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Place Type : Hotel
Address : Happygrove, Hector's River P.O, Jamaica
Coordinate : 18.009741, -76.267497
Phone : +1 876-982-3978
Rating : 3.60
Website :
 Villa Juanita  Villa Juanita  Villa Juanita  Villa Juanita  Villa Juanita  Villa Juanita  Villa Juanita  Villa Juanita  Villa Juanita  Villa Juanita  Villa Juanita  Villa Juanita  Villa Juanita  Villa Juanita  Villa Juanita  Villa Juanita  Villa Juanita  Villa Juanita  Villa Juanita  Villa Juanita
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Michelle Falconer (02/04/2018 09:34)
The view from the property is breath taking however I believe the Villa isn’t being run like a business. There isn’t a menu with options and the prices were made up after we has our meals. Cost for the meals were tripled and it wasn’t until we pushed back that the owner reduced the price. Lack of warm water, poorly functioning WiFi, late meals were among some of the challenges. The meals were priced in US$ but the Point of Sale machine only accepts JA$ and the exchange rate used by the owner is way above the highest market rate. I will never go back but I think much can be done enhance the experience. 1)have a set menu where visitors select from so that persons don’t have to wait so long for their meals 2) ensure prices are published for all meals and don’t give the impression it’s complimentary 3) advise visitors at entry of the exchange rate and currency of payment so they can make a choice where they eat

jack bling (25/01/2018 03:54)
Villa Juanita was a good experience for me and my family we had a great time there, the food was just right it was delicious I enjoyed my stayed

yashica smith (24/01/2018 08:19)
I Had A Marvelous Stay At The Villa Juanita.Wonderful Interiors,Very Good Services.The Food Is Fancinating And Delicious,I Had Breakfast,Lunch And Dinner Here And Like I Said The Service Is Just Wonderful.

Samoya miller (23/01/2018 23:39)
I"stayed there a few months ago and it was one of the best experience I ever had. Atlee took me and my boyfriend on a tour and i came back and had a massage that was the peak of perfect.
Definately coming back. "

Angelina Lempke (16/01/2018 07:16)
No warm water, AC not working, nothing to do in the vicinity of 30min drive, dinner 20bugs for a standard jamaican chicken menu, which you can get everywhere else for 5bugs, just because they know you cannot go somewhere else (there are no reataurants... Nothing! Not even a beach. They just took the pics from beaches in the north which are a 50min drive - not walk-away)!!!

Shanice Moodie (03/01/2018 01:57)
THIS IS A VILLA, NOT AN HOTEL! Please do not compare it to a hotel. You will not get the amenities that you would get at a hotel. This villa has little entertainment on site, that's fine because Portland is full of treasures. Places to explore.
The villa is a cosy place, you get to interact with people and meet friends. The customer service is good. Also the room that we got was clean and comfortable.

The food is ok. The chef needs to hone his skill more though.

The only drawback is that the young male waiters there are quite lazy. They are not very helpful to guests. They need more training.

Also. The town centre is about 1 hour away but on the way, there are beaches and jerk places you can visit (Boston etc).

Overall, a quint villa to relax and take in the BREATH TAKING view of the CARIBBEAN SEA. 🌴🐠

shanette bodden (15/10/2017 00:40)
At first I thought it was nothing, just a hide away in a small community after reaching my destination the security was shority not everywhere you go is that secured the hospitality and staff was amazing not to mention the food after associating myself with staffs making myself a aquantin you couldnt ask for nothing else that nice warmth suttle tranculizing breath taking nastalogic feeling was there just imagine that beautiful ray of sunshine gliching across the sea all I know good things comes in small package THANK YOU VILLA JUANITA �

Nicole Murray (14/10/2017 00:56)
Villa Juanita in happy grove Portland is a peaceful and quiet place to be when you want to get away from work or when you just want to relax your mind body and soul.The hospitality there was overwhelming the customer service was great and the staff is very courteous the good and drink was also great and the great part for me is to get up out of bed to enjoy the beautiful ocean breeze. I will recommends any one to go there .

chanty2059 (21/08/2017 07:47)
My experience at this villa was complete let down, for such a bueatiful facility, 1)I didnt get anything that was expecting on my booking niether the room or my inclusive brakefast. 2) Recieved poor & unprofessional service from the front of house host/admin and the Manager called me and my other half local how he assumed a born & bread UK citizen is local I do not know!. The only people that was professional about there job was the sheff and the security. 3) Ants in the shower and the toilet only flushes after a few attempts or you hold the handel down 4) I explained on many occasions through out my stay I was not happy and they do not seem to care!. The staff need hospitality training and possibly a uniform!.

Jason Wilson (28/07/2016 07:29)
This place is for my true travellers who just want that spontaneous feel, just something outside the box to those high end hotels. I traveled with my family that include my mother and best friend, we saw the pictures online but had some disbelieve that it won't match up?
We arrived late that night and didn't get to see the ocean view but the hospitality was overwhelming. We had a bit of a mix up with our rooms but the food and juices made up for it. Full staff of about 8 people along with
Lovely rooms that were designed and kept very well.

Waking up the morning was the best part of my trip....the view....the amazing view of the ocean...Wow.

Only down fall, it's about a 45 minute drive from Port antonio to the blue lagoon but they are nice beaches near the Villa Juanita.

Thanks for the stay Villa Juanita!

S Fernandes (12/04/2016 04:14)
The view from the Villa is simply breathtaking. The staff is very courteous and helpful. We really appreciate the "tip" they gave us to getting around the place. Food is authentic and flavorful. If you one of those who like to explore the place on their own and not tie in to all inclusive .. This place is definitely worth trying. A MUST visit !!!

Abhijeet Manay (12/04/2016 04:12)
Our stay at the villa was absolutely ethereal. It comes equipped with small pleasures, scenic vistas and a feeling of utter wondrous awe. The moment you enter it, your senses are assaulted by an overwhelming sense of grandeur and yet there is an undercurrent of simplicity to the entire place as well. The blend is quite tastefully done. The staff were incredibly polite and considerate and were ready to accommodate to our every whim. The food was orgasmic, with a bevy of new flavours we hadn't tried before.

All in all it was a fantastic experience that I encourage everyone to seek out for themselves. Cheers!

Tom Kleaven (07/04/2016 05:46)
This PLACE is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ! ! ! We were picked up from the Airport, shuttled Villa Juanita, and received 5 STAR treatment the entire week we were there! The food was incredible, and the Manager Maurice is was so organized in guiding us to exclusive beaches, affordable fishing excursions, and much more. If you have never been to Jamaica, or are debating staying at an All-Inclusive Resort or a Villa like this, I strongly suggest staying at Villa Juanita!

Colin Washenfelder (07/04/2016 05:17)
An absolute gem!!!
The people, the place, truly amazing!!!
Would be a definite recommend!!!
Can't wait to go back
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