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Place Type : Mosque, Landmark & Historical Place
Address : Tetovë, Tetovo, Macedonia
Coordinate : 42.00583333, 20.96666667
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Šarena Džamija
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Šarena Džamija, meaning Decorated Mosque in English, is a mosque located near the Pena River in Tetovo, Macedonia. The mosque was originally built in 1438 and later rebuilt in 1833 by Abdurrahman Pasha.HistoryThe Šarena Džamija was originally built in 1438. The architect behind the Šarena Džamija was Isak Bey.Most mosques of the time had sultans, beys or pashas financing their constructions, but the Šarena Džamija, however, was financed by two sisters from Tetovo. As with many mosques, a hammam was built nearby across the river.The site used to include an Inn as well as a bathhouse on the other side of the river. The current courtyard of the Šarena Džamija is filled with many flowers, a fountain, and a Türbe. The octagonal "türbe" houses the resting places of Hurshida and Mensure, the two sisters who financed the construction of the mosque in 1438.Abdurrahman Pasha, a great enthusiast of art who was fond of Tetovo, reconstructed the Šarena Džamija in 1833.In 1991, the Islamic Community in Tetovo built walls around the mosque in the typical classical Ottoman style.In 2010, a renovation of the exterior paintings was completed and, with a €94,700 grant from the United States State Department, the façade was reconstructed and preserved in 2011.ArchitectureUnlike the traditional Ottoman ceramic tile decorations in mosques, the Šarena Džamija has bright floral paintings.

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