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Place Type : Campground, Park, Hotel
Address : Þjóðvegur, Varmahlíð, Iceland
Coordinate : 65.5550312, -19.433877
Phone :
Rating : 4.80
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Michael Warner (02/11/2017 19:26)
This was the best campsite we stayed at during our trip to Iceland in mid-October. The site had a very large barn with sofas in and a number of cookers. When we arrived in turned out that the site was actually closed for the winter because the water had been turned off so that it did not freeze in the pipes. However, Inda, the elderly lady who owns the site, was very kind and allowed us to cook and shower in her home which was nearby. We then slept on the sofas in the barn, which was heated, for the night. Even without the the added bonus of meeting Inda, this would have been a wonderful place to stay, especially as it costs on 500 isk! How Inda collected so many sofas remains a mystery - many Icelanders must sit on the floor, as most of the country's sofas are in this barn!

Marine Wolf (29/10/2017 01:13)
Very good place! Is well located and cheap ! The owner is so welcome and gently ! The place is perfect for camping with a tent or a car (electric installation) and there is a minimalist but useful showers and toilets. We loved the big heathed hall with a kitchen and cards to play for the evening !

Clémence De Wael (05/09/2017 16:45)
Loved this camping! Huge common room in an old farm with a stove and lots of things you might need to cook, long tables, lots of couches. Big campground as well, bathrooms, free shower. And all that for only 500 ISK per person! Only downside : water wasn't very hot in the shower for some reason.Other than that, perfect.

Eduard Gudumac (14/08/2017 08:13)
One of the best campsites we stayed at during our 2 weeks hiking in Iceland.

It costs only 500 ISK per person, but you have access to all facilities it can provide. It has a fantastic dining area which is large, warm and very well equipped. This is very convenient when it rains and cold outside, as it happens very often in Iceland.

The owner is an old lady that speaks very basic English, but she was very friendly and even allowed us to use her private washing machine to wash our laundry. She even allowed us to dry it overnight her house just to make sure it dries by the next morning. And she did not charge us any extra fee for this service.

Brian Brimmage (06/07/2017 08:54)
Absolutely stunning sunset views in the summer that seem to last forever, looking North through the line of barrier trees that help block the wind. One of the most charming campsites in Iceland.

Staff was so friendly and welcoming. Not crowded, even during high season (at least as of July 6, 2017).

Doesn't accept credit/debit cards... bring cash!
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