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Place Type : Natural Feature, Sport, Lake, Sports & Recreation
Address : Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076
Coordinate : 19.13, 72.91
Phone :
Rating : 4.30
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Powai Lake
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Powai Lake is an artificial lake, situated in Mumbai, in the Powai valley, where a Powai village with a cluster of huts existed. The city suburb called Powai shares its name with the lake. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, one of the premier institutions of science and technology in India, is located to the east of the lake. Another famous institution, the National Institute of Industrial Engineering, is also located close to the lake. Housing complexes and plush hotels are developed all around the lake periphery. Population around the lake has thus substantially increased over the years. When it was built, the lake had an area of about 2. 1km2 and the depth varied from about 3m to 12m at its deepest. The Powai Lake has gone through many stages of water quality degradation. The lake water which used to supply drinking water for Mumbai has been declared unfit to drink. The lake still remains a tourist attraction.

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