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Place Type : Store, Shopping Mall, Dessert Shop, Sportswear Store
Address : Trianon, Quatre Bornes, Mauritius
Coordinate : -20.2583148663, 57.4902337476
Phone : 4668985
Parking : lot
Rating : 4.40
Facebook : LaCityTrianon
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Opening Hours :
Monday: 10:00 - 20:00
Tuesday: 10:00 - 20:00
Wednesday: 10:00 - 20:00
Thursday: 10:00 - 20:00
Friday: 10:00 - 21:00
Saturday: 10:00 - 21:00
Sunday: 09:00 - 15:00
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 La City Trianon  La City Trianon  La City Trianon  La City Trianon  La City Trianon  La City Trianon  La City Trianon  La City Trianon  La City Trianon  La City Trianon

About The Business:

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Facebook Admin (25/08/2018 19:29)
Live Wedding

Facebook Admin (25/08/2018 15:48)
Live now at #Trianonshoppingpark

Facebook Admin (23/08/2018 19:21)
The final show Venez célébrer le mariage à Trianon Shopping Park avec nos différents prestataires qui vous aiderons à organiser un mariage de rêve !
Spécial samedi 25 août... Bridal Shows Tenue de plage | 12h - 13h Tenue occidentale | 14h - 15h Tenue orientale | 16h -17h Tenue indienne | 18h - 19h
Geet gawai - Dance folklorique | 19h
Les traditions culinaires Venez découvrir et goûter les Tipuris et Biryani
A découvrir sur place: Bijoux et accessoires Lingerie Application de henné Robes de soirée et mariée Tenues et accessoires de mariage orientale Costume personalisé sur place Fleuriste Wedding planner & décorateur Expositions carrosse de mariage
See MoreThe final show
Come celebrate the wedding at trianon shopping park
With our different providers who will help you organize a dream wedding!

Special Saturday 25 August
Bridal Shows
Beach outfit | 12 pm-13 pm
Western outfit | 14 pm-15 pm
Oriental Outfit | 16 pm-17 pm
Indian outfit | 18 pm-19 pm

Geet gawai - Dance folklorique | 19h

Culinary Traditions
Come discover and taste the tipuris and biryani

Discover on site:
Jewellery and accessories
Henna application
Evening dresses and bride
Oriental Wedding outfits and accessories
Custom suit on site
Wedding planner & décorateur
Wedding Coach exhibitionsTranslated

Facebook Admin (20/08/2018 13:52)
SALE!! Enjoy upto 50% off on our menswear collection! #weddingmonth #lemonyellow #sale #discount #forevergentleman #accessories #menswear #fashion #style #suitup #bigday

Facebook Admin (18/08/2018 12:44)
Et si vous vous disiez OUI ce mois-ci ? Venez célébrer le mariage à Trianon Shopping Park avec nos différents prestataires qui vous aideront à réaliser un jour magique !
What if you said yes this month?
Come celebrate the wedding at trianon shopping park with our different providers that will help you achieve a magical day!Translated

Facebook Admin (15/08/2018 09:30)
Bonne fête de l'Assomption à tous
Happy assumption of the assumption to allTranslated

Facebook Admin (14/08/2018 19:00)
Enjoy 25% off on selected items at your favourite shop: MANGO (T&Cs apply). #Mango #Fashionheights

Facebook Admin (11/08/2018 14:05)
Salon du mariage à Trianon Shopping Park Venez découvrir le mariage dans toutes ses facettes

Facebook Admin (11/08/2018 13:54)
Du 10-16 août, venez découvrir le monde du mariage a Trianon Shopping Park avec:
Zinaida A. Ramjan designer Bijoux et accessoires
... Sublime Séduction Lingerie
Jaya Henna Application de henné
Jona création Robes de soirée et mariée
White Dreams Bridalwear Robes de mariée
OneUp Tenues et accessoires de mariage orientale
W for Women Tenues et accessoires de mariage orientale
Lemon Yellow Costume personalisé sur place
Dora Farmhouse & Dora Floral Fleuriste, wedding planner, décorateur & caterer
En collaboration avec Raj Behari et IOCD Africa
See More

Facebook Admin (27/07/2018 16:27)
10 - 26 August 2018
A big thank you our collaborators who helped us in making this event a success.
Tent and Wedding Setup: Rajbehari enterprise
... Sound system and Trussing: @Jellibuzz
MUA & Hair: Colors Makeup School - Mauritius
Clothes: W for Woman Lemon Yellow Jetha Tulsidas RIKA Bridal Shop NinaG globaldesi JoNa
Jewelries: Tropical Miss by KD Caunhye Bijoux
Models: Gold Models
Cakes: Pâtisserie Follies Lexia Delices -Cake&Wedding Designer
Photographer: Pro Foto Plus Focus Events Ltd
Wedding Carriage: DST Wedding Car Service
See More

سعدالله سلمان علي
Well breaking off the routine and go to somewhere else is not bad at all

Visha Fokeer
it is a beautiful��� place in mauritius an people like to go their to spend time with family and friends and u got all thin at trianon shopping park���

Ved Seereekissoon
would have better if shoprite could have a fidelity card like other big supermarkets and hypermarket. Its a major suggestion for the latter to bounce back and to retain its clients.

Sandy Duljeet
very good

Salonee Balchand Ramchurn
my family vry imported to me lov all of them kisss u all

Rosie Fisher
Excellent spacious location.

Great variety of shops and places to eat.

Presram Hurree
Love the open space, fresh air and food court. Well designed.

Pooja Broudanaiko
nice place to spend time wiz children .nice food courts n interesting games.

Petronel Meunier
Very nice shopping mall, not too big and we loved the food court not a big variety of choice to choose from makes it very easy to decide what to eat. Also we had the best waffle ever, not even in my home country I had such a delicious waffle. Thank you very much, we'll definitely be back for more!

Parbhudayal Preetam
It's a nice place for shopping and spending time with family and friends.The setting and parking facilities are great but the only acute problem is the highly congested exit lanes for motor vehicles which is why most people opt for other places ....The promoters should absolutely find a way out to mitigate this problem especially during peak hours....

Nadia Khan
Good place to spend time with family and friends. I like it there. No parking problems.

Lelanie Joubert
Busy and not much apart from other Shopping Malls. Not much selection in restaurants.

Kevin Joanna
A nice place to spend the day with the whole family

Kajal Meenowa
VERY POOR QUALITY OF FOOD AND CONTROL at the restaurant La Terrazza. I went there yesterday at around 4 pm. Was really hungry and ordered for Tagliatelle Poulet as i stepped in. So, firstly they took almost 30min to serve us the food. I took the first bite and there to my surprise i took a long piece of plastic out of my mouth. It was in the Tagliatelle along with the sauce. I called the waiter to show him and he took that piece of plastic inside the kitchen. After 3 mins he comes to ask if we would like to order another 1 but as we were in a hurry we couldn't wait longer and asked them to refund our money back but they said it wasnt possible to refund as we had already pay. What a service!!!! They didn't even had some manners to atleast apologise to us. I'll never recommend someone to eat at la terrazza. Shit place ever i have been to. To the management: employ capable employees who know good customer service, who have good manners to atleast assist customers in a nice way when facing such situations and not those who do not even have the proper way to talk and apologise.

Joanne Marceline
anyone pick up a little blue rabbit comforter on sunday?!

Gagan Singh
Best place is food court. �

I love this place. Awsm

Elvin Ramnauth
The place to be !

Charlie PG
Did anyone try to change a nappy in Trianon Shopping Center? Mission impossible indeed. Between the cold ceramic on which we are supposed to lie our LO, or the bursting bin, or the absence of lock on the door, oh the best was the coffee mugs and detergent products scattered on the sanitary top.

Boune Rajaram
Entertainment ok. Parking and bottlneck can be a problem during peak hours

Ami Salma Chapman
Nice mall let down by its tenants. Went there on Saturday. Apart from the Shoprite, I don't think I will be going there again.

Bhukara Restaurant:

Went in on Saturday at 2:40pm. Waitress asked us to sit down and when we were sat in one of the booths, she said the restaurant is closed. No apologies whatsoever, just her grinning stupidly as if she found this very funny. Poor, poor service.

Cocotown: Got told by a staff that my husband can't go to change my baby girl as their changing tables are in the women toilet! Good to know that Cocotown is off limit for fathers alone with little girls!
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