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Place Type : Sport, Sports Team
Address : Above Keptso Hotel, Tseminyu Old Town Junction, Tseminyu, Nagaland, India 797109
Coordinate : 25.9197999146, 94.2181143165
Phone : 08729917903
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Facebook : VanguardFCTseminyu
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Vanguard FC - Tseminyu Vanguard FC - Tseminyu Vanguard FC - Tseminyu Vanguard FC - Tseminyu Vanguard FC - Tseminyu Vanguard FC - Tseminyu
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About The Business:

Founded in 2014, Vanguard FC is a football club based in Tseminyu committed to promoting and nurturing talent and endorsing professionalism in football.


An Introduction to Vanguard FC:

Vanguard Football Club, a newly-formed football club based in Tseminyu owes its birth to a group of talented Rengma footballers who joined hands with a few like-minded youths sharing the same vision and began the with a unity of purpose and heart coupled with great determination and enthusiasm.

It is dedicated to the purpose of promoting not merely football but for the bigger purpose of promoting professionalism in football. It endeavours not only to appreciate talent but also to scout, discover, train, nurture, expose and endorse talented footballers so as to enable them to reach greater heights. The aim is to provide a platform that could serve as a gateway or a stepping-stone towards achieving the greater goals. As such, ‘Vanguard FC’, true to its name, endeavours to be the vanguard of a much-needed change and to give the much-needed pushes and pulls for this humble but meaningful pursuit.

Despite being at its infancy, it is dedicated to practice, endorse and promote professionalism in every aspect possible to enable the venture to set foot in the right spirit and faith, both in theory and practice. And that will begin with the players being treated in a professional manner with the same spirit of professionalism demanded from them both on and off the game.

Vanguard FC brings together the most popular Rengma names in football together with the young budding talents showing promise and great prospect. The inclusion of a couple of very young and inexperienced but promising players in the team is to enable them to train with and play with the players they look upto so as to learn and gain from the experience and knowledge of the experienced. The senior members of the team will play dual role as player-coaches.

Further, the team will be involved in scouting good players from the region through not just matches but also through training-camps.

To kick-start its mission, Vanguard Football Club was officially launched on the 15th of December in Tseminyu Old Town to kickstart its mission from the roots, at the heart of the Rengma land. thereafter making its debut tournament appearance during the 2nd Football Championship Tourney held in the RSA ground, Tseminyu Old Town from 17th Dec. , 2014 onwards during the course of which the purposes and aims of the club were set on motion. It also bagged the "Best Disciplined Team" Award.

The club being one starting from the scraps, the Vanguard FC Management invites and requests all like-minded people to support the cause and to join hands in enabling the project meet its eventful aims and purposes which could be in the form of physical, spiritual, moral and financial support as the success of the ultimate goal depends greatly on the success of this humble beginning.

It will serve not only as a platform to play but also to showcase and promote the talented players as much as to gather much-needed support and encouragement for the long run. With great belief and determination for success both in terms of winning games and winning hearts, it will serve both as a tough challenge and an exciting opportunity for the players and the team management. The club’s participation and its consequent development and success will depend greatly on the support and encouragement of young and old, especially the youths who will serve as backbones of the club. Having laid its foundations, it is each one of our belief and prayer that the project will be a blessed and fruitful one to better serve the greater interests of the Rengmas in general and the footballers in particular as it is not only a challenging experience based on the trial and error method that will require a lot of guidance, support and help of every kind from all concerned after which only the venture can be carried forward beyond our land to the rest of the state and even beyond.

May we all join our hands and walk hand in hand in faith for this humble project which will set its foot on humble beginnings. Vanguard FC is every Rengma’s club and each one of us being owners, ambassadors, promoters, supporters and parents of the club, it is our humble prayer to one and all to nurture it towards meeting most fruitful outcomes. Guide, help, pray and support the club now and always. God bless. Long Live, Vanguard FC.



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