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Place Type : Restaurant, Food
Address : Luang Namtha, Laos
Coordinate : 21.0026714, 101.4094359
Phone :
Rating : 3.70
 Manychan  Manychan  Manychan  Manychan  Manychan
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Bobby Bricks (15/04/2018 21:04)
Dorm for 30k. Beer for 10k. Good place, not so easy to find dorm in this town..

Simon Bremer (10/04/2018 19:28)
Dorm bed from 30k, double from 70k. Dorms are very basic but ok.
Make very sure that you do not have ANY food in your backpack in the room. Mice will eat through backpack fabric and plastic bags to get to it, even if you sleep next to it.

Kim Brauer (29/03/2018 20:48)
This was a good place to stay and a good value. It's right in the center of town -- convenient but not noisy. Bike rentals two doors down, good restaurants and a night market all closeby.

Our double room had a comfortable bed, ensuite bathroom with reliable hot water and water pressure, towels & soap, and even a TV where we watched very, very grainy Chinese coverage of the Olympics -- Lol. This was also the only place we stayed in Laos where they gave us new TP and bottled water every day -- very fancy!

The restaurant downstairs offered basic breakfasts (not included), good fruit shakes, and a nice place to sit and work or read. The young woman at the front desk was super moody, but helpful enough when we needed anything.

lifeneeds nobrakes (25/01/2018 10:45)
This place is not only a restaurant but also a guesthouse with dormitory and private rooms.

Stefanie Weimar (31/12/2017 17:15)
Nice place to stay with really friendly staff and good breakfast - both for reasonable prices!
The dorms arw simple and have had their best times I would say but for 30000 kip ok.
If you want it nicer book a private room with a huge bed and a nice and clean bathroom for 70000 more than ok :)
Real good wifi in all places!

Sunny Oh (09/08/2017 14:46)
Nice food and reasonable price guest house

Jan Karlach (07/08/2017 23:00)
If you do not want to be treated like a white walking dollar note, then don't be a white walking dick! This place is more than okay! Stayed there during my every Laos visit, never felt unfomfortable. Recommended!

Jan Protic (11/02/2017 20:57)
Go for the mixed fruit shake ;) One of the cheaper restaurants in L.N.

Ice T (17/10/2016 14:52)
English speaking Guesthouse & Restaurant.
Very helpful great hosts who showed us the room before checking in.
Room rented was small but comfortable with a decent bed. Fan cooled with towels provided. Bathroom was small and relatively clean but outdated. But useful for a short stay. Hosts were very helpful and mentioned local places and bus services that run from the town, Luang Namtha. Only paid 70,000 kip which reflects a fair deal for the services. WiFi was included at a good speed. (Approx 3Mbs-5Mbs). I believe higher value rooms will have additional facilities such as bigger bathrooms and aircon. Overall happy with the Guesthouse. Good for budget visits. Visited Oct 16.

Laurenz Miehe (18/07/2016 09:24)
Not so good.

莎莎 (10/03/2016 00:06)
This is one of the cheaper guesthouses. The dorms are 30k and a double bed is 60k. Staff is nice and efficient. Bathroom is fairly clean, and rooms are pretty good. No towels or soap.

Captain Vita (24/11/2015 17:16)
All just average!
Staff is not so nice and don't care about customers but the money of them (Chinese mentality). Been there two days and every day the second sentence after the greeting was "can you pay now". Checkout at 11am is also not so nice and by overstepping it for just an hour they make you pay another day or when you want to change the room after 11am they want you to pay for both of the rooms.
Plus, they wanted to make us believe that the food at the Nightmarket and some other places have food poisoning so you eat at their own restaurant.
And by trying to bargain they use the famous "it's JUST xxx Kip, it's nothing for you" sentence. So basically you are for these people just a big white walking dollar note!
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