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Place Type:
Church, Place Of Worship
55 E Reno Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA
Coordinate: 36.0966703, -115.1697401
Rating: 4.50
Phone: +1 702-891-8600
Matthew Grasela (14/04/2018 22:38)
Great place to have a church. After all, sin city needs some holyness

Nicholas Petrillo (09/04/2018 09:07)
A place of Solace. I happened to stumble upon it as I was walking around the strip, very glad I did. If you're looking to escape everything that is the Las Vegas Strip, this is a great place to do it.

Holly Ortiz (21/02/2018 08:46)
Great church on the southern part of the strip. The pianist gave it that Vegas "flare"! ❤

TMZ ZULLI (22/01/2018 11:11)
My Father passed one month ago. While he was dying in the Hospital I requested he receive his last rights. Supposedly the Chaplin was "too busy" and my Father died before He could get there. I had to have him cremated because of money issues. I though I would go across the street from my work and ask FR Manuel Quintero for help. Well I waited for him until mass was over and 99% of the ppl in the parish had gone home. I then asked if he could speak to me and he snapped back at me "if this is serious, I can't I have a "meeting" ??? Ok that's fine but he turned his back on me and walked away without any further assistance. Catholic Churc don't wonder why people don't come to church anymore. Also just a FYI my Dad was
a Vietnam Veteran in the Navy born and raised in USA, so thank you for making me feel the way you did this evening. Or should I say Gracias!

Susan Gosnell Maher (14/11/2017 01:33)
This church is absolutely beautiful has some really different artwork and the religious sales shop has a lot of nice items. However; I did have trouble understanding the priest do to a microphone issues, seems like. Overall great, whenever I’m in Vegas this is the church I visit

Lou Finocchiaro (29/10/2017 01:13)
outstanding mass and community. i never miss stopping here when I get to LV

Carl Beltran (16/10/2017 10:24)
An oasis of grace in a dry desert of s*n. Would be great to have morning mass to start your day.

Arsenio Angus III (13/09/2017 03:59)
I enjoy going to the Shrine. It's not a full parish so they don't have certain services that are not available, but it's a traditional Catholic Church. The clergy here are great and very nice and I also like the selection of traditional music during mass (sometimes even in Latin).

Jerry Drinnen (30/07/2017 08:07)
Beautiful mass. Friendly people, easy access right off the strip. Mass times very doable.

Linda Cortez (24/06/2017 22:28)
Go here each time we visit our son and family! Love this beautiful Church!

Rosemary Isabella (29/05/2017 02:11)
Beautiful Sunday morning mass.
Every time that I visit Las Vegas
The family returns to the Church of the Most Holy Redeemer.

Doreen Tavares (21/05/2017 03:52)
Enjoy going here once in a while but acoustics not good.

David Doroski (27/02/2017 09:54)
Beautiful mass, meaningful sermon. I thought the music was beautiful...two young ladies accompanied by piano.

Sara Owliaie (03/01/2017 03:25)
They are not really Catholic. Not a Parish.

Alix Cave (20/07/2016 05:10)
It's great to have a church so close to the strip and easy to get to. Beautiful services.

Carl Beltran (09/07/2016 10:55)
An oasis of grace in a desert of s*n. Would be great to have morning mass to start your day.

Leo Munoz (11/01/2016 23:59)
This church is an awareness place to limit your acts considering where is located. Don't believe the old saying; WHAT YOU DO IN VEGAS STAYS IN VEGAS. It's not true, God see everything.

Michael Azul (29/11/2015 00:19)
Need music ministry for special days like thanksgiving. Hope more devotees will participate.

Like the traditional pew and the echo sound of the church!
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