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Place Type : Amusement Park
Address : Carretera Chetúmal-Puerto Juárez Kilómetro 282, Solidaridad, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico
Coordinate : 20.5809134, -87.119698
Phone : +52 800 292 2738
Rating : 4.70
Website :
Opening Hours :
Monday: 8:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 8:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 8:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 8:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 8:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 8:30 AM – 10:00 PM
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Kristen Beebe Vaisvila (21/04/2018 09:35)
Had an amazing day at Xcaret! Took the ADO bus from downtown Cancun, which was really convenient and easy: highly recommend compared to the Xcaret transportation which forces you to wake up early for a 7 am pickup.

We loved the birds, the butterflies, the turtles, the underground river, and the Mayan show at the end of the day. There is so much to do that you could easily spend two days here and still have more to see!

We wish we had gotten Xcaret plus, since there is very little to eat other than the scattered buffet restaurants, which are $30 each, so you may as well pay the extra $30 for plus (which in addition to the included buffet, includes free lockers, snorkeling equipment, and access to a special Xcaret plus area).

Most of the park is well shaded, which is great for shielding yourself from the hot sun. There is also biodegradable sunscreen available for sale, since they don't allow normal sunscreen. The staff is very friendly and helpful. We will certainly come back if we are ever in the Cancun/Playa del Carmen area again!

robert culling (20/04/2018 23:00)
0 disappointments in this place... This place is great. In my opinion it is well worth the price. There is a lot of amazing things to see and do and you should definitely go there early so you have enough time to see everything. The money for the entrance fee not only covers the things that you will see do and enjoy while in the park it also helps in the Parks effort of keeping the park meticulously groomed and they do a great job at that.
If you're planning a trip to Mexico and you want to see this place let me tell you that it is directly connected to the Occidental Xcaret Resort ( also 5 stars )
Choose these two together and you have unlimited access in and out all day long which in turn saves you from having to eat inside the park if you're looking to save money, but there are a lot of really good restaurants right in the park and as usual it's an amusement park and it will be a little bit more expensive than your average restaurant outing.
Great experience overall, and be sure to check out the Night Show✨ won't want to miss it

Mendy Kenney (04/04/2018 06:27)
Incredibly awesome park. Very clean and well maintained. Beautiful surroundings with lots of things to do. You can't get bored here. Floating the rivers was an amazing experience. Park staff were very informative and helpful. The food was excellent and at a fair price. This park is a must do if you are in the area, never give up the chance to go here. It was awesome!

Joroyama Ortiz (02/04/2018 20:43)
Very fun place for kids and adults! All the water activities and animals is fun. Every penny worth it! The show at the end is a must see! Everything is so calm and have space and not too crowded, and the staff just let's you enjoy and not bother. Bring waterproof case to take pictures in the river. Recommend to bring your own towels and bring water shoes, also bring snacks and drinks, a lot of walking that build up thirst and takes energy. Prices are same as USA, just like any other amusement park in the states. Can't wait to come back!

NAFEESHA BELLA (31/03/2018 23:20)
What's not to love! Professional staff great food buffet style.. Endless activates for the whole family. A lot of walking so be ready stay hydrated bring your own towels and there are lockers provided. If you have a water proof phone case bring it swim in the river its amazing. Stay for the after show a lot of information about their culture and the music is awesome. I would recommend and of course I will return.

Guy Golan (04/12/2017 04:01)
We enjoyed our time in this park. The under ground rivers are fun, the dolphin shows, snorkeling are excellent.
We did not manage to visit all of the park attractions as there is so much to do.
The night time show was well worth the wait. The music, the games the dances. it was like Mexico's history came to life.
I highly recommend this park in spite of the high admission.

Bianca Welgraaf (01/12/2017 23:08)
It was a great experience. The entrance price was a little over our budget but we enjoyed it very much. You have options to buy a ticket for 1 or 2 weeks. During lunch time if you stay in Occidental hotel next door you can have lunch in the hotel and go back after lunch. Also make sure you see at night (19:00) the show. It is one of the best shows you will see on the Rivera Maya. If you like to be active. Check out the dolphin swimming, snorkeling and diving. Also you can just enjoy the beautiful beach if you stay more days.

Chetan Jaitu (23/11/2017 16:58)
What a place!!! Needs at least a full day or two to fully explore it. Had most memorable time of life here and really impressed by the architecture and innovative ideas that went in designing this eco park. Loved the food at authentic Mexican buffet restaurant and the late cultural show in theater was invigorating also glad we did sea trek under water walk had an awesome experience. Scan band for photos was really worth it but photos for swim with dolphin was bit ripoff.

Cris P Pata (10/11/2017 01:31)
Overall our experience was fun but some of the staff can be rude. My wife speaks 5 languages and 1 of them is Spanish. One of the staff members was being rude and of course she dished it back to him!

Anyway, we paid for the snorkeling, they give you a locker so you don't have to carry your belongings. Also,depending on where in the park you start, they have you place your belongings in a water proof sack and it's secured and at the end of the trip on the other side of the park you'll be given you belongings back.

The water was very cold in the caves and there was lots of fish to see. If you're not a good swimmer, don't worry. Everyone must wear a life vest. Also, they have staff in the middle of the whatever cave you decide to enter to assist you, if needed.

Kate Malinauskas (23/09/2017 00:14)
Tons of fun for the entire family! I have been 3 times now and have had a great experience every time. Make sure to go down the river, it is cold but a lot of fun. There are many activities and shows to keep you occupied throughout the whole day. The nighttime show is spectacular, it went above my expectations.

Jason Bird (10/09/2017 20:45)
Worst transportation experience I have ever had on a tour avoid it at all costs. First they make you arrive by 7am sharp because you have like 6 other hotels to stop at and load up more people. Than they drive you to there transfer center where they made us get off the bus stand and stand around until they decided which bus they were going to put us on. Than once we got on our bus they are making us sit here and wait for some reason? So here I am 945 am sitting on a bus at a transfer center about 10 miles from my hotel with an hour drive ahead of me whenever they decide we can leave. Zero communication as to why we were changing buses or why we have been sitting here for so long. All the other buses have left and I don't see anyone who actually work here around at all. Maybe I will like the park more if I get the opportunity to see it.... wish me luck!

Yamilet Castro (15/08/2017 23:00)
This tour was recommended to my husband and I after trying to find activities to do at Mexico. The transportation from the hotel to the park was very smooth and the bus was very colorful. The process to enter was very easy. At first getting to know the park was a little complicated, there's a lot to do and a lot to remember but the lines on the floor make it very easy to find the attractions. We walked a lot and the only thing I didn't like is that there is not a lot of comfortable places to rest, you have to go all the way to the river exit to lay down and regain the energy. We didn't make it to the night show but would have loved to stay longer...we were exhausted. The food was okay, a lot of flies on the Mexican Buffet. Other than that the place was beautiful, very clean and the animals looked very healthy. Hopefully I can return so I can enjoy it to the fullest.

Alberto Dik (12/08/2017 09:08)
It was like paying 100+ dollars for Disney Land and going on only two rides. The park is visually nice however very pricy just to take pics and walk through there. It gets very crowded, in addition the mile and a half swim through their man made river takes some time. To save on some time I would recommend using fins to go through the tunnels, the quicker you can get out the better. If your on a budget pack a lunch and bring your own mask and snorkel as the snorkel area really does not have to much to offer. Overall I really do not recommend a visit, you can book other excursions and activities for less.

April Al-Mahdawi (21/07/2017 00:29)
This park is HUGE! The amount of things to do is overwhelming and the price is a little high, but the experience is great. There is no way to do everything in one day. It is A LOT of walking so if you have little ones make sure you rent a stroller. It is very chaotic and there are so many people when you first arrive. You are shuttled like cattle to purchase the excursions which cost extra, and everything goes very fast. If you go make sure you go over your receipt! Double check what you have paid for, such as the additional adventures and photos. We asked for a photo pass, and upon arriving home found that it had not been applied. So we took many pictures with our bracelets, but did not have access afterwords which was very disappointing, and wound up paying just as much for only a few photos.

Amy Wagner (06/04/2017 13:28)
We had heard that it took 2 days to really see everything, but my boyfriend and I came to the conclusion that that is only true if you plan to do any of the dream activities, which cost extra and you must register for a specific time slot. We got there around 11am and left at 9:45pm after the evening show.
I recommend buying a waterproof phone bag/case. Buy it before you go to the park because they cost 600 pesos inside. Also, bring cash.
Negatives: We bought the Plus package from a tour company in Playa Del Carmen. We were told that we could use any of the lockers throughout the park for free. In truth we could only use the Plus lockers near the entrance to the park.
The river float has a service where you can put all of your stuff into a big bag and it will be delivered to the end of the river for you. It is great except we weren't allowed to store our water bottle in it.
At the end of the river there is a towel rental booth. Our tour company told us that the towels only required a deposit of 100 pesos. In truth the towels cost 60 pesos to rent plus 100 pesos deposit. Be sure to ask for the cut off time to return the towel.
In the first hour or so there we got a bit lost and asked several employees for directions. Each of them gave us a different instruction, hence most of them were wrong. It felt a little bit like an event run by volunteers.
The aviary, butterfly garden, aquarium, and all the other animal enclosures were all worth going to. They can all be done quickly if you're pressed for time. The puma enclosures were a little disappointing because they seem big, but are really not accommodating enough for big cats, in our opinion. We saw a panther and a cougar. I suggest viewing them later in the day when it is cooler because they will be more active.
The chocolate workshop was our favorite thing. Jesus was our instructor and he was amazing. He made us laugh and was a great teacher. His English and overall presentation were great. During the workshop (30-45 minutes long) we were told history of the cacao bean in Mayan culture, and we made our own chocolate. The workshops are only at certain times so make sure you know when to get there.
Immediately after the chocolate workshop we went to the coconut workshop. Bad choice. We made coconut candy in about 5 minutes. There was no lesson about what or why we were doing it. If you love coconut more than life itself then you should check it out, otherwise don't bother. Also we felt a little sick after eating it.
We ate dinner at the international buffet next to the puma enclosure. We loved it. They had an amazing selection of food and (nonalcoholic) drinks. With our plus ticket the food and drinks were included and one beer. The beer however was a small glass, not a bottle, and Corona just doesn't taste the same out of a glass. We saw some awesome drinks that came in a carved coconut bowl which you kept, but they cost extra.
We were worried about what to do between 5 and 7pm because things start to close at 5 so that employees can get ready for the evening show. We decided to do another river float and then go to the beach. The river was almost totally empty so it was very nice. The beach was lovely, and we also stopped at the natural ocean pools by the hammocks. They were fantastic.
On our way to the show we stopped at the gift shop and found a silver mine. It took about 5 minutes to go through, so it was a cute little extra thing we found.
And then it was on to the show. We arrived late thinking that we didn't care about good seats. We quickly realized that we should have been there from the beginning. We had decent seats where we could see everything from high up, but our pictures are not very good. The show was beautiful. Many people leave before the end because it gets a little repetitive, but I recommend staying the whole time. We loved every minute of the show and we highly recommend it.

Frederick Lopez (28/03/2017 13:53)
A great family destination for a family with mixed ages and tastes. Enjoy a relaxing, moderate or adrenaline filled day. I recommend getting the Xcaret plus that includes a buffet, snorkeling gear, and tote bag. Consider purchasing the photo package and take advantage of all the unique photos throughout the park. Start early.

Rafael Franco Costa (23/03/2017 19:33)
I was lucky to visit during the week. I imagine the place is completelly packed during weekends and holidays. It is a fun place with lots of activities. The show that happens in the end of the day is simply awesome!! It is a bit pricey but very worth going!!

Mrs B (10/02/2017 03:19)
Fantastic day out! There is so much to see an do. Lots of activities are extra once you are in the park but there is still plenty of things you can do that are included in the ticket price. We opted to do the sea trek as an extra which was the most incredible experience, I would highly recommend it! The amount of aquatic life you see is simply breathtaking! We also paid for the photo package which meant we didn't have to worry about water damage to our phones. There are camera points set up all over the park which you activate with a wrist band. These photos can the be downloaded from their website. Do make sure you stay for the show, it is as promised, spectacular!!!

Kelly McKay (06/01/2017 07:49)
Although the majority of this park is not authentic....the reproductions are AMAZING. Truly, I have never seen a park with such beautiful foliage and attention to detail. The location is gorgeous and you could literally spend 2 full days here (maybe even a 3rd day) to see everything. Wonderful park with a beautiful underground (man made) river, huge and lush bird sanctuary, and fantastic reproduction Mexican scenes. Worth a visit!

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