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Place Type:
Local Government Office
8250 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89147, USA
Coordinate: 36.1156382, -115.2707326
Rating: 2.90
Phone: +1 702-486-4368
Opening Hours:
Monday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Sunday: Closed
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Jason Goss (29/11/2017 23:37)
Made an appointment. Got plates and driver license as first time resident. Out in 30 minutes. I don't get all the complaints. 90% of life is preparation. Also, to answer every question posted on here, they have a website, utilize it properly.

Dee Arzola (05/11/2017 05:24)
I went in to renew my driver's licence, I had not had one in Nevada since 2007. The fella who helped me was friendly and used facial recognition to reinstate the i.d. I was in and out in 25 minutes and that included the photo, which, by the way, the photographer had us all laughing. A unicorn DMV review, but certainly deserved!

Michael Patane (17/10/2017 02:12)
My rating for DMV changes on a visit by visit status. My last visit here was to take the m test. The tests are done electronically in the attendance sets up the test. My attendant put in the wrong test, so after taking the wrong test and passing, I had to take the correct test. Just wasted well over an hour of time and aggravated and stressed me out. Please remember to say thank you to the incompetent people at the counter on your way out.

Kasey Mayclin (29/09/2017 04:08)
I made an appointment online, showed up 15min early, as advised on their website, and had a binder with every single document from their online checklist that they could possibly ask me to present. They checked me in immediately, saw me before my appointment time...and the lady was SUPER nice! She even gave me some forms to fill out so I wouldn't have to pay certain fees when I go to register the Jeep when she saw I was a veteran. (I hadn't seen those online.) Above and beyond. That place is HUGE it's the size of an auditorium and has a concession stand where you can buy food. She said if you come in without an appointment, the wait can be 4-5 hours! I was in and out in 20mins. 👍🏼Make an appointment. It was clean and organized. All the employees were helpful and pleasant.

Hazel alvarenga (29/08/2017 00:46)
I'm from California and just moved to Vegas trying to get information, but there is this rude Chinese/Filipino lady Im the front just rude as hell...... people approach her to ask her information and her answer is look at the signs it tells u.... like no!!! how bout I ask u and u tell me in a nice way we're to go.....and the wait here is horrible i got a text saying it was only going to be 45 minutes... been here close to two house and still nothing... horrible customer service

Sean Fagan (15/08/2017 14:29)
Super impatient employees and incredibly crowded. Nevertheless 4-stars because I reserved a time online, they took me 5 minutes early, and when I didn't have a vehicle inspection they sent me across the parking lot to get one. It took me about 2 minutes and when I came back the same employee picked up where we left off.
Seldom is there a pleasant government experience, but at least they were efficient and helpful through all the frowns and pent-up anger.

Charles Thomas (10/08/2017 10:47)
This place is a small taste of what would be Hell is like. It's run by God Forsaken Witches who pray on the energy and patience of anyone who comes in. I would rather be punched in the face for eternity by mike Tyson while someone else uses a nail gun to separate my spinal column one sinew at a time , while being water boarded; then have to deal with this place again.

Christene (08/08/2017 00:37)
I made an appointment online. Do not go to any DMV office without an appointment as they push your walk-in time back hours and hours to accommodate appointments. They whipped me through the office within 20 minutes of arrival. Great service. Will go back to this location.

Trevor Crowe (21/07/2017 05:03)
Definitely make an appointment... I was just a walk in... NEVER JUST WALK IN... I got here at 9:30a.m... Waited in line until 11a.m..... After talking with the lady (she was very helpful and kind) I had 93 people in front of me... It is now 3P.M. and I still have 38 people in front of me... Been sleeping in my car... Waiting.... They serve EVERYONE who made an appointment FIRST... even if you got here before them. 👎👎👎

samantha hancock (11/01/2017 07:28)
Make an appointment.. Makes the experience a whole lot better. If not, expect to spend all day.

Sam King (08/01/2017 04:20)
Not sure what all the whining is about. I was treated exceptionally well here. Thank you Nevada DMV.

Jenna Stuart (01/01/2017 13:18)
I'm ashamed of the racism that I experienced today at the DMV. At the end of the day you are servicing HUMAN BEINGS, not documents, not numbers, but actual people. The people who work here are completely unreasonable and illogical. We received misinformation and atrocious customer service all because of the color of my husband's skin. I'm sorry for whatever life circumstances lead you to working at the DMV, but you need not take your misfortune out on the people of Las Vegas who must utilize your services. Don't waste your time dealing with these hateful idiots. Try any of the other locations, it can't get any worse than this one.

Javier Mena (21/12/2016 23:28)
What a surprise, people with a little bit of power abuse it. As you walk in and ask for a driving book they basically start yelling at you and tell you go to the line instead of pointing start ahead and getting a book.
Very rude, unprofessional, act like they are better then you if that's anything you want come to this dmv. Oh and the security guard is a jerk too.

Kesuda A (22/10/2016 07:46)
This dmv really have bad service. I went today to renew my driver license at 4:00pm, get coupon and give them my phone no. (Nobody and text message tell about came back at 5pm.) So I went outside and came back exactly 5 pm. They said I came late and door lock already but I told cop in front exactly time not late and have coupon too. But he said can't let go inside. Go complain again tomorrow. No service and rude
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