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Place Type : Transit Station
Address : Hat Sai Ri, Mueang Chumphon District, Chumphon 86120, Thailand
Coordinate : 10.358419, 99.267013
Phone :
Rating : 3.90
 Chumphon (Lomprayah Pier)  Chumphon (Lomprayah Pier)  Chumphon (Lomprayah Pier)  Chumphon (Lomprayah Pier)  Chumphon (Lomprayah Pier)  Chumphon (Lomprayah Pier)  Chumphon (Lomprayah Pier)  Chumphon (Lomprayah Pier)  Chumphon (Lomprayah Pier)  Chumphon (Lomprayah Pier)  Chumphon (Lomprayah Pier)  Chumphon (Lomprayah Pier)  Chumphon (Lomprayah Pier)  Chumphon (Lomprayah Pier)  Chumphon (Lomprayah Pier)  Chumphon (Lomprayah Pier)  Chumphon (Lomprayah Pier)  Chumphon (Lomprayah Pier)
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Mahmudul Hasan (03/05/2018 20:36)
When you will go to Koh Samui, Koh nang yuan or Koh Tao and other island by ship you can go from lomprayah pier.

Felix Exter (10/04/2018 13:49)
About 2 hours to get Tao, Pangan & Samui islands. Don’t go on waves you can be torn out. And better come inside to VIP seats for 100 baht. Otherwise on waves you can jump, fall down & hurt yourself.

Piyawat B (28/03/2018 11:07)
Chumporn pier for Lomprayah caramarans. They connect to Tao island, Ngang-yuan island, Pha-ngang island and Samui island. They also provide coach / van service to/from Bangkok, Hua Hin, Suratthani, Krabi and Phuket. Due to weather condition and caramaran availability, you should plan 24 hour ahead of your connecting mode. Nice and modern catamarans, nice service.

Jaysen Niedermeyer (20/03/2018 20:37)
Dear fellow cycle tourists, Lomprayah is not a bicycle friendly service! Not that the service, in general, was friendly either. If youre going to surpsingly demand 500 Baht to bring a push bicycle when the passenger ticket was only 600 Baht, the least you could do is ask nicely.
And, for almost the price of a passenger fare, one may inkle that the company would do something for the paying customer, but alas when our bikes were hastily tied to each other on the stern with disregard to the derailer and spokes, we instead inkled that our bikes were in hot water.
And, for 500 Baht, near the price of a ticket for a seat inside, one may inkle that they would act to prevent the bikes from coming in contact with seawater. No, fellow cycle tourists, our bikes may as well have been dragged behind the boat as they were inundated with salt water for the duration of the 3 hour cruise.
But, I digress. For reference, 500 Baht can buy you:
Nearly 10 mango sticky rice
25 roti with banana and chocolate sauce
Nearly 17 dishes of Pad Thai
25 neatly cut bags of pineapple, rose apple, papaya, melon, or guava; your choice.
1-5 nights in a hostel
50+ bottles of soda water
15 fresh fruit smoothies
50 trips on the Dinh Vu ferry to Cat Ba Island in Vietnam (very beautiful)
10 reputable Thai ice teas.

Cycle tourists, there are better things to spend your money on than Lomprayah.

Jeffrey Murphy (19/01/2018 07:36)
Transfer from our hotel in Chumphon to the Train station by mini bus, then a big bus from the train station to the ferry terminal here to catch the catamaran to Koh Tao. The transfer service was 100 THB and the ferry tickets were 600 THB. Passengers are permitted 20 kg of luggage, although they rarely weighed bags. Overweight charge was 20 THB / kg. Staff are well organized and helpful in getting everyone into the right queue. Returning to the mainland here, if you have a ferry + bus ticket to Bangkok, you'll board the bus here without transferring to downtown Chumphon. Generally two sailings each day, one in the morning and another after lunch at 13:00. The sea is less rough in the morning and when waters are choppy due to the wind, so the morning sailing is less frequently cancelled. Motion sickness is common, so bring some dimenhydrinate tablets (a.k.a. Dramamine or Gravol or Navamed); they're available at pharmacies and at the 7-eleven by the duck on Koh Tao. Pro-tip: Save your ticket, since it has a coupon for 10% off your next booking.

陈珂 (28/09/2017 07:30)
Nice,clean.有洗手间和梳洗台,一 个小超市可供补给。船大且新

jinyong jung (19/09/2017 15:15)
Lomprayah pier with nice view.
Ferries to serveral islands.

yukiki x (20/08/2017 04:57)
Take the bus 21:pm yesterday at khao San
Rd. It arrived here at 4:32am at the ship will leave at 6:45am! Damn it

Kai Wong (05/08/2017 16:47)
The catamaran delayed for about half an hour.
The process to exchange for ticket is very long.

Sean Lee (22/06/2017 09:24)
춤폰공항에서 버스를 타고 한시간 정도 걸려 도착했는데 식당도 있고 나름 깨끗하네요~ 선착장이 이뻐서 좋음

Oh Phongsathon (29/05/2017 13:15)
การบริการอยู่ นเกณฑ์ดี

Tero Halme (11/03/2017 12:09)
the ferryride was ok, but then again you have wait too long time at the terminal waiting for your bus + the bus-tickets are quite expensive. i won't be taking Lomprayah again.

Евгений Тимошенко (26/01/2017 10:42)
После дороги по морю приятно вступить на твердую землю. Перекусить, привести себя в порядок. Сюда/от сюда приходят скоростные катамараны с Ко Тао, Самуи.
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