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Place Type:
Natural Feature
2450 Nazaré, Portugal
Coordinate: 39.613094, -9.085093
Rating: 4.70
Phone: -
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P Schmitt (06/11/2017 14:08)
Wild November waves, clean beach, at warm weather parking might be limited

Alina P (12/10/2017 20:24)
Wild and beautiful. Not for swimming just for surf adepts and bodyboarders who have courage to enter these dangerous waters.

Александр Вальцев (10/09/2017 08:36)
Awesome place to witness the power of nature. Did not dare to swim there due to the big shore break and a strong pullback. Would love to surf there after getting a few years of experience.

Mihaela Muresan (19/07/2017 16:23)
You usually get huge waves around here. Pretty cool

Richmond Clendinnen (26/06/2017 04:45)
Can only imagine how amazing the monster waves would look crashing against the cliff face at the base of the fort...looking forward to a winter return ....just needs a bit more respect shown for such an iconic beach... too much rubbish dumping...collected a massive pile in just over hour...otherwise would be 5 stars

stefano guglielmetti (31/05/2017 15:29)

Luis Leitão (07/04/2017 05:00)
The lighthouse of the big waves ...

Evgeny Shepelyuk (20/02/2017 01:58)
Magnificient. There's noone on the beach in winter apart of the waves and the wind. Must visit.

sas Huisman (18/06/2016 02:05)
Wonderful beautiful beach with mighty waves
No places to drink and eat however, so brings your own and enjoy
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