Chavan (06/08/2016 22:49)
1.It's better to avoid Pizza Hut in near future as the quality is very bad and I personally suggest my patients and peoples that the products will going to harm your body as many studies shows the Pizza Hut products are longer to decompose in your body so the ingredients will harm for longer duration.

2. Pizza Hut customer service has no any manners and unable to solve the problems or don't even try to solve in future as showed from follow up of better to avoid or order for your comfort.

3.They give reasons to your problems so that the negetive feed back will arise from it so in near future Pizza Hut will going to fall down.

4.The quality issues is going to arise in future.

Arjun Behal (16/02/2016 18:36)
Really bad service.
Uncooked pasta.
I told the guy food wasn't good he didn't even looked at me.

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