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Place Type : Restaurant, Food
Address : May Pen, Jamaica
Coordinate : 17.9689208, -77.2431725
Phone :
Rating : 3.50
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Andrew Titus (08/01/2018 10:33)
Not usually the greatest treatment by the staff. At times they seemed stressed or overworked. Not really sure which one. I was however never treated badly and always got a good morning or good afternoon.

The food served here is not the best, and I'm mostly talking about the lunch. The jerk chicken never really tasted like authentic jerk but more like oven baked with jerk sauce and loads of black pepper. I usually take the fry chicken. I tried the barbeque once and it was not for me. Maybe others like that style, but I can't get over it.

If you're really hungry and want a lot of food for a good price this is the place. Just don't expect miracles when it comes to the taste. It will fill a gap and that's all.

The breads and other baked good on the other hand are probably the best thing captains can offer. I think they stick to baking. 😊

Dowayne Lilly (14/02/2017 03:23)
Fine meals, pastries and the best hardough bread around.
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