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Place Type : Natural Feature, Hotel
Address : Jamaica
Coordinate : 18.1701021, -76.3757783
Phone :
Rating : 4.30
Website :
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 Winnifred Beach  Winnifred Beach  Winnifred Beach  Winnifred Beach  Winnifred Beach  Winnifred Beach  Winnifred Beach  Winnifred Beach  Winnifred Beach  Winnifred Beach  Winnifred Beach  Winnifred Beach  Winnifred Beach  Winnifred Beach  Winnifred Beach  Winnifred Beach  Winnifred Beach  Winnifred Beach  Winnifred Beach  Winnifred Beach  Winnifred Beach



Mark Morris (14/05/2018 03:13)
Great beach, with amazing water. Local food and beverage available.

Gabrielle Lewis (13/05/2018 00:35)
Beautiful beach, free, lots of food vendors, great shady trees. They fixed the road leading to the beach so it's easy to access and there's sufficient parking

Janet Holden (30/04/2018 19:17)
This is one of the best beaches in Jamaica. It is a free community beach and it is how one imagines Jamaica is before you arrive and realise that the resorts have a strangle hold on most beaches and illegally charge money to access what is public land ie the beach! There is white sand, clear water, lots of shade trees and friendly locals. PERFECT!

Kumbirai Mutsau (24/04/2018 20:39)
An amazing place to spend the afternoon. No entrance fees, however, if you don’t have beach beds you have to hire some. We used google maps and at some point google maps did not recognize the road down to the beach, my advice keep following the road till the end. To get there like the rest of Jamaica, mountainous and quite curvy, but trust me it is worth the drive. They offer food there, your negotiating skills must be on point to get an okay price.

Benoit Basset (11/04/2018 05:21)
One of the best free beach in Jamaica. The food is really good, beach is clean, people are nice. Also, good spot to snorkel and have a swim. Also the road to access it has been recently refurbished. I recommend it !

Kimberley Harris (15/02/2018 04:48)
Overall a great experience. Great food. Beach was clean. Water was clean. Body gaurds were on duty. Great day.

Kwasi Charles (08/02/2018 04:32)
Nicely tucked away from the every day traffic and noise. Mostly natural and close to nature. Very very relaxing.

Che'-Doni Platt (19/01/2018 12:44)
This beach has so much potential. A group needs to get out there and revamp it and clean up the beach and the reef. I would do it if I had time and the resources. Although it's a public beach we could do more to make it presentable. Get adequate shower stalls and just keep the sea and beach free of dead algae washing up everywhere. We could also try to control the build up of rocks but that may be out of our control.

Kelly H (18/01/2018 04:01)
Wonderful secluded beach. You can climb down the 'short cut' or take the road if it's too wet. You can also get wonderful crafts from bamboo and coconuts.

Dominic Bolt (13/11/2017 20:58)
Roads leading to the beach were not so good but I saw men working on it (and this was on a Sunday, in Jamaica 😳). Also, there aren't enough signs leading up to the beach so it's good to ask the locals you pass. The beach doesn't have a closing time and you can take your drinks down with you. It was a good vibe, though it would be wise to tread wisely as there is a huge rock formation in the shallow end, close to the shore. Not even sure if there was running water to wash off after our dip.

adina hartley (12/10/2017 09:22)
Lovely beach. Great music lovely view. Can purchase snacks and drinks.

Sweeney Anderson (06/10/2017 11:37)
White sands , clean , scenic, comfortable and no one bothering you ...the snack shops are reasonable with a varied of Jamaican style food to choose from ..the rest room was well kept by a lady and she was very polite and attentive going back soon....

Martin Kuchař (30/09/2017 03:04)
Great free of charge public Beach. There are amazing trees all around, amazing rocks and some guys where you can buy cold beer or water. Whole place was quite empty during out stay which was great. You can reach it by walk from mail road in 15-20 minutes. Totaly worth it as I find it one most beautyfull beaches in whole Jamaica.

Katie Kelly (13/09/2017 19:08)
Beautiful beach! It's never very crowded and the water is a beautiful blue. For the most part it is kept pretty clean.

Robert Graham (24/07/2017 05:44)
One of the best beach I have been to, it has a very private setting. A lot of over shades trees that gives a romantic scenery. A must place to visit you will be amaze. Only thing I didn't like in the clear water you will see all those sea urichi

Chantal Maxwell (03/05/2017 09:14)
A place of peace and quiet and for relaxing and having parties

Nina Africana (20/04/2017 23:29)
Nice Beach. Road needs fixing

Jamar Hamilton (06/04/2017 21:07)
Beach was beautiful, clean and kempt. The lack of restrooms and changing rooms prevented the five stars. Also the roads are very bad.

Andre Dumbs (24/02/2017 08:46)
Beach could be nicer. The water was not that great. There was garbage on the beach and in the water. Don't know what all the fuss is about this beach.

Kari Shemwell (20/01/2017 21:23)
Beautiful, even on a cold windy day. Great food, great people, great views. I can't wait to return.
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