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Place Type : Campground, Hotel, Travel Agency, Travel & Transportation, Hotel Resort
Address : Surari, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh 176061
Coordinate : 32.1439865985, 76.5466403961
Phone : 9816202828
Parking : street
Rating : 5.00
Facebook : thesolitudecamp
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Website :
The Solitude Camp The Solitude Camp The Solitude Camp
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About The Business:

The Solitude Camp is nested in the foothills of the majestic Dhauladhar mountains. The Solitude Camp is first of its kind camping destination in Palampur.


Facebook Admin (04/09/2018 12:35)
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Facebook Admin (25/08/2018 20:57)
Water has a calming effect on our mind. Relax with the sound of water at The Solitude Camp #solitudecamp #river #palampur #camping #himachal #relax #calmmind

Facebook Admin (22/07/2018 14:05)
Hi All,
We'r pleased to welcome 'SARAH JANE DIAS', an Indian actress, host, VJ and former femina beauty queen and 'VISHAL DADLANI', the most versatile music composer, playback singer, music record producer, lyricist and performer for the shoot of their show on Foxlife, 'The Great Escape' at The solitude camp.
Come and enjoy the Celebrities' spotted destination amidst snow peaked mountains and a small lagoon away from the hustle and bustle of cities and rediscover the wonders ...of this natural world.
Please watch the full episode in the below link:
Check out The Great Escape on Hotstar!
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Facebook Admin (23/06/2018 13:16)
Tired staying in concrete ? Try our tents #solitudecamp #palampur #himalayas #camping #dhauladhar

Facebook Admin (10/06/2018 09:54)
Green and White, two colors of our town. #palampur #tea #teagardens #snowcoveredmountains #snow #dhauladhar #himalayas #solitudecamp #nature #beautiful #peace #holidays

Facebook Admin (07/06/2018 22:41)
Glad to host Vishal Dadlani at the Solitude Camp.#solitudecamp #palampur #himalayas @vishaldadlani1 @sandy_gagan

Facebook Admin (03/06/2018 10:09)
The most frequent visitors to our Campsite. :) #Sheep #Nature #Himalayas #connectwithnature #solitude

Facebook Admin (01/06/2018 20:14)
We are grateful to host the student group from DPS Punjab.
We sincerely believe Outdoor education is as important as the education from the books, We at Solitude Camp has taken the initiative to introduce the students to outdoor education. Students from different schools and Colleges are most welcome to attend our programs.

Facebook Admin (28/04/2018 11:32)
What lifestyle do you prefer?

Facebook Admin (28/04/2018 11:05)
Beat the Heat at Solitude Camp

Facebook Admin (24/04/2018 18:11)
Hi All,
We are glad to introduce The Solitude camp, a rive side camping site in beautiful and less explored valley of Palampur.
Come for camping, trekking, Barbeque, nature walks, Paragliding tours, tea plantation and tea factory tours also cycling and biking tours.
... Fell free to contact us for any information.
Gagan Sharma 9816202828
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Facebook Admin (18/05/2017 14:50)
Bhattu Monestry Baijnath

Facebook Admin (12/04/2017 14:04)
Guests from Mysore (Karnataka) and Amritsar (Punjab).....They totally loved their experience @ The Solitude Camp. Thanks for choosing us..... #thesolitudecamp #paragliding #birbilling #camping #palampur

Facebook Admin (01/04/2017 18:25)
Fun unlimited

Facebook Admin (29/03/2017 20:51)
Fun has just begun @ The Solitude Camp.....what are you waiting for....... #paragliding #bir #camping #holiday #adventure #bonfire #music #party #palampur

Facebook Admin (28/03/2017 18:44)
India Vs Australia Test Match Dharamshala

Viveka Katoch Avikal Kaistha
Beautiful place. Felt like I am in heaven. Close to nature...

Food is yummy..the service and the hospitality was really extraordinary.

Vivek Kumar
Amazing stay with Beautiful memories.

I loved this place & we'll be back soon.

Guys trust me till now it's been my best adventurous trip.�

Thank you "Solitude Camp" � for making my stay wonderful.

Shubham Guleria
It was one of the most satisfying trek for me ,weather was cool and you can enjoy nature and piece.

Sagar Ahuja
Its so amazing we decided our journey there. We enjoyed the tents, the clean and comfortable beds it’s like heaven and thanks especially to the staff it’s so professional and really friendly services which was quite affordable. We will always remember our stay here. Keep up the good work.

Ranjana Singh Bharanta
It is a magnificent place to visit for adventure lovers,Come for camping, trekking, Barbeque, nature walks, Paragliding tours, tea plantation and tea factory tours also cycling and biking tours. bridge, Zipline, Valley crossing are a few activities to name along with Bonfire evening....i loved it....

Palak Arora
Whole Stay was totally amazing�.(Put them in Bold letter�)

In fact I am speechless to describe every single moment I spend there with a �beautiful place,cheerful staff with instant service,steady �river streaming sound all the time,when came out of the tent �breeze gives amazing �smiles to us & there speciality is, In a single day you will enjoy all types of weather from �sunny móřńïńğ to �chilly weather trust me�

Even though I think I have so much to share but I can't express in words.It really realised me the meaning of �Solitude���

Wish I'll be back soon��

Neelam Gautam
Great place for family, friends and solo travellers. Tents are very good quality. Owner and host make personal interaction with guests about their comfort and needs.

Perfect place to unwind and rejuvenate.

To top all of this, there was a natural pool of glacier water, made with effort of their staff and Breathe of fresh air.

Navin Kumar Singh

Nasheed Jafri
It is a lovely place. We enjoyed the tents, the clean and comfortable beds and the care of the staff. We will always remember our stay here. Keep it up and thanks!!!

Our age group ranged from an elderly lady to a small child of 5 and we all found it amazing. I must mention that reaching the camp may not be easy as you have to walk across boulders and a small stream - but the staff is courteous and helps out.

Thanks!!!The family from Mysore who stayed there in April 2017.

Mona Awasthi
An awesome place to relex...really we loved it

We will visit again..

Nice food# nice stay# nice staff


Manu Thakur
I wonderful experience, tasty food in the lap of nature. Far from the maddening crowd....... Recommended for all....

KayKay Keyon
It is indeed a very peaceful, serene and beautiful place - standing true to it's name of being 'The Solitude Camp'. I loved this place so much which was situated in the heart of nature, yet very accessible to the facilities available in and around Palampur. The hosts and staff were so good that you could feel the comfort of the home, even while being miles away. Snuggle in those comfy, cozy and well-maintained tents or step outside to soak yourself in the beauty of the nature. After all, this place gives you many special memories and experiences that you will hold onto and cherish forever. I will highly recommend this place to everyone out there because it would make for the most memorable holiday and a place that you'd always want to return to!

Gaurav Kaistha
Heaven on earth and blessed to have this place here

Dsgn'r Gagan
Solitude Camp is Heaven I love to live here & staff of solitude camp was very good & there services & food was very tasty & healthy.

Devanshu SoOd
This place was so soothing and relaxing.

Can't ask for better bonfire locations with beers ;)

Bhawna Rakwal
Writing this review as i m really impressed by the beauty of 'The Solitude Camp' in a small unexplored village.. I have visited this place for 3 times till now, stayed there for night which was less to explore and still having those hibbees and jibbees to go again and again.... Special thanks to Mr. Gagan Sharma who has explored this place with his friend Mr. Vijay Naudiyal and he is so humble & passionate to promote his place, palampur... The solitude camp is on a slice of a paradise which is away from hustle and bustle. If u really want to be in the lap of nature with few people, and more of trees, water and mountains then this is the best place... U can see the nature at its best. My experience with this camp is amazing as i got my peace of mind and i didnt find any kinda pollution.. and moreover there was no network means just u and beautiful nature... There was green and white all around... u are between the green and snow peaked mountains and the natural water body which is originated from glaciers at dhauladhar range... this beauty will take ur heart away... There were very few houses in that village like 3 or 4 and apart from those people u wont find anyone else... they were very accomodating, helpful and friendly... Food made by the chef was really very delicious and the best part is they make fresh and as per ur choice... The tents and washrooms were very neat and clean with proper facility of electricity and water...


Ashish Bhardwaj
Nature has bestowed this place with all what it can.A must visit leaving behind hustle of cities noise.Unforgettable experience of mind and body refreshment

Ankush Thakur
Awsome place at the feet of Dhauladhar range. And cool water of neugal river is really good�. The sight seeing is awsome. And Trek of approximately 1hr is really abandoned. Overall an awesome place to hang out. ���

Ankit Thakur
Beautiful place to go with friends and family.feel like heaven and close to is very tasty....staff is awesome.....every one should go there ....and enjoy the nature.

Abhishek Awasthi
it awesome.. serene beautiful.. best place to relax.. dont plan to visit any thing else once u reach this place.. its best to enjoy this solitude.. and forget all jhik jhik..

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